Admission Clearance Of KSP In 2020-2021 (Step-By-Step Ultimate Guides)

Admission clearance of KSP in 2020-2021

Are you being just gained admission to study in KSP Lokoja and wanting to know the process of how to do your admission clearance in 2020-2021 academic session? If yes, then we’ve got good news for you.

In this article, we will be looking at how to do admission acceptance or clearance of Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja (KSP) and pay your first school fee.

I remember the time when I didn’t understand how to register a course in my department from my HOD.

Meanwhile, if you gain admission newly (fresher) into an institution, you’ll not have rest of mind until you’ve done up what you supposed to do.

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That is to say that if you do any thing wrongly, then the status of your studentship in KSP is unknown (ghost student).

Step-By-Step Admission Clearance Of KSP In 2020-2021 Session

If you’re a newly admitted students (ND 1, HND 1 or PRE-ND) of Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja of 2020-2022 academic session, then below are the instructions for the registration of online admission clearance:

  • Check your admission status online via this link and
  • Print your admission letter
  • Observe carefully at the printed admission letter for knowing the amount of money you’ll pay as school fee and how to pay
  • To commence admission clearance, collect clearance from the head of your department (HOD)
  • Go to the ICT centre of KSP with the collected clearance and obtained a printed security code that will enable you to pay your school fees.
  • Generate RRR from the Polytechnic ICT centre
  • Pay your school fees in any bank of your choice with the RRR code
  • After the successful payment in the bank, then log in to your KSP portal and print your course registration form via the Polytechnic website
  • Then go to Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja’s campus and head to your your department to complete the registration
  • If you’ve arrived at the Department, submit three copies of all your copies of all your credentials or documents to the school, Department and Registrars office respectively.

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KSP Admission Clearance Procedures In 2020-2021 Academic Session

Any where you don’t understand, please ask us through the comment section. We’ll be ready to answer to your question(s).

While running here and there in order to gain successessful admission into Kogi State Polytechnic, KSP, Lokoja, you should in mind of the following:

  • Do not make a mistake at the time of making school fee payment because it’s non refundable
  • Departmental screening should take place before clearance is issued
  • Also, you’ll be charged to pay extra money of N5, 000 for the late school fee payment
  • Use only the RRR code you obtained to authenticate the payment in bank hall.
  • Do not pay into the bank account of any person

Conclusions of how to do admission clearance or online registration of Kogi State Polytechnic and further reading:

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