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How to pay for JAMB ePIN online with Remita in 2022

How to pay for JAMB ePIN online with Remita in this year (2022)

With the invention of technology, JAMB epin which its payment must be paid at the bank before we can get it before can now be conveniently paid online at our comfort zone and receive it as text message in our phone. In today’s guide, I am going to show you step by step guides on how to pay for JAMB ePIN online using Remita payment system in 2022.

JAMB ePIN simply stands for electronic PIN. It a unique ID which JAMB gives to all the candidates who which to partake their registration. Before you can get JAMB ePIN, first you must have a valid telephone number to use to text your NIN to JAMB for receiving your 10-digit number profile code which you can finally use to request for your ePIN.

Remita can of course help you get your JAMB ePIN at the comfort of your home in 2022 at the normal price, i.e, it won’t charge you with extra charge. For example, the price of JAMB ePIN for 2022 is 3, 500 Naira, hence, Remita will just charge you with 4, 160 Naira.

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Now, let’s start to discuss how you can pay to JAMB for receiving your ePIN online with Remita in 2022.

How to buy JAMB ePIN in 2022 with Remita

The step by step guides on how to pay for JAMB ePIN purchase in 2022 by using Remita, the #1 most recommended African payment channel are:

  1. Input the SIM card which you want to use to create your JAMB profile in your mobile phone
  2. Type the word ‘NIN’ then space and add your 11 digit NIN number and send to 55019 by SMS
  3. Note: there should be a space between the word ‘NIN’ and your 11 digit NIN, for example, if your NIN is 21542676298615, then text NIN 21542676298615 to 55019
  4. After that, you will receive a 10-digit Profile-code/confirmation code on the same telephone number which will be used to procure your ePIN
    If you are a UTME candidate, then visit: //
  5. If you are a Direct Entry (DE) candidate, simply visit: //
  6. After visiting an appropriate link, enter your profile/confirmation code
  7. Enter your registered phone number
  8. Enter other details and select how you want to pay
  9. Finally, click ‘Submit’
  10. If successful, then, your PIN will be shortly delivered to your phone number and also displayed on your Remita receipt. Please for verification purpose, enter an email address which you may want Remita to send your receipt to.

Alternatively, visit JAMB portal at, enter your JAMB profile login details (email Address and password) and click ”Login”, click on the “Sales of form” tab at the left hand side of the page and select ”UTME Examination” when selecting payment options, choose “Remita payment” and follow the instructions to complete your payment process.

According to JAMB, they have officially said the registration scratch card (ePIN) for this year in 2022 will be N3,500 (three thousand five hundred naira only). That is the combination of payment for JAMB’s E-PIN-registration and the recommended reading text.

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Guides to buy JAMB ePIN in 2022

When using Remita to pay for JAMB ePIN online, you must be asked to enter the full card number of your ATM card, its expiring date, CVV and your 4-digit secret PIN. Please remember to enter them in the appropriate manner and don’t refresh your device in order to prevent deducting your card multiple times since such payment is non refundable.

After JAMB has offered you an admission to study in a particular institution, you will be required to make a payment of N1,000 to print you admission letter. At this point of time, you can also pay using Remita, to do that, simply visit JAMB portal and login to your account, click ”Print Admission Letter” button, click ”Continue to Payment”, click ”Pay Now” and follow the prompts.

JAMB change of institution using Remita

In the event that you want to change your choice of institution on your JAMB profile in order to be effectively considered for admission in 2022, you must pay to JAMB for requesting them to allow you change any detail on your profile with a one time payment of 2, 500 Naira which Remita can also be used to pay.

The cost of a JAMB change of detail is two thousand five hundred naira (N2,500.00).

By paying this amount (N2, 500) to JAMB, you can update your institution, course, name, date of birth, state, and local government of origin, etc. To do that, visit JAMB portal at, login with your Email and Password, select ”UTME/DE data Correction”, then continue to make the payment with Remita.


Note: Remita is a payment solution that helps individuals and business make and receive payment, pay bills and manage their business. For more information, visit this page where we have fully discussed Remita.

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