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by Abdulrazaq
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In this page, we’ll look at the about us page of Fastknowers blog today. Please keep reading as you are going to know more about us today and right now.

First of all and as for your information, Fastknowers is the number one blog for educational information for everyone (public fact)! We publish articles that guide non techies, we also write school, jamb, post utme latest news articles.

The name of the founder of fastknowers.com is Abdulrazaq Yahaya. He started this blog as a passion with a mission to meet new people and change their lives positively.

Our founder, Abdulrazaq likes to teach people any knowledge he has gained and he encourages us to do the same on a daily basis.

Dive in to read our articles categorically:

  1. Parents & Childen; (a page on this blog that relates to the teaching of parents and children)
  2. JAMB; (This one shows article about Joint Admissions & Matriculation Board, JAMB on a daily basis)
  3. School News, (School News is another categories of our posts on this blog that focuses to show you a posts that are related to the news of schools)
  4. Tech (Technological Guides): this category teaches people technically. To read more, you may click here.

This blog is like a magazine, if you want to use reading to relax or rest, then Fastknowers blog is the best blog to visit as it has an articles that you will like.

Are you a young person, student or a parent? you may recommend this blog helpful to others, hence assist us in sharing it at no cost to you.

About Fastknowers (the #1 tech & educational blog for every one)

This blog, fastknowers.com was founded by Mr. Abdulrazaq Yahaya. I am a student who likes to write content every day to guide people.

Fastknowers.com is a non-profit organization. As a matter of fact, I founded this website with the aim of teaching, guiding and coaching other beginners who don’t know how to grow or put their skill on work.

I am a Nigerian and live in Kogi state. This website was fully launched in June, 2020. I haven’t employed any body to create or edit article on here yet. That is, every article you see on this website was published by only me presently.

Below is the personal photograph of the founder and article creator of Fastknowers, Abdulrazaq Yahaya.


We believe that:

  • A sin is like a mountain, if you stand on your own, you cannot know but can know other’s
  • It is not everything that counts and what that has counted may not really be counted
  • Reading is one of the things that makes person to understand, thus if person doesn’t read, then people would not like such person to lead them.
  • A person’s brain is the original person that is inside person, if one thing does not function normally or has displaced, that means the whole life of such person has been damaged.
  • Do not blame others when they don’t remember you, perhaps you might not remember them when they were suffering.
  • A child that doesn’t obey his/her parents shall respect, obey and serve other people.

One of our content writers, Abdulrazaq Yahaya has once said “a life without education is like a ball that is placed on a flat table; hence, even common wind can displace it”.

This blog is for you and the people like you. We post several types of articles like education, scholarship, job or career updates, parenting, religion and lot more.

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Above is the brief introduction of this website and its founder. I will update this page as the situation changes. Thank you.

If you haven’t seen what you want to see in your mind, you can search this website and their result(s) will then shown to you instantly. At the same time, contact us via our contact us form for special advice or information.

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