how search for something on fastknowers website step by step

This site, was founded in July 2021 with a mission to make people’s life easier on the web. At, we publish articles that touch every angle of life.

By visiting our site, you may be confused of what you should read with focus as a result of different articles you are seeing. Importantly, I want to show you how to search for anything you may want to read on our site today.

Now, let me start showing you our search box and how to use it to find your favorite article.

Fastknowers search box and how to use it

Below is our search box or section and how you can use it to find any article you may want to read on our site:

  1. Step one: enter one or two phrases in our search box, for example, ”Glo” or ”Glo data bundle”
  2. Step two: click Search tab which near the phrase(s) you have just typed
  3. Step three: wait for some moments for our site to load
  4. Step four: now, the list of all articles which we have published that are related to the phrase(s) you searched for will show to you
  5. Step five: scroll down a little if you do not want to to read the ones our site has shown to you earlier
  6. Step six: when you have finally find an article that you purposely searched for, then click on it and read it
  7. Step seven: after you have read it up, please share it with your friends and comment with anything that concern it via its comment box

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Once again, search below for anything you may want to read now on our site right now!!

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