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At, we value our visitors’ satisfaction very much, hence every comment which any one will leave on our website would be carefully treated. To know how we treat a comment, please read this page completely for our comment policies.

After a visitor has a read an article on our website, we love him or her to leave a comment as doing so promotes deeper engagement. Consequently, if your comment appears different with what we have discussed in the article, we may treat it differently.

Please note that we have the right to trash (delete) your comment if you do not obey the information you are going to fund in this page. comment policies for 2021

Below are our comment policies at for 2021. Failure to apprehend to them, your comment will not stay on our website:

  1. Your comment on any article on this website should be real and authentic, otherwise, it will be deleted by comment moderator(s)
  2. Every comment should be left in English Language as it’s our main speaking language at
  3. Do not use a fictitious name or company’s name while leaving a comment
  4. Do not drop a link via any means, either replying or commenting
  5. Leaving a phone number or email address via a comment box is not allowed. If you need any assistance, contact us via our contact us page in order to reduce the activity of fraudsters
  6. Any type of comment that promotes third party’s services or products will be immediately deleted
  7. Do not abuse other person by replying to his or her comment, in fact our comment moderator will instantly delete any type of a reply that appears abusive before the original commenter will see it
  8. After we have replied to a comment, do not reply to us if you are not the original poster, meanwhile, you can leave your own comment and we will reply to you nicely
  9. Our cookies saves your personal for one year, thus one name, email address, etc can be used by you if you opt in for. However, if you are not happy to use the single or the same name, then you can opt out.

This comment policies was last updated and written on 6th of June, 2021 at 7:00 PM by Abdulrazaq Yahaya.

Does it seem like our comment policies above are to enacted, right? As a matter of fact, we are very serious about your satisfaction, because we don’t want anybody to leave you here or sadden.

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