About Abdulrazq Yahaya, Founder Of Fastknowers.com

About Abdulrazaq Yahaya

Abdulrazaq Yahaya is the chief content writer and founder or CEO of Fastknowers.com. Please stay tuned and read this page fully for every information about Abdulrazaq Yahaya, me right here in this article!!

If any body ask you about Abdulrazaq Yahaya, simply tell such person that I am a founder and article’s writer at Fastknowers. I founded my blog from scratch in 2020 in order to guide people with little earned knowledge.

I am a fullest and maddest person among people, thus I don’t behave arrogantly. I only like to mingle with a person who also mutually like mingling with me.

I am not a type of a person who cheats or drags person’s property and vice versa. That is, don’t do me what I do not do person.

Abdulrazaq Yahaya is presently studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Federal Polytechnics, Idah, FPI. He earned a distinction result from WAEC in Arabic and Islamic Secondary School, Ugwolawo, Ofu LGA, Kogi state.

I am a science student rise from my primary education. I like to solve scientific related questions like Physics, Maths, Chemistry and et cetera.

Now, I was being engaged in relationship with one beautiful lady. I am a young man who demands woman’s advise because most pieces of advice from lady are the honest and trusted one.

I have three (3) step siblings, one female and two (2) males. Meanwhile, I am a second to the first born of my father. The first born of my father is female and she’s Dr Sumeiya Yahaya.

I was born in Nigeria on 15th of October, 2000. My name, Abdulrazaq was given to me by my Dad. The meaning was coined from an Arabic which means Servant of wealth.

In 2005, when I was five years old boy, my Dad died on severe disease. Importantly, up till now, I was surviving freely with the power of God. I am a type of a person that chases for feeding and money in a legit way.

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