Does jamb work on Saturday (working times of jamb)

Does Jamb work on Saturday

As Jamb 2021 cbt examination has been completed, now almost every one of the candidates is finding out how to go to cbt centers around them to update or change the data on their Jamb profile.

When should the candidate visit the Jamb office for assistance? Does Jamb work on Saturday or the weekend? Please continue reading everything step by step.

If you are needing the assistance of Jamb, you may better know when and which day you should visit their office as they are many peoples who also want what you want. As a result of this, you are searching to know whether jamb does work on Saturday or not, right?

The quickest answer to your question “does jamb work on Saturday?” is yes. I will also like to show with you from when and when that Jamb works every day in this article.

Jamb is an admission-offering body in Nigeria. It shouldn’t supposed to work on weekends just like other bodies but it does except on Sunday only that it doesn’t do.

Jamb cbt centers are located in every state and local government nation wide which are intentionally being there for aiding you resolve any issue you may have very fast at less or no service fee.

As a matter of fact, the gate of Jamb headquarter doesn’t open on weekends or public holiday but to make people’s live feel comfortable, it had invented many branches and employed active peoples to work round the clock, 24/7.

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Does Jamb work on weekend (Saturday & Sunday)?

Yes. But some JAMB offices don’t.

JAMB CBT centers may render you the following services on Saturday.:

  1. If you are intending to register for Jamb, then knowing the days and times which jamb works is very, very helpful as it can prevent you from not making a useless trip
  2. In the same way, correcting your personal data or information can only be done in an approved cbt center, thus, you can also visit them on Saturday for a quick cheap service
  3. For complaint or enquiry, kindly visit any nearest accredited jamb cbt center for your comfort
  4. If you are not receiving your Jamb profile code on time, jamb technical staffs are always available in any cbt center and every day, hence, go there and get your problem resolved
  5. While registering for jamb in an accredited cbt center, your Local government of origin was wrongly entered, if you want to correct it, then go to that center and complain even if it is on Saturday
  6. If you are an awaiting candidate and wanting to upload your olevel result to your profile, Jamb will allow you to enter their approved cbt center on weekend (but not on Sunday) to help you upload
  7. Every approved cbt center must be opened on weekend, e.g, on Saturday while jamb registration is in progress in order to allow an intending registrants carry out their registration without stress
  8. In other word, cbt center can be opened on holiday like on Easter day or good Friday day (it is not forbidden)

Now, if you are searching to know whether jamb works on weekends or on public holiday, then keep reading this article as I am going to show you in a tabular form the scheduled working time of jamb in 2021 in Nigeria.

The table that shows whether JAMB works on weekends or not is created and explained below step by step:

1Saturday8 am to 2 pm
2Sunday12 am to 4 pm
3Monday7 am to 6 pm
4Tuesday7 am to 6 pm
5Wednesday7 am to 6 pm
6Thursday7 am to 6 pm
7Friday7 am to 6 pm

As you may have read from the table above, the staffs of jamb works on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) but they do not work on public holiday like Christmas or Sallah day.


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30 thoughts on “Does jamb work on Saturday (working times of jamb)”

  1. Sir please help me out im totally confused i dont know what to now. Sir i lost my phone number i used in jamb registration and also forgot the gmail password today i got to the jamb office in asaba their said they can’t change the number i also go to airtel store to retrieve the sim but it wasn’t possible because the sim wasn’t registered with my name sir please i dont kown what to do the institution i want to apply for will close portal on Thursday this week please sir urgent answer

    1. Every information on your JAMB profile is changeable but please note that you must pay N2, 500 to JAMB before you can continue.

      Kindly revisit that cbt centre tomorrow and request any of the staff to assist you to change your email address and phone number for you.

      Most of the staffs demand service charge, in this way, it should not be more than N500, i.e, go there with N3, 500 or N3, 000.

      If you are still having other questions or problems, simply open another comment, please.

      For your convenience, this website has a search toolbar, hence, type anything you have to know about jamb in it to enjoy fabulously, for example, type in ”how to pay to jamb” ( and see our already posted articles about jamb payment.

      Thank you and have a nice day.

      Best regards,
      Abdulrazaq, the educational advocate..

    1. Today being 14th June 2021 is a democracy day in Nigeria, because 12th June is a death day of late Abiola, the former head of state in Nigeria and it unfortunately happened on Saturday.

      Anyways, every approved and accredited jamb cbt center nationwide will open the door and work today.

    1. Please sir i want to do some correction on my jamb portal please does the jamb state office open on Saturday

    2. Yes, they do work on Saturday. Simply go to any nearest jamb branch and lay your complaint or request.

      If you get any other question, you may let us know in another comment. Have a nice day..

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