Present Truth Bible College Nigeria (How To Gain Admission Into It)

How to gain admission into present truth bible college

Are you a prospective student of Present Truth Bible College (AKA, PTBC)? Do you have Christian religious beliefs and want to learn it study it academically?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then keep reading as I am going to show you how to gain admission into Present Truth Bible College (PTBC).

I will also again talk or or show you everything about this school in this article today; is it worth to study in it or not. You’ll know all that shortly.

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Who Should Study In Present Truth Bible College In Nigeria

Do you like to study a program in PTBC? Then the Present Truth Bible College is meant for the following types of people.

Present Truth Bible College is for the prospective students who:

  • Want to establish in the present God’s voice
  • Have a call to ministry or seek to understand God’s calling upon their lives
  • Desire to be equipped for the fivehold ministry
  • Desire to be an end time minister, who epitomizes content, character and charisma

If you are not in any type of the students which I listed above, then don’t choose to study in PTBC.

Present Truth Bible College is a private tertiary institution mainly for Christians. It’s found by Chidubem Kennedy.

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How To Apply For The Admission Of PTBC

If you want to gain admission to study in PTBC in 2021, then visit No 2 ECWA CHURCH ROAD BY ALAFIA BUS STOP ORILE IGANMU LAGOS.

Since the form of the application of admission of this school is offline, below are the numbers you should call for more information.

  • 07037487971
  • 08027306561
  • 07035353231
  • 08025752886
  • 07064691511

Programmes Offered In PTBC In 2020

After the end of the programme, you’ll earn degree certificate.

Below are the degree or master programmes and their duration in Present Truth Bible College in 2020:

Basic Certificate In Christian EducationFour (4) months
Diploma in Christian MinistryFour (4) months
Advance Diploma in Christian MinistryFour (4) months
Bachelor’s in Pastoral Ministry/Church AdministrationOne (1) year
Bachelor’s in Envagelism/OutreachOne (1) year
Master’s in Christian TheologyOne (1) year
Master’s in Church ManagementOne (1) year
Doctor of Christian MinistryOne (1) year
Doctorate in Christian TheologyOne (1) year

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Gaining admission into present truth bible college is one hundred percent (100%) free of charge. I.e, NO TUITION FEE, NO REGISTRATION FEE.

Students only pay for handouts, certificate and graduation money.

Study Centres Of Present Truth Bible College In Every State In Nigeria

PTBC has presently gotten four (4) study centers or campuses in different states in Nigeria and they are listed below:



Conclusion and more to read

PTBC is an a NUC approved private university in Nigeria which rewards degree and master certificate to a qualifed students.

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