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How to put ringtones on iPhone without using iTunes

How to put ringtones on iPhone without using iTunes

Many iPhone users want to be able to set custom ringtones for their contacts but the process can be really time-consuming, especially if you want to do it without iTunes. In this post, we shall show with you how to put ringtones on iPhone without using itunes step-by-step.

In the past, forming a ringtone on your iPhone meant dealing with the iTunes sync process. But
these days, there are some easy ways to create and install custom ringtones on your iPhone
without ever having to connect to iTunes.

We have all had the experience of being restricted and limited by Apple, so we know how
everything might be difficult if you want to step out of the Apple Universe.

Everything has to go through that obnoxious little program that we all despise but cannot live
without, from downloading music to transferring files. If you want to learn how to set a ringtone
on an iPhone without using iTunes, there is no alternative but to find a workaround.

Setting a ringtone on an iPhone without using iTunes has become nearly impossible. But there’s
no need to be gloomy because assistance is at hand!

This article will teach you how to set a ringtone without iTunes. When transferring files to iOS
devices, I found WALTR PRO. This program allows you to move data without needing iTunes.
Because iTunes is difficult to create personalized ringtones.

Now, let’s start.

Using your own ringtone on an iPhone

Wondering how to put or set your favourite ringtone on your iPhone without iTunes? Well, this post will show you the step-by-step ways of how you can do this. And these steps are relatively simple.

If you’re like me, you probably don’t want to use the same ringtone as everyone else. Fortunately, there’s no need to be stuck with the default ringtones that come with your iPhone. You can easily create and set your custom ringtones without using iTunes.

Many iPhone users want to be able to put custom ringtones on their phone, but the process can be really confusing and time-consuming, especially if you want to do it without iTunes. GarageBand is an excellent option for creating custom ringtones, but it can be a little challenging when you’re unfamiliar with how to use the app.

Alternatively, some third-party apps allow you to set custom ringtones without iTunes, like
WALTER PRO. Whichever method you choose, the process of forming a custom ringtone on your
iPhone doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With a little effort, you can have the
perfect custom ringtone for your iPhone in no time.

How to convert ringtones from a computer to an
iPhone without using iTunes?

Are you still wondering how to move ringtones from computer to iPhone without iTunes? We have good news for you!

This can be quickly done using a unique tool created for this specific task – WALTR PRO. WALTR PRO is an application that allows you to move any data from computer to iPhone, including ringtones. The good thing when we talk about this program is that it doesn’t require iTunes to work, so you can finally move ringtones to your iPhone without using the iTunes app.

Step #1: Choose the audio file to convert further

A transfer tool specially designed for iOS devices, WALTR PRO, is free to download. You can
move audio and video files between your iPhone and another device without using iTunes.

How to add set up ringing tone on your iPhone device

This app will let you download ringtones, music, and movies to your Apple device. The app’s PRO version can convert them on the fly to formats that Apple can easily read.

Step #2: Convert the file

If you completed all of the steps and were able to add a new ringtone to your iPhone, you’re 80 percent there. Congratulations! The final stage is to use WALTR PRO to move your fresh M4R music to your iPhone.

How to convert your favorite audio and set it as a ringing tone on your iPhone mobile device.

The ringtone transfer procedure will take only a few seconds, and you will be informed when it is complete. Set the new song as your personalized ringtone to complete the process. Now in this final stage, you have to set up the new ringtone on your iPhone. Visit the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to Sounds.

The newly transferred custom ringtone will appear at the top of the list as a Ringtone, and you
may sync it to your phone. Create as many custom ringtones of your favorite songs and movie dialogue as you wish to jazz
up your phone’s ringtones list.

Set WALTR PRO as a ringtone using WALTR PRO, and the next time someone calls you, you’ll be jamming to your favorite music!

Why should you use WALTR PRO?

WALTR PRO is available for both PC and Mac. The program offers a free trial to explore how the
application works before making a purchase. This app has a clean and straightforward interface that anyone can understand, regardless of their technical expertise. Even if you’ve not used a similar tool before, you’ll be able to figure out how to use WALTR PRO within a few minutes.

Here are some of the features WALTR PRO has:

Transfers without the use of cables:

Did you know that you could transfer ringtones from your Mac/Windows PC to your iPhone without connecting via a cord? Yup, that’s right! With WALTR’s Wi-Fi connectivity, you can instantly connect to your Wi-Fi-enabled iPhone!

And just like that, fast Wi-Fi connectivity will bridge the gap between WALTR PRO and your iPhone in a matter of seconds.

Recognizing content automatically:

WALTR’s Automatic Content Recognition technology automatically recognizes and interprets the type of videos or music you transfer to your iPhone, which then fills in the file’s relevant information such as a title, description, episode, genre, cast details, and more.

This is a feature that is not available on other ringtone transfer tools. WHAT’S NEXT?

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for how to set up ringtones without iTunes! WALTR PRO makes it easy to add custom ringtones to your iPhone without using iTunes. Give it a try today!

Note: All iOS devices can also benefit from this solution.

WALTR PRO can not only transfer files to iPhones but also iPads, iPods, and other iOS devices. With this tool, you can transfer your favorite movies to iOS devices directly from your computer without converting them into a format that the devices can play. You can also convert MP3s into ringtones.


  • You don’t need to use iTunes
  • The process is much faster
  • The interface is so easy to understand


  • To gain its full control, you need to purchase its PRO version
  • The free trial only offers limited features

WALTR PRO is the best solution for how to set up ringtones without iTunes. The app is easy to
use and can be used to transfer files to iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other iOS devices. This tool can add custom ringtones to your iPhone without using iTunes. Give it a try today!

We hope this article jas helped you know how to set ringing tone on your iPhone mobile device? Please comment with any question you may have via the comment box. Also, finally, please like our Facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter for more important updates.

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