Digital Marketing Agency In Nigeria (List And Responsibility)

Digital marketing

What does digital marketing mean and what are its agencies in Nigeria in this season? In this article, I will show every digital marketing agency in Nigeria and their responsibilities to you step-by-step.

Digital marketing refers to the business online (business that uses internet connection). That is, any business that uses internet (phone or computer) is a digital market.

And a person who does digital marketing, his/her name is digital marketer (regardless of gender). Meanwhile, if your business was not online before and you have made a room for it online, that means you’ve digitalized your business (this is what most people are doing right now).

Now, if you want to digitalize your business, how should you go without getting you a lot of stress or making mistake? If you want to digitalize your business while you’re in Nigeria, there are different tools to help you.

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Firstly, there are digital marketing agencies which assist you in digitalizing new or old business. However, each digital marketing agency performs different or unique assistance.

Digital Marketing Agency In Nigeria In 2021

Agencies you can use or mingle with when planning to do business or marketing digitally are listed below and their respective responsibility.

If you’re just starting out, then you need to find unique name for your business. Happily, there is an agency or tool that can help you for that already.

For example, Betnaija is a business name of the company which lets people play gambling by stacking. This website can retain millions of people at a go without slowing down or crashing. If you want your business to exhibit like that, there are a free tools for you to use.

1. Business name finder

A business that is just starting out must need to bear unique and different name. The name of your business cannot be the same with the existing one unless it’s not a digital marketing.

To find a name which is not in any where in the world for your business, then head over to business name generator now.

That is, another names that are related to the name of business you want to check will be generated if the name you want your business to bear is unavailable or already taken.

2. Brand creator

This step requires you to create or build a brand. Brand is what you sell and the appearance of your businesses. For example, if your business physical office is painted, then build a website that has a color of your office paint.

Brand doesn’t beautify your marketing only but also helps your customers get more interested in buying from you.

If the color of the theme of your website is customized different from the color of the paint of your physical office, customer can think that it’s a forged or fraudulent website, thereby you’ll be missing buyers.

There are many potential website designers over there who you can work with to build your brand for you at the cheaper price.

3. Product or service inventor

After you have created your brand, now you should think what you’ll be selling to your customers. To do that, you don’t have to be professional in every task.

Hire a business expert to help you think what your customers will love base on your built brand. If you just started marketing and have never gotten physical office before, then look for the services you can sell to your customers.

Fastly, start showing the products or services in your physical office on your website for people to shop by themselves online.

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4. Business registrar

If you’ve just started digital marketing, you must have website where you can get your own personal URL (link). To register for website, it’s ideal to have .ng at the end of your URL.

For example,,, That is, if your website URL ended with .ng, people can easily know that your business is operating in Nigeria.

However, if you want to launch .ng base website, there is one agency in Nigeria that can help you successed in that. The name is Nigeria Internet Registration Association (Nira).

For more information on how to create a website with nira, visit their website by clicking here.

5. Customer receptionist

Receptionist is a person who you can employ to assist customers when you’re not online. There is robotic software programme you can use but using human being is very preferable.

It is not every time you must be present in office or active online, thus, by introducing person who can serve your customers or buyers favourably is a must.

If you’re looking for the person who is capable to do reception service for your marketing either online or offline, you may contact me or comment through the comment section.

6. Marketing researcher

Marketing requires a group of people or team in order to have a successful goal especially a digital one. If you do business by only yourself without any other person, you cannot do all the necessary things.

Every business was created from scratch, as your business has started to grow, then start collaborating or employing people to help it grow higher.

By employing marketing researcher expert, he/she will help you research what the competitors of your business are doing for their customers. Marketing researchers find out the price of the products or services that your competitors are selling.

However, if you can do marketing reserach by yourself, then continue doing and don’t employ any body. But note that it’s very ideal to do marketing research.

7. Business development analyst

Business development analyst is a person who was expertly learned by professional teacher of how to plan the growing of business. This person must likely learned business administration or related course.

To launch digital marketing, you must not need to have digital marketing knowledge or experience, but by using agency or tool, your business must surely be successeded.

Employ one business development analyst today and start watching the growth of your business. This person you employ (either part-time or full-time), will do as how as it is possible to make your your business reach to an enviable height.

8. Suitable place finder

After you have created your business digitally, now it’s time to know the location of your customers in order to know how to communicate with them and the type of products or services they like. Happily, there is a tool that is helpful for this task.

For example, if your customers are from Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, you should focus selling Islamic items like Qoran or Islamic dressing.

Connect your website URL with Google console in order to be able to analyze where most of your customers are from and their gender (male or female).

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Why Doing Marketing Digitally Is Very Important

Every place in the world right now, people prefer digital marketing to physical one, because of what? I am going to analyze that now.

Should you continue doing physical marketing only? Why should you do both physical marketing and digital marketing at a time and which business must be done digitally only?

People do digital marketing as a result of the following reasons:

  • If your business is digitalized, you have freedom to speak with large group of people very fast
  • A digital marketer has a scheduled time for marketing. I.e, they cannot be punished for coming late to the market or office.
  • A price on the products or services that are selling digitally cannot be bargained by the buyers unless it’s reduced by the management on his/her own will.
  • You can sell products or services at anytime without being questioned why you do so.
  • If you have got both physical (offline) and online (digital) business, you can spend time mostly on the digital one than the physics one especially in the time of pandemic.
  • By doing business digitally, you become your own boss and can choose any person you like to do business with you


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