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How To Become A Professor In Nigeria Step-By-Step

How to become a Professor step-by-step

Professor is the highest educational title in the world. And in this article today, I will show step-by-step guides which one should pass through before one can become a Professor.

Do you like to be called with a title “Professor”? First of all, disregard every rumour that you have been exposed to. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to do murdering before you will be a Professor.

By determination and hard working, that title of Prof, you will bear. While Professor is hard to become, some people are bearing it easily without meeting the recommended requirement.

Anyway, if you don’t want to be called Professor for nothing but educationally, then keep reading this article. For example, Professor of Law is far better than Professor of alcoholic drinking.

Now, what do we really mean by the word Professor?

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Professor is the person who was being skilled educationally in a specific field. A Professor must be able to answer any question that a person ask him/her even though he/she has just been woken up from sleeping.

How To Become A Professor In Nigeria

Being a verified Professor in Nigeria requires some processes and below are their detailed explanation in a step-by-step way.

Step one: have ordinary Level certificate

Before some one can be called a Professor, he/she must do Secondary School and have ssce, gce or wasce result.

By having ordinary level (O level), you can use the result to seek for the admission of any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

There are many Secondary schools in which you can gain o level result from. Happily, you can even get from public (government owned) secondary school.

For example, Community Secondary School is one of the best public secondary schools and it can be found in every community as its name implies.

If private school is a type of secondary school you want to attend in order to be exposed to best standard education, then it’s very ideal. Base on your location, you should be the one to choose best private secondary school to attend.

Step two: enter tertiary institution

After you have written o level examination and gained a certificate, you can now go and look for the admission of any tertiary institution you like.

At this point, you should seek for the admission of a university in order to make your education faster.

Please note that, if you attend university, you will be given honorary Bachelor degree, then you will go and run master degree programme and finally pgd.

The way how going to Polytechnic delays an education is; after getting ND, you then run hnd, seek for an admission of degree in University again. After you have gained degree, you must run master degree programme and finally pgd.

In conclusion, if I were you, it’s a university admission I will find in order to be fast in my education.

Step three: become a graduate

Whether your education was done in University or polytechnic, it doesn’t matter. What that counts is what you have learnt in school.

Please note that a hnd and degree certificate holder are equally a graduate but their level differs. Consider you are studying in Polytechnic, it’s known that you must do practical more than the student in University.

If you study in College of Education, polytechnic or university, you will must be a graduate if you are not playing with anything that is related to your education.

That is, if you have ND or NCE result, you are not a graduate yet. Happily, with NCE, you can then seek an admission of university and become a graduate with honorary Bachelor degree.

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Step four: get a postgraduate certificate

Having honorary Bachelor degree (Bsc) is not enough if you want to become a Professor. That is, becoming a Professor is a long journey.

After you have done NYSC, re-apply to run master degree programme, then pgd.

After postgraduate, you can then apply for PhD in order to be called a Doctor (Dr) first.

PhD is an acronym which is referred to as Doctor of Philosophy. It’s a title which someone can be called with if he/she has attained the requirements.

By getting PhD, this is just mean that you are now very closest to becoming a Professor because almost every thing is very clear to you.

While educational journey is very interesting, be religious and honest in order to experience God’s help. There are some people who didn’t get to where you are before they died while they intended to go higher than that position.

Step five: publish or write a book

Every Professor must publish a book(s) which can be found helpful to people. For example, if your profession (what you study) is Chemistry, publishing any subject of Science course is recommended.

A Professor is literally known as the person who educates other people from his/her knowledge. If you publish or write a book that stands out and differs from other people’s, you would become a Professor very fast.

After you have become a Doctor (PhD), doing lecturing service in the university for free of charge or paid is one of the core agents that increases the requirement of you to become a Professor.

There are many universities in Nigeria which you can seek for their lecturing recruitment and get employed immediately and start doing your services.

Doing lecturing service in order to qualify for Professor position in Nigerian university, it’s not compulsory to be lecturing for ever, in fact, doing it in three months is even okay.

While lecturing students in University, create an impact to people in order for them to keep remembering you. Show people that you are very skilled in your field of study.

Step six: teach other people your profession

Professor is lecturing students in the hall

Professors don’t just only use pen but also their power. This means that if you are a post graduate of Electrical Engineering, don’t just write how to do maths in it only.

By teaching other people how to install transformer and how to construct damp qualifies person to become a Professor.

You can host a seminar and teach people on how to make a product that relates to your profession. For example, while lecturing students in university, you can teach them how to construct car.

As a Professor, no body is your mate! Thus, be careful with how to live your life. Do not behave anyhow, this is number one of how to respect yourself.

Encourage others to follow the steps you had taken to become a Professor. Also please note that it’s not every body must be a Professor or even a graduate.

The way how God created you to be is quite different from other people, in this way, it’s not every body sees what you see. So, teach people about your profession little-by-little.

Step seven: win scholarship opportunity

Scholarship for becoming a Professor

If it’s in Nigeria you do school and become a Doctor while teaching other people about your profession, write different books, teach in University and lots more, applying for scholarship in order to study in abroad will surely guarantee you to become a Professor.

In some cases, a university which you are lecturing in can sponsor you to study in abroad in order to come back and raise their position to an enviable height.

For example, MTN Nigeria sponsors people to study in abroad. Secondly, Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC also helps Nigerian Post graduate student (pgd) to study in another country like United States or United kingdom.

That is to say that, as a PhD certificate holder in Nigeria, if you win a scholarship and study your further education in another country like UK, Germany or USA, you will be a Professor immediately you come back to Nigeria.

Winning a scholarship is not easy. Meanwhile, before you can be selected to be among of the lucky people who will study in abroad with the aid of scholarship, your educational standard should sounds very loud.

Work hard from the day you will start your educational journey in order to pass very excellent in o level examination, have high score in jamb and post UTME exam, be a first class or second class upper student.

Did you know that every performance you have made in your education since you entered into primary school is one of the important things which makes person to win scholarship? If you didn’t, then start improving your educational performance now.

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Step eight: create/make an impact

There are many Professors that I have been meeting who has never create any impact.

Professor is the highest educational title which every body likes to be titled with. If you’re a lucky person and pursued it successfully, then I am from the bottom of my heart, wishing you a congratulation.

Do not use your professional position to destroy other people’s standard of living. Instead, do what is beneficial to every body around you.

As a skilled and educational Professor, create a history so that people should be remembering you even when you are no more.

Enacting a law is not a big deal for a Professors. Thus, enact a law when you think that it won’t harm people at large.


Professor is a title, hence, if one doesn’t like to be the verified one by passing through the Step-by-Step guides I listed and explained above, then such one should ask other people for more explanation.

If you know that this article has helped you know how to become a Professor and successful person, then please share it with your friends.

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Good bye and thank you for reading!!!

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