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How to activate roaming on Airtel Nigeria (step by step)

How to activate roaming on Airtel Nigeria (step by step)

Do you want to travel from Nigeria to other country and looking for how to activate roaming on your Airtel line in order to be able to receive calls and text messages from home and also be able to browse with your SIM card without restriction? In this article, that is what we are also going to discuss. If you are interested in that, then let’s continue!!

If you are travelling from Nigeria to abroad, in order to communicate with your family and friends at home via calling and text message, Airtel has made a way to help you easily activate roaming on your line at the comfort of your home for free of charge. I have written this post in such a way that can make you activate roaming on your Airtel line very fast step by step.

Code to activate roaming on Airtel line

By activating roaming on your Airtel line, you will automatically get 100 minutes free of incoming calls, make calls as low N60 per 20 sec and send SMS at N50 per one. To activate roaming on your Airtel Nigeria SIM card, just simply dial *789# and follow the prompts.

Note that the validity of roaming plan depends on the bundle purchased. In fact, N5,000 bundle is 7 days validity while N10,000 and above is 30 days validity.

If your Airtel line is roamed, you will have access to 300 free incoming minutes in USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, etc. With Airtel, you can roam on 492 networks in more than 182 countries and territories. The introduction of new countries is hugely growing on a daily basis.

Roaming with Airtel Nigeria gives you the edge! With a wide range of roaming partners to choose from, you can use your phone wherever you go.

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The USSD code to activate for roaming on Airtel Nigeria is *789#. However, there are many roaming plans out there, hence, immediately you dial *789#, follow the prompts and activate the bundle of your choice. For more information, please check the table below:

PriceUSSD CodeSMS Method
N5,000*789*101#Send 101 to 789
N10,000*789*102#Send 102 to 789
N15,000*789*103#Send 103 to 789
N20,000*789*104#Send 104 to 789
N50,000*789*105#Send 105 to 789
N100,000*789*106#Send 106 to 789

Please note that postpaid subscribers must have active roaming on their line before buying the bundle. But for prepaid, roaming is activated by default.

The good news is that you will be able to activate roaming bundle plan on your Airtel line whether you are in Nigeria or abroad. Please note that if there is insufficient credit, you will cannot activate it.

After successfully activated for roaming on your Airtel Nigeria line, you will received a notification.

To know the date when your roaming bundle will expire, Airtel will send you an SMS notification 2 days and 1 day before the plan expires. To manually check your Airtel roaming bundle plan balance, simple dial*123*3#.

In the event that your roaming bundle plan has not yet expired or used up, you will still be able to use the remaining balance when you get back to Nigeria.

How to activate roaming on Airtel in Nigeria

Roaming on Airtel network is available for both prepaid and postpaid Airtel subscribers in Nigeria who want to travel to abroad.

The Airtel Nigeria Prepaid Roaming service gives subscribers the ability to automatically make and receive voice calls and SMS when they go outside the Airtel Nigeria Network to a GSM network anywhere in the world that offers prepaid roaming.

To call a Airtel or another local mobile number from abroad, enter the country code for Nigeria (+234), then enter the mobile number in local format without the leading 0. For example, +234 802 222 XXXX.

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Airtel data roaming

Airtel Nigeria also offers data roaming to all customers to enable them send and receive e-mails as well as WhatsApp, internet browsing and other applications on their smartphones whilst roaming.

However, prepaid customers can only enjoy data roaming in countries that allow prepaid data roaming while the postpaid customers can roam in every country.

Data usage is charged as per the volume of data sent or received. Charges vary from operator to operator. Please note that your normal (local) access for GPRS/ Blackberry are NOT valid abroad and all data usage while you are roaming abroad will be charged at the visited operator roaming data rates.

Browsing with roamed Airtel SIM card while in abroad

When you are in abroad, you can choose one of the Airtel partner operators automatically or manually.

  • To choose manually, go to:
    • The options on your phone.
    • Networks and connections.
    • Mobile Networks.
    • Mobile networks settings.
    • Network selection.
    • Choose manual network.
    • Scan for available network.
    • Choose network.

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Airtel roaming and their charges

Subscription fee

Data BundleValidityZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4
100MB1 dayN5,000N10,000N30,000N1,000
500MB7 daysN15,000N40,000N140,000
1 GB30 daysN30,000N75,000N7,500
3 GB30 daysN80,000

Airtime charges

ServicesCharging in Naira
Outgoing Calls within visited countryN60 per 20 sec
Outgoing Calls back to NigeriaN60 per 20 sec
Incoming CallsFree for first 100 min
Outgoing Calls to other destinationsNormal roaming rates applies

Data charges

When browsing with a roamed Airtel SIM card in outside the Nigerian territory, the rate at which your data deducts differs. The table below will show you all countries where Airtel roaming works and their respective data charges.

CountryData Rate
South AfricaN0.05k/kb
Sri LankaN0.65k/kb
Burkina FasoN0.11k/kb
Sierra LeoneN0.11k/kb
Congo, DRCN0.11k/kb
Congo (Brazaville)N0.11k/kb
United KingdomN0.15k/kb
United KingdomN0.15k/kb
United KingdomN0.15k/kb
South AfricaN0.15k/kb
United StatesN1/kb
United Arab EmiratesN1/kb
United Arab EmiratesN1/kb
Saudi ArabiaN1/kb
Saudi ArabiaN1/kb

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List of countries where Airtel roaming works

Airtel roaming currently works in 36 different international countries and they are shown in the table below:

7Congo (Brazaville)
8Congo, DRC
20Saudi Arabia
21Saudi Arabia
22South Africa
23South Africa
26Sri Lanka
30United Arab Emirates
31United Arab Emirates
32United Kingdom
33United Kingdom
34United Kingdom
35United States
36United States

The validity of Airtel roaming depends on the bundle purchased. For example, N5,000 bundle will last for 7 days while N10,000 and above will last for one month. Check the table below for their bundle plan and their validity.

N5,0007 days
N10,00030 days
N15,00030 days
N20,00030 days
N50,00030 days
N100,00030 days

How to activate roaming on Airtel Nigeria postpaid line

To activate roaming on your Airtel Nigeria postpaid SIM card, first of all, obtain the form at any of the Airtel stores or shops and correctly fill it. For more information, you can call their Customer Care on 131 at least 48 hours before you travel to activate your international roaming service.

When already in abroad, you can choose any of their partner operators automatically or manually. To activate manually, go to SETTINGS on your handset, and click on PHONE SETTINGS, where you will see a selection of networks. Click on your roaming partner network and you are ready to roam.

To call other countries when you’re abroad, press +, enter the country code, enter the area code and dial the phone number.


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