Jamb 2022 latest news (registration date, fee, examination date, etc)

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In this article today, we’ll show you latest news regarding JAMB 2022/2023, for example, when the registration will commence, registration fee, examination date and lot more. On this website (fastknowers.com), we in every day basis publish every important post all the way from guides and latest news concerning Jamb examination and registration

The sales of JAMB form in 2021 had begun on 13th April and ended on 29th May. In the same vein, an examination started from 19th of June and ended on 3rd July.

However, JAMB 2022 sales of registration form would start to be sold in early March of 2022 and exam date would be on April of 2022 due to the outbreak of contagious disease, Coronavirus according to the latest news from JAMB so far.

In this article, you will know every important information about 2022 JAMB registration date, examination date, latest JAMB news for today, when will JAMB 2022 reprinting start and end and lots more related to JAMB 2022.

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1. JAMB 2022 latest news (registration date, exam date, how to register, etc)

JAMB registration for 2022 would start on February and exam date would start on early/mid April  2022 according to the current prediction.

In this post, below are the topics we will cover.

Please note: it doesn’t matter whether you are a first or second time applicant of JAMB, what we will discuss here would be helpful to every one.

If you are a 2021 JAMB candidate and also curious to know latest news from JAMB concerning 2022 exam registration date and examination date, below are the helpful topics or your frequently asked questions. And the good news is that, we will talk about them one-by-one in an intelligible way.

  1. When will JAMB 2022 registration actually start
  2. Will the candidates be allowed to register for awaiting result of JAMB 2022
  3. What are the things or documents should I need to have for JAMB 2021 registration
  4. I heard that every candidate of JAMB must create JAMB profile, is that will be true for 2022? If yes, then how can I create mine
  5. How can I pay for E-Pin
  6. How can I know the accredited cbt centers for JAMB in 2022 examination and registration
  7. I don’t know how to operate a computer, is it a must to learn before registering for jamb in 2022
  8. My profile code is not delivering to me while I have texted my National Identification Number (NIN) to 55019 for several times, please what should I do
  9. Which institution is the very best that I should choose as first choice when registering for jamb in 2022  

If you have once ever asked the questions above, then this article is definitely for you.

2. When will JAMB 2022 registration really start (latest news)

jamb 2022 foreign candidates

JAMB has announced that February 12th, 2022 is the commencement date for jamb 2022 registration for admissions into the 2022/2023 academic session.

According to jamb administrator, Prof Is-haq Oloyede, the registration for the UTME 2022 would start on February and end on March 2022 and the examination will hold in April 2022.

That is, the registration will last for five weeks and March is the commencement for sitting for the jamb examination.

3. Can I register as an awaiting candidate in 2022

Yes, they will. Every year, JAMB does allow the candidates to register for its application for awaiting result including next year (2022).

You may click (https://fastknowers.com/4-documents-needed-for-jamb-2021-registration/) to read 4 more documents you must have against JAMB 2022 registration and click (https://fastknowers.com/differences-between-awaiting-result-candidates-and-direct-entry/) also to know the differences between awaiting result candidate and direct entry candidate.

What Are The Things/Documents You Should Have Got For JAMB 2022 Registration

That is a good question, every candidate of JAMB for 2021 need to ask this question. Because when they are heading to is more important than where they had left.

Are you wondering to know all the essential documents you should need to have gotten for JAMB 2022 registration? Remember, your National Identification Number (NIN) is very important and it is one of the mandatory documents needed by JAMB during 2022 registration.

You may feel free to click here to know all the documents you must need for your JAMB 2022 registration.

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4. How can I create Jamb profile in 2022

You must have to create your JAMB profile for 2022. Every candidate must create a JAMB profile, in fact.

It is through the JAMB profile you created that your name and other necessary details about yourself get sent to JAMB.

Wondering how you can create your JAMB profile for 2022? We have created an article specifically for you on that. Click here to read how you can create a JAMB profile by yourself.

5. How can I pay to JAMB for receiving my e-pin

After creating JAMB profile, the journey hasn’t stopped. You will buy an e-pin which will further be used to continue your registration.

Note: e-pin is your identity and if it’s being sent to you, it will then never be sent to another candidate.

E-pin can be bought by yourself with ATM card and also at your home, but most candidates buy their e-pins at the commercial bank in Nigeria (affiliated one) in order to prevent mistake.

You may feel free to click here to know why e-pin must be bought, how to buy (different ways) and many more.

6. How can I know the accredited CBT centers for JAMB 2022

All candidates that are registering JAMB in 2022 must carry out their registrations in the approved cbt centers otherwise, their registrations will be disqualified.

Because of the unapproved centers in the town which claim to be an approved one by jamb. We have shown you the ones that are accredited and approved for not only in your state but also all the states in Nigeria.

Click here to know all the approved CBT centers of all states in Nigeria for jamb 2022 registration.

7. Can I register for JAMB 2021 in Cyber Café

JAMB did allow cyber café operators to register candidates before, but for now it doesn’t approve them to do so anymore.

Do not carry out JAMB 2022 registration in any cyber cafés because JAMB doesn’t approved their services for some reasons.

The number one reasons why jamb has disapproved them is that they charge candidates very high and if you can afford to pay their requested money, your registration will autu get disqualified by JAMB.

If you want to register jamb in 2022, you will must register it in the accredited cbt centers which nearest to you. Do you want to know the approved and accredited cbt centers that nearest to you? Then click here and select your state to know them.

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  2. Please how can i get my national id card? I just heared that any person without nin will not be allowed to register jamb in next year? Help me.

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