How To Locate Shehu Hassan To Pray For You In Kogi State

by Abdulrazaq

Do you want Shehu Hassan to pray for you in order for your disease(s) and problems to be healed up or resolved quickly? Or have you got some problems which you want God to solve for you immediately? I will help you in this article to show you how to locate Shehu Hassan to pray for you in Lokoja, Kogi state.

Shehu Hassan is a blessed citizen of Kogi state but he presently lives in Lokoja, one of the LGAs of his state. He was born and raised up in Abejukolo in Omala Local Government of Kogi state.

If you’ve never visited him in your life, then he is worth to be visited as doing so will get your prayer(s) answered. Shehu Hassan is neither a Christian nor tradition man but he’s a true Moslem.

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People know him as Mallam Hassan while other people know or call him as Shehu Hassan. The ambassador and chief commandant officer in Kogi state.

In this article (post) today, I will show you every step you should take in order to locate Shehu Hassan to pray for you. Shehu lives in Lokoja, thus you must come to Kogi state or you can even invite him. In this article, you will know everything.

How to locate Shehu Hassan to pray for you in Lokoja

To locate or meet Shehu Hassan to pray for you, you must visit his prayer centre which is based in Lokoja of Kogi state. Any time you are in Lokoja, below are the Step-by-Step guides to take.

Step 1:

  1. Make up your intention why you are wanting to locate Shehu Hassan
  2. Go to Kogi state if you’re not living in Kogi state
  3. Then head to Lokoja directly
  4. After you are now in Lokoja, ask any motorcyclist or tricyclist to take you to Ojo Arahman Islamic Prayer Centre
  5. While you have finally arrived, then go to the room and meet if your case is too worrisome or you cannot stay too long
  6. Make sure to go there with your pure water (preferably rainfall)
  7. Shehu Hassan Lokoja doesn’t collect money before he pray, in fact, he may even give you money if it is mattered
  8. After your prayer was being answered, you can at your own will give him anything you like to give as a testimony
  9. Mallam Hassan of Lokoja Kogi state can use his Islamic prayer which was being sent to him from God to cure every illness such as diabetes, asthma, stroke, madness, disability status, deaf and dump, etc.
  10. The only fastest way which you can use to invite Shehu Hassan is by teaming a large group of people in your community and doing the Ahabab of Shehu Hassan Mikailu, Abejukolo.
  11. By locating Shehu Hassan to pray for you, you should not do backbiting, adultery, say false information (lie), blocking peoples’ way of successes, etc in order for your prayer to get answered quickly
  12. Make sure that you are not in your period while meeting or nearing Alhaji Shehu Hassan Mikailu Abejukolo for anything, as a woman
  13. Entering the place where Mallam Hassan prays with an ablution as if you are going to pray is an added advantage as it can make your problem to be resolved quickly

Step 2:

  • Servant officer (uniformed person) like Police, soldier or civil defence will ask you some questions at the entrance gate, then tell them that you are there to meet Shehu Hassan to pray for you
  • Servant officer will take you to Shehu Hassan directly
  • Note that everything is free of charge. Hence, Shehu Hassan doesn’t collect money to pray for any body, indeed, he even shares it.
  • Do not pay to any body who wines you that he/she can take you to Shehu Hassan.

Step 3:

  • In some cases, Shehu Hassan will start telling you your problems and why you are coming to him immediately he has seen you
  • If your problems are not showing to him for disclosing, then go nearer to him and greet him religiously (Asalamualaiyqum, if you’re a Moslem). Meaning, may the peace of God be with you.
  • As soon as immediately you have seen him, then say Shehu Hassan, Assalamualaikum (he likes this so much).

Does Mallam Hassan of Kogi state collect money before he Pray?

Shehu Hassan doesn’t collect any money before he will pray. Indeed, if God has answered your prayer(s), you can do thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is not compulsory but it is worth to do it. Meanwhile, he has healed many cripple, blind and lot more diseases which are not sent down from God.

For example, see Shehu Hassan and people who came to him for prayer in the image below:

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Shehu Hassan is praying for people

That is to say that Mallam Hassan whose the name of Islamic prayer centre is Ojo Arahman Kunfayaqun Islamic Prayer Centre, Lokoja, is one of the best and famous Islamic prayer centres in Kogi state in 2021 so far.

The day for the general or public prayer is Sunday’s night till Monday’s morning while you can visit him officially in any day that you find it suitable.

Mallam Hassan is a type of person who visit people town-by-town to pray for them on special day like Moulud Nebbiy celebration. When ever he has invited, I usually post it on my Facebook page. Now, if you want to get notified about it henceforth, you may click here and follow’s page on Facebook by clicking here.


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