How to become a Yahoo boy in Nigeria (the recommended guides)

how to become a yahoo boy

As a result of inadequate job and high rate of poverty and unemployment for youths in Nigeria, most computer literate persons have now started doing Yahoo-Yahoo which earn them enough money to take care of themselves and their families. Now, if you want to know how to become a Yahoo boy, then you are a lucky person and I will show every step to you in an explanatory way in this article.

Yahoo is one of the most money-generating sources for many youths for this time including male and female. A male youth that do Yahoo, his name is Yahoo boy and that of female is Yahoo girl but Yahoo boy is very common as it tends that males are almost capable.

If you want to choose being a successful Yahoo boy as your best loving hobby or career, then read this slowly in order to grab or understand what I am going to show and explain you.

Meanwhile, Yahoo boy is not a legit business you should involve yourself in. I cannot fully discourage you however because I know the situation which we are facing here in Nigeria.

Disclaimer: this article was written in order to show you how to become a Yahoo boy. Now I am here to solemnly disclaim that it is not completely guaranteed that everything we will discusses here is naturally useful. In fact, I am not a yahoo boy in the first place.

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If you have your own money to do what you want without asking family member or friend, is it not meaningful? I have written an article which can show you the top best and recommended skills that you can learn in 2021 as a Nigerian.

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You can start doing Yahoo boy from today and become rich within two weeks, what you should do is by following what we are going to show in this article. We will also show you Yahoo boy website, their Facebook or Whastapp group, etc.

How to become a successful yahoo boy in 2021 in Nigeria

When we talk about the tools of Yahoo boy, we are referring to their website, applications or software they use, how they run their business and lot more. In this article, we will show everything about Yahoo boy and how you can become it for this year without loosing.

Yahoo plus is the type of Yahoo-Yahoo which person uses human part(s) to do ritual in order to get money, but Yahoo boy on the other hand is the one of the types of Yahoo-Yahoo which a person uses internet connection to make money illegally. Please note that my topic is not for showing you how to become a Yahoo plus boy or girl but how to become a Yahoo boy ordinarily.

The step by step guides to how to become a Yahoo boy or girl and make your money are shown and discussed below:

Step one:. buy the needed things

If you want to become a successful yahoo boy and get a lot of money, then you must use your own already earned money to find money.

Some of the needed items which you must be recommended to buy with your money are:

  1. Mobile phone (iphone or Samsung as they have a long lasting capacity)
  2. Laptop (I preferably advise you to buy any of the: Mac, Apple, lenovo, HP or Dell.
  3. Wifi or modem (if you have many devices, then buy external wifi to connect every them to the internet at a time through their hotspot)
  4. Data plan to use to connect to the internet
  5. Application or software to edit images
  6. Cloning app to hide your location
  7. International contact information like phone number
  8. Hiring a person to represent you when it matters
  9. Money for giving things out for free of charge
  10. Expensive wears or start living an expensive life

Step two:. download the software or application(s)

While wanting to become a yahoo boy, there are a lot of software and applications which you can install on your device for free of charge or paid to add beauty to or enhance your business.

For example, you can tell your customer that you live in UK while you are in one rural areas in Nigeria, in this way, you need to edit your pictures as if you are rightly living in any country you mention.

Choosing an application or software, it should be installed any how, in fact, if your yahoo-yahoo topic is not about dating, I don’t think you will use edited or nice picture very much.

You can tell a person that you are a manager of one biggest company and you are presently finding an employees, hence he/she is very lucky as you have met him/her online. If your conversation start rolling, don’t ask for money very early, be discussing with him/her gradually in order to examine him/her deeply, for example, was he/she be scammed before or not?

As your conversation is moving forward, snap your picture with your current employees (use software to edit it) and be sending it to him/her.

Step three:. get international contact information

If it is you, will you trust any body who tell you that he/she lives in US and any time she/he call you, you see +234 (prefix for Nigeria phone number) at the beginning of his/her phone number? I can know that you won’t because such phone has already said the truth that the caller is a liar.

As a result of this, it is a must for you to have international or foreign telephone number like USA or UK. Getting international phone number, you must be popular and have a lot of money before you can have it in Nigeria or you must have a friend in abroad to work it for you.

At the same time, while calling a person with a foreign number, be sure to speak or change the sound of your voice to that of foreigner. That is to say that to have what one has got, you must do what one has done.

Step four:. advertise your business

Yahoo boy is not a legit and mutual satisfying business, thus, you cannot be resting and demanding peoples’ request or enquiry. In fact, to become successful in everything, you must be patient and relentless.

In yahoo boy service, both partners are not benefited mutually, in fact, the founder is always the person who will gain while the other person (let us say the customer) loses. As a result of this, customers don’t come naturally. To invite customers, you must do a serious advertisement and giving things for free of charge.

Create a Facebook page and start doing ads. You can also create a Facebook advertisement which prompt people to be be able to send you a message on WhatsApp directly.

In some cases, your advertisement may not get any engagement, in this way, in order to get an engagement, record a high quality video and image and make sure to use loose language in your writing.

Step five:. know how to keep yourself

Yahoo boy works with phone and laptop, as a result of this, all security agencies check into the phone and laptop of any suspected person they see in order for arresting to take place. If you are a type of Yahoo boy who save a lot of fraudulent images and fake videos, be careful with your device.

Do not live an expensive life too much, for example, do not use injurious cream, do not perm your hair, do not wear a very expensive dressing, etc. In the same vein, do not firstly give money to any security officer in a bribery manner unless you are being told to do so.

The most important one to know if you do not want to be arrested for Yahoo boy case, do not let any body know what you do online especially your village people. Do not let any body to call or hail you Yahoo boy.

Step six:. establish a legit physical business center

To prevent people from determining the source of your money, establish a legit physical business center. You can open a saloon or boutique in order to be receiving a money from them legitimately physically.

Step seven: remember me

Last step but not the least, is remember me. If you know that the guides I have shown you above in this article, then remember me in future when everything has become right.

In the first place like I have said earlier, I am not a Yahoo boy for now and I am not going to become it in my life. I can know from thinking what that causes all these type of corruptions, the thing that causes most graduates to learn how to become a Yahoo boy is lack of unemployment.

I do not fully support your intention of becoming a Yahoo boy because the disadvantages in it are huger that its advantages, do you know that Yahoo boys don’t sleep in the night.

What do you really like about becoming a Yahoo boy, is it not money? Wait, do you know that a money that is earned legitimately lasts longer and can be used importantly more than the one that is illegally earned like from Yahoo boy? If you want to do what you can earn lucratively legally, then read the top best lucrative skills you should acquire in 2021.


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