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Disadvantages of being a yahoo boy (list and explain)

Disadvantages of being a yahoo boy (list and explain)

Being a Yahoo boy makes one to fraudulently get money. Yahoo boy is very good and anything that is good has advantages and disadvantages. Here, we shall list and explain to you top disadvantages of being a Yahoo boy.

Before you start any new business, you have to make a plan about it and carefully consider the cost it may incurred including the advantages and disadvantages it’s. Yahoo boy is a business that needs deep plan making. In this article, we will list, discuss or explain some notable disadvantages of being a Yahoo boy.

Non considering the disadvantages involved in being a Yahoo boy has made many suffer from big regretting.. It’s not any how person should do Yahoo.. To do Yahoo, you have to be smart online and offline. They don’t use physical power to succeed in Yahoo.

All successful Yahoo boys did go far with extra ordinary reason. They believed that there are disadvantages in Yahoo and they were also ready to sacrifice their self anytime the need arises.

The disadvantage of being a Yahoo is not only get you in jail after you are being caught. In fact, the disadvantages of being a Yahoo boy is far more beyond. One of the disadvantages is having non rest of mind.

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Now, let’s list and explain the disadvantages of being a Yahoo boy for 2022.

Consequences of being a Yahoo boy

  1. Loss of a person.
  2. Taking hard drug.
  3. Devalue other internet users.
  4. They can be killed.
  5. Become lazy to do work.
  6. Would be sanctioned.
  7. They don’t have trust.
  8. Many ladies won’t like to date them.
  9. Making young generation emulate them.
  10. Preventing essential business opportunity.

1. Loss of a person

One of the consequences of being a yahoo boy is loss of a person. Yahoo boys don’t care to kill their dad, mum, sister, brother or even their girlfriend for ritual in order to get money.

If killing their closed person as listed in the last paragraph is not necessary, they would make sure they must kill another person for ritual, hence, that is why there is missing of person especially young child in the society. They can take the child who is returning/going to school or errand.

2. Taking hard drug

Yahoo boys don’t obey the instruction or advise of drug manufacturer, they take in the drug as how as they like. For example, a drug that is meant for the patient who is undergoing surgery, they can take in 6 and above tablets of it.

They also consume large quantity of cocaine , cigarette, marijuana, etc. which are dangerous in human body system. Those hard drug they take make them become insane and easily become angry in hurting their fellow human being.

3. Devalue other internet users

In the 21st century, people use internet to do everything, like education, business, relationship etc. The main aim of the presence of yahoo boy online is not to render legit business but to scam people, hence, they let other people devalue the business of other legit internet users.

For example, they promise to deliver some services or products to you, but after collecting the money, they wouldn’t. This is very bad as this would discourage you to the same in future even if the person that would involve is legit.

4. They can be killed

After they are being successfully traced upon one or more fraud things they had committed, they can be killed, seizure, blacklisted, prosecuted or make them pay some fines.

One of the disadvantages of yahoo boy is the deposition your current respect, rank or level to a lower one when traced and caught.

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5. Become lazy to do work

Yahoo boys don’t want to stress their selves to do any work that is legit. They only rely in making their wealth in a fraudulent manner.

6. Would be sanctioned

If you don’t render legit business or service to people, government security agency like police has the right to put you in jail or sanction you.

7. They don’t have trust

Many people in the society will not have trust in any thing about them. The disappearance of trust of people in anything you have to say in a society is not friendly.

8. Many ladies don’t like to date them

There is something which yahoo boys do that render ladies become mad/insane when they sleep with them, hence, many ladies don’t like to date yahoo boys.

The only set of ladies that date yahoo boys are those that need money wherever it comes from.

9. Making young generation emulate them

Another disadvantages of being a yahoo boy is getting other young people develop the interest to emulate you.

Among young people, they are set of them who are destined to become a medical doctor, engineer, politician, etc. in future but once they started taking the footprint of yahoo boy, they would not like to pursue their destined dream anymore.

10. Preventing essential business opportunity

Sometimes, two or more different countries or companies may decide to do business together online. In this way, if the availability or operation of yahoo boy is too high, it may not be possible.

In conclusion, yahoo boys prevent essential business opportunity in a country.


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