Yahoo Boys (how to become one of them step-by-step)

How to do Yahoo boy and make money

What is the meaning of Yahoo boys and how you can become one of them in 2022 is the topic I will walk you through in this article today. Please stay tuned. After you have read this article, you will know the website of yahoo boys and how you can join. You will also know their WhatsApp group, Facebook page etc.

Yahoo boy is not the one you might have known (Yahoo search, email or account). In fact, what Yahoo boy means is quite different and I have promised to disclose or show everything to you right here in this article today.

Presently, Yahoo is the lucrative hand working of many guys. That is, if you’re a Yahoo boy, you can have an ability to do what a graduate (an academically learned person) cannot do even though you are not a schooling person, but to be able to proudly do yahoo-yahoo very well, you must be educated and smart.

Since the rate of unemployment has taken a high negative level in some countries in the globe, especially Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and et cetera, young people have started adapting for surviving. Unhappily, most of them don’t earn their money in a legit way.

Yahoo boys use mobile phone or laptop to make money online from people who they do know or don’t. If you want to become one of the Yahoo boys, you must be smart and internet literate.

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How to become one of the Yahoo boys and make money

Now, lets start discussing how to become a Yahoo boy in 2022 and make money online.

By becoming a Yahoo boy, you will be hardly found to be financially insufficient. Now, since it makes its doers to be rich, how can you become one of them?

Yahoo boy, also known as 419 or online fraudster as it is fondly called, uses forge documents and information to scam people. Below is the explanation of how to become Yahoo boy.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Yahoo boys. They neither credit me to advertise for them nor partnering with them for any returned benefit. That means this article was published based on the trending of Yahoo boy searches on the internet.

Step one: buy the laptop and other gadgets

If you want to become a Yahoo boy, the first thing you should do is buying your laptop and if electricity is not stable in your location, then buy your electrical generator.

By planning to become a Yahoo boy, you should be always active online. That is, don’t allow anything to hinder you from appearing online in even five seconds.

Indeed, there are many factors that can hold you down like an inability to subscribe for data bundle (MB or data connection). Being to become a proudly Yahoo boy, your data should be regularly on.

As a matter of fact, laptop is not the only thing you should buy. You can also buy smart mobile phone in order to use to connect to the internet while you are on outing. The reason is that laptop is not portable.

In conclusion, buy your laptop and save some money which you will be using to buy data as you’re doing Yahoo business.

When it’s come for choosing the type of laptop you should buy which can be used for Yahoo boy, I highly recommend Apple or Mac laptop. Also buy an iPad phone for your comfortability while you’re using it.

By planning to become one of the Yahoo boys, a hard earned money of your own should be used to buy all the necessary items or gadgets. And necessary gadgets like laptop or smartphone can be ordered online on Jumia Nigeria.

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Step two: choose your topic

Yahoo in the airport while going to abroad

Yahoo boys are classified into different types which is also known as a niche or a topic. By choosing your own topic, that means you are very smart in the chosen topic.

If you’re doing Yahoo boy, it’s not every body or person should know what you are really doing. In fact, please hide it from people and do not do it with person you know because he/she is liable to tell other people.

Are you a chemist or salesman? You can choose the drugs you sell as your topic. According to one Yahoo boy I know, he pretends to be an owner of the biggest e-commerce site, thus people order an items from him and at the end of the day, they will be scammed.

There are millions of unemployed citizens in Nigeria, in this way, if you don’t know how to adapt to survive, hunger will kill and bury you, according to Yahoo boys.

By choosing your topic, choose carefully the one that you will can be able to answer any question about it in any time at the time your customers have started hearing from you.

At this point, you should be very well learned in English or any language of your customers. If you’re doing Yahoo within Nigeria, then you suppose to understand Nigerian pidgin very deeply in order for many of your customers should communicate with you for a very long time.

Step three: target a customers

After you have started doing Yahoo boy business, now, it’s time to target people who will fall to your trap. In a real business, we call this type of marketing as an advertisement.

Do not expect people to contact you or email you through your website or telephone number. According to an expert Yahoo boys, what they do is by creating fake Facebook account or pages I look like.

After fake social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) has been created, they will now be used to contact innocent people. They will then discussed with people who they are and what they do.

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Step four: use VPN and IP address tools

While you are targeting the victims, it’s ideal to do what people ask. So, at this point, you can use IP tools to change the IP address of your device to any one you want.

For example, you cannot tell a person that you are contacting him/her from United States (US) while your IP address is mismatching. To make person to believe you, your IP address should be matched with the one of the country you are saying that you are calling from.

There are many tools on the internet which you can use to change an IP address of any device (laptop or mobile phone), so keep reading this and search for it later.

VPN at the other hand is a tool which can allow you to create an account or a profile on which all people from the country of your residence are not allowed to use.

For example, PayPal does not allow every person from Nigeria to receive money through it but some people are receiving successfully with the use of VPN they install on their devices.

Yahoo boy who is living in Nigeria can say that he/she is in United Kingdom and surprisingly he/she can provide his/her proofs correctly.

Because of the installing of VPN on the device, some Yahoo boys are travelling out of the country to abroad, did you know that?

Step five: be smart and tolerant

Yahoo boy should be smart and tolerant. It’s not every body you contact must reply you. In fact, some people can insult you but anyways don’t relent.

As you don’t want to be scammed, other people don’t want to be scammed as well, thus you should be looking for one way or the other which you can use to adapt in order to successed.

Find a Facebook group or Whatsapp group which relates to your Yahoo topic. For example, if you are an educationalist, then find the group which is comprised of students not teachers or educationalist like you.

You can also pretend to be a woman while scamming guys. If you have started doing Yahoo boy, everything will be understood by you. According to Yahoo boys, they use fake pictures to scam ladies.

Presently, security is very tight in every place in Nigeria aimly to sanction Yahoo boys, now, if you’re doing Yahoo boy, that means you can never have rest of mind in every time. Thus, you should be smarter than how you were before.

Yahoo boy must talk smartly, behave smartly and in fact should change his/her name to smart boy or girl.

Do not depend on Yahoo boy business only, as you’re doing, try to launch one physical profitable business in order for people to stop checking into the source of your money too much.

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Step six: get International telephone number

Online fraudster is doing video call

Another thing you should make sure to have if you want to become a rich Yahoo boy is getting an international telephone number.

In Nigeria, our country code is +234 and the network providers in Nigeria do provide us with eleven digit number as a telephone number. As a result of this, getting your own private number will add values to your business.

If you have best friend in abroad, he/she can help you work to get an international or foreign mobile number like USA or UK. If you go to abroad aimly to set up your Yahoo business, you will become rich immediately you return back to Nigeria, believe me.

The reason why you should get a foreign or an international telephone number is that you can lie to people that you are a white man or woman and calling from foreign country.

For example, if you are calling person with the format of the telephone number like this; 0176289, he/she will be happy to be called by a good company, thus, anything you request him/her, he/she will be doing it gladly.

Step seven: installing video and photo editor software

Some Yahoo boys are not having a nice looking room and environment especially those who are just starting out.

And if you say that you are living in a developing country like UK or Germany, your environment, room or house and people around you should be look very nice like that of the developing countries.

Yahoo girl is operating computer

Fortunately, there are different tons of softwares online which you can use to edit your photos as any how as you like, for example, PicsArts and PicLab are two of them.

With PicsArts, a software for editing photo and video, you can edit the picture you snap here in Nigeria and edit it like you are in foreign country.

People around you, your house and room will be changed to that of foreigners with the aid of photo editor software, thereby allowing people to trust you.

In Yahoo boy business, video call is a must for those who their topic is dating. If you’re a man claiming to be a woman to a guy online, you must do video.

Now, to do video call with a man while you are a man but claiming to be a woman, there are many tools you can use to change your physical appearance, voice, hair, in fact, every thing about you.

I hope you know the rate of the highness of tension which some men will be engaged in when the case is concerned woman? Did you know that some men give money to the woman more faster when they should give to their mom?

In conclusion, if you are doing Yahoo boy, you must install video and photo editor app or software on your phone or desktop if you will be happy to become a richest Yahoo boy in 2021 while you are in Nigeria.

Yahoo boy website

Yahoo boys have not got any website because they are not a legal or legitimate business. However, Yahoo boy can forge fraudulent website for scamming people.

I can know that people are searching for the Facebook group or Whatsapp group of Yahoo boys especially those who are planning to join them. Let me tell you that Yahoo boy is not what a person can be taught by another person.

Do you think that Yahoo boys are like a jamb candidates for 2021 that have their own Facebook and whastapp group? If you think so, then I want to let you know from the bottom of my heart that it’s not like the way you are thinking.

Every Yahoo boy is the tutor of him/herself and that is the reason why they don’t use the laptop of another person and don’t want another person to use theirs as well.

Status of Yahoo boys in Nigeria

Being a Yahoo boy is a lucrative and simplest way for almost every person in Nigeria now. Therefore, their status is very interesting to observe.

The number one or top best of the characteristics of Yahoo boys in 2021 is that they drive expensive cars, buy expensive and luxurious houses and lots more.

Yahoo boy is still profitable if you are following the step-by-step guides. Else, you won’t make any money but spend.

Sas or police and 419

Consequently, Nigerian federal government, EFCC is very mindful to deal with any online fraudster they will catch and this has lead to the fact that Yahoo boy is nothing but criminal.

According to one of my friends, he says that he won’t do anything which can prevent him from having rest of mind in day and night. That is, you will be bearing bad name once you are being arrested for the first time.

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Formats of Yahoo boy

If you want to become a Yahoo boy, you are very needed to know the formats of it. Format means how something operates. That is, by reading the formats of Yahoo boys, you will know how they operate.

The formats of Yahoo boy are very important to know and they are explained below.

  • They don’t have pity heart and what they focuse mostly is the hard earned of another person
  • Yahoo boy does expensive things more than a legitimate business owner. Presently, Yahoo guys in Nigeria are dressing an expensive wears, riding an expensive cars more than business man. That is, if you are seeing the guy with behaviours above, that means he’s a Yahoo boy.
  • You cannot easily know the type of person they are like their tribe or gender. This is due to the fact of their capability to forget fraudulent documents or anything.
  • Some of them use fake pictures to scam the same sex. For example, man can use forge software to change his voice and structure to that of woman in order to scam another man. In this format, everything that a Yahoo boy need will be provided by an innocent man like transportation money to for visiting.
  • Another format of Yahoo boy is by contacting people and telling them their bank account details like how much is their account balance, the amount they withdrew in the last time, their date of birth. If Yahoo boy has said the above things to some people correctly, now, people will now be asked to call out their debit card details for upgrading thereby withdrawing all the money.
  • Yahoo boy can use many formats to scam people. If you want to be a Yahoo boy, many things should be in your head. Another Yahoo boy format is by promising candidate to send them examination answers into candidate’s computer while an exam is ongoing.
  • One of the formats or characteristics of Yahoo boy is that once they have scammed a person, they have started using the money aimlessly. In fact, most of them cannot do an accountability of the money.

As I always say, you will never be promoted if the way you plan is too shallow. This proverb means that if you want to go ahead, then what is in your head must help you.

One of the lifestyles of the Yahoo boys which I love mostly is that they learn from mistake. As a matter of fact, you must fall down first before you will rise up according to an ancient scientists.

As you are doing Yahoo boy business for the first time, make sure that one of the two things will must happen to you; fail or pass.

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Reasons why you should not become a Yahoo boy

Yahoo boys are on the high way with police

If you are my biological brother or sister, I would never support you to learn Yahoo boy and below is the proofing information.

The reason why I don’t support a person to become Yahoo boy is because anything you do from your hard earned saving, people may think that you have done it with fraud money.

Another reason is that sars or security agent like Nigeria Police Force (NPF) or soldiers will be holding you on the road checking your laptop and phone. If you’re not smart enough to know how to hide an offensive things from your gadgets, then you will be sanctioned every day.

Remember that a handsome guy without proper action is likely to be sanctioned. Also a lady will be found guilty always if she is not doing proper duty.

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Yahoo boy is an illegitimate online business but it carries high interest and at the same time the money that is earned with it may not be used wisely because the people that were being scammed are not happy at all.

To look for the legitimate business you can do in order for people to be smiled before and after they have paid to you, you can click here to read the top best skills that should be learned in 2021.

Please I am sorry for showing you the disappointed information or disappointing you to do not do Yahoo boy. If your plan has been made already, then go ahead because I know the situation of this country. Perhaps, you have resulted yourself to read this because you are the one that typed “how to become a Yahoo boy” on Google search.


Yahoo boy was invented when an American innovative company, gave free email address to people. By the time when Yahoo was giving free email to people, you can contact another person if you have his/her email address.

As people can contact each other by using email address, some people got scammed. And as a result of that, people who used Yahoo email address were known as Yahoo boy in Nigeria.

In conclusion, to become a successful Yahoo boy, you should start with your hard earned money because before one can be successful in anything, one must be suffered first. If you know that this article has helped you know how to become one of the Yahoo boys, then please subscribe to our newsletter now for more important related updates from us.

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