How to attract blessings from your parents

How to attract blessings from your parents.

Do your parents still alive and searching for how to receive their blessings. Indeed, you are very lucky as your parents are alive. In this article, we shall discuss with you how to attract blessings from your parents step by step.

Every both of Islam and Christian wishes a mam/woman who his/her parents are still alive a congratulation. If your parents are alive, you can through helping them gain heaven and everything you want.

If your parents are not alive, you have family member like uncle, aunt, sister, brother, etc., hence reach out to them to receive blessings. Want to gain higher position in job, growth in business or about to start/buy something new? The quickest thing to help you throughout is blessings from your maker and parents.

As you may know, receiving a blessings from human beings isn’t easy. Blessings is not easy to get from human being because they don’t want others to go far than them. In fact, if human being is God, they would be no blessings at all. Even raining from heaven will not be there if human being is God.

In the case of God, there is abundance blessings. The blessings of God are given out anyhow. Small things you do that you don’t know it’s a good deed will also attract reward, for example, smiling at other your family member or brother/sister in faith, sending peace and salutation to His messenger, etc.

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Do you know that smiling is a good deed that attracts reward and blessings for person? Which parents or people will bless you nowadays if you smile at them? Here, we shall discuss how to receive blessings from your parents or family member in a smart way.

Now, let’s explain how to attract blessings from your parents one by one.

How to attract your parents to bless you

  1. Honor your parents.
  2. Don’t disobey them.
  3. Do what ever they like for them.
  4. Don’t disrespect them.
  5. Appreciate them.
  6. Let them know everything
  7. Don’t compare other parents with your own.
  8. When they are sick, take them to hospital.

1. Honor your parents

To honor and respect your parents means that you have a high regard for them. You love and appreciate them and are concerned about their happiness and well-being. Treat them with courtesy and thoughtful consideration.

To attract blessings from your parents, seek to understand their point of view.

2. Don’t disobey them

If you disobey your parents, you have put yourself in danger and may likely harm yourself. Your parents always do what is good for you.

Anytime your parents warn you that something is bad for you, that means they are right and extremely careful for you. Obeying your parents will definitely attract blessings for you.

3. Do what ever they like for them

In order to get blessings from your parents, you have to do what ever they like or have asked for. Remember all the good things they have done for you and what they are still doing. Be grateful and warmhearted toward your parents.

When you didn’t know anything, your parents were the one that helped raise you up, they spent the whole nights without sleeping, they suffered under the sun and rain just to simply make sure you are survived. Hence, as you have grown older, do anything for them without restriction.

4. Don’t disrespect them

Respecting your parents means having feelings of deep admiration for them. It also means to have good wishes for them. However, this matchless valuable relationship demands expression in terms of action. In fact, all of your acts, body language, behavior, and attitude towards your parents should show deep respect.

Avoid disrespectful body language when your parents are talking to you if you need their blessings.

Show your parents that you care by being attentive when they talk to you. Stand straight with your arms relaxed at your sides and don’t look at their face.

If your parents think you are not listening, then they are more likely to get angry and assume you do not care.

5. Appreciate them

Do you want to attract blessings of you parents in whatever you are doing or about to? Appreciate them first!! Your parents too feel the need to be appreciated. Appreciation lets them know that you value them and appreciate the things they do for you.

Everyday, don’t fail to ask your parents about how their day is going. The most beautiful thing in this world is to make sure your parents are always smiling.

6. Let them know everything

Anytime you want to start doing or buy new thing like business, marriage, it is very important to let your parents know to give you some pieces of advice. Your parents are older than you and have known what you have never known.

Although, is some places, it can be believed to be totally okay to keep a few things to yourself without involving your parents and their advice.

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7. Don’t compare other parents with your own

It is good for parents to compare child with other child as it boosts the moral character or some things of a child. But it is not good for a child to compare their parent with other people’s parents. If you parents know that you are comparing them with others, they will become angry and you would may miss attracting blessings from them.

For example, don’t hesitate when your parents can’t buy car for you when your friends’ parents have bought for their child.

8. When they are sick, take them to hospital

Another way to attract blessings from parents is taking them to the hospital when they are sick or injured. Give them food, shelter, protection as possible as you can.


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