How To Export Cashew Nuts From Nigeria (Step-By-Step Guides)

Exported cashew nuts from Nigeria

Are you a business man of cashew nuts? Do you really want to take your business to the next level. In this article, I will show you how to export cashew nuts from Nigeria to another countries.

Nigeria is one of the top countries that produces cashew nuts very large in quantity yearly. Hence, if your business is about it, it’s hard for you to suffer or experience poverty.

Are you searching for how to export cashew nuts from Nigeria to outside of the country like China or Germany? I have got you covered in this article, indeed.

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How to transport or export the cashew you bought in Nigeria to another country like Italy, China, Uganda or Germany? If you’re looking for the step-by-step guide(s) of that, then let’s continue now.

How To Export Cashew Nuts From Nigeria To Another Country

Below is the procedure to how to export cashew nuts from Nigeria to another countries. To do this business successfully, you must be a registered member of cashew association.

What is cashew association in Nigeria again? National Cashew Association of Nigeria (commonly known as NCAN) is the association where people meet to discuss cashew related gists.

Now, how should you become a registered member of National Cashew Association of Nigeria? Don’t worry because I am going to show you how to go about all the processes step-by-step today.

Eligibilities To Join National Cashew Association of Nigeria

If you want to be or join the member of National Cashew Association of Nigeria, NCAN, then you must have the requirements or eligibilities which are listed and explained below.

  • Personal and active email address. If you want to know how to create email address very fast, you should click here now. Meaning, you must have email address, preferably Gmail account.
  • Your business must be registered and have a business certificate from the verified business registrar like CAC
  • The membership registration fee for an exporter of Cashew nuts is N300, 000 (three hundred thousand Naira) only as shown in the image below
  • You must have birth certificate
  • Verified government issued means of identity, for example, voter’s card or national ID card
  • Continue reading this article for how to register step-by-step.
Cashew Exporter Registration fee

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How To Register For NCAN Step-By-Step

If you want to do cashew business with rest of mind, you must register for National Cashew Association of Nigeria, NCAN.

Similarly, you can never be allowed to export cashew nuts from Nigeria to another country without being a registered member of this association, NCAN.

To register for NCAN, please follow the steps below carefully:

  • Firstly, click here to visit NCAN website for the registration
  • If you are on the website successfully, then mark Exporter
  • Now, enter your name, address, telephone number, email address, postal address, name of your business, soul aim of your business.
  • The form should be downloaded and printed, after that, take it to any registered member you Know to sign it for you.

How To Pay For The Registration Fee

How to pay for the exportation of cashew nuts

Payment should be made before you can be accepted as member of the association. You must pay a sum of N300, 000 to the bank account details below.

  • Bank name: Zenith Bank
  • Account number: 1010932897
  • Account name: National Cashew Association of Nigeria.

Please note that the payment is non refundable. Hence make up your intention very well before you pay.


After you have been registered yourself as a member of National Cashew Association of Nigeria, you will be opportuned to do cashew business internationally as how as you like.

Note that the registration fee is once in human life. No need to renew anything yearly or in any fixed time.

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