Stanbic bank transfer code, *909# (2022) & how to activate

Stanbic bank transfer code, *909# (2022) & how to activate

In this article, we will be discussing Stanbic IBTC bank USSD code, how to activate Stanbic bank transfer code, how to use it to check your account, how to transfer money from your account to other account with it and lots more. Note Sanbic bank also popularly known as Stanbic IBTC bank.

The Stanbic bank USSD code can help you send money from your account to any other bank account, check your account balance, view your account statement, recharge airtime directly from your account for yourself or others all for free of charge at the comfort of your home or office.

For security reason, Stanbic mobile bank must be activated on the alert SIM card of every customer. That is to say that without using the phone number that is linked with your Stanbic bank account (alert number), you can’t activate Stanbic bank transfer code.

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Stanbic bank USSD code and its benefits

The official Stanbic bank USSD code is *909#, also known as Stanbic bank transfer code its main purpose which people know is fund transfer from Stanbic account to other bank account.

Apart from fund transfer and account balance checking, there are also other things that Stanbic bank USSD code can be used for and some of them are:

  • Request for a new card.
  • Pay bills.
  • Have an access to apply for a loan.
  • Purchase airtime for yourself and loved ones.
  • Transferring funds to Stanbic IBTC accounts and other banks.
  • Check your bank balance.
  • Block your ATM card.
  • Change your card.
  • PIN Request for a cheque book.
  • Open a new Stanbic bank account.
  • Request to view your account statement, etc.

How to register for Stanbic mobile banking code

In order to register or activate for Stanbic USSD transfer code or mobile banking feature on your SIM card, the steps to take are:

  • First, dial *909*11*1#  to create or change your PIN with your registered Stanbic bank alert number with the Bank.
  • Then you will be required to register for Stanbic mobile banking code with the last six digits of your debit card and date of birth for the first time.
  • Create a four digit number to be used as transaction PIN

Please note that Stanbic bank USSD code, *909# is available to anyone with any type of GSM phone free of charge.

Now as you have successfully registered and activated for Stanbic transfer code or mobile banking service on your SIM card, you can at the comfort of your home or officce or everywhere you may are use Stanbic bank mobile banking such as transferring money from your account to other bank account, check your account balance, etc.

In the event that you lost our mobile phone which your Stanbic bank alert SIM card is inside, please immediately contact Stanbic bank customer care via:

  • phone number: 0700 909 909 909
  • email: [email protected] or
  • engage them via their social media pages

to deactivate Stanbic mobile banking service on your SIM card in order to prevent people from having access with your account.

How to transfer from Stanbic bank to other bank

To use USSD code to transfer money from your Stanbic bank account to other bank like UBA, Sterling bank, Unity bank, etc., simply follow the procedures below:

  • Dial *909#
  • Enter 1 to choose ‘My Bank’
  • Input your four digit number transaction PIN
  • Enter the amount of money that you want to transfer
  • Select beneficiary’s bank
  • Enter the account number of the person who you are transferring money to
  • Confirm details his or her details and
  • Finally select transfer option.

Alternatively, if you want to transfer 20, 000 Naira to other bank account with an account number: 2148659210 from Stanbic bank, just simply dial *909*22*20000* 2148659210# then authorize the transaction with your secret PIN.

Code to check Stanbic bank account balance

Stanbic bank USSD code can also be used to check your account balance to reduce your effort of going to the bank.

In order to check your Stanbic bank account balance, just dial *909#, then enter 2 to select ‘Balance Inquiry’. Or dial *909*1*1# for your account balance to be sent to you as message from the Stanbic bank.

Note: the USSD code of Stanbic bank, *909# is available to Stanbic IBTC Bank individual savings, current account holders and also Mobile Money wallet holder (POS agent) whose phone numbers have been registered with the bank.

How to change Stanbic bank transaction PIN

In case you decide to change your Stanbic bank transaction PIN in order to have full confidence about the safety of your account, please follow the steps below:

  • Dial *909# from your bank registered phone number.
  • Select 6 to choose ‘Other Services’, select 1 to choose ‘My Bank’ and press 6 to choose ‘change PIN’.
  • Enter your current PIN.
  • Input your new PIN (must be 4 digits and different from the current one).
  • Re-enter the new PIN to confirm.
  • Success: you are done!!

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Stanbic bank USSD code for recharge

Stanbic bank USSD code for recharge

If you are some savings in your Stanbic bank account, you shouldn’t run out of airtime or data. That is, you can dial Stanbic USSD code and recharge your SIM card and that of the other peoples directly from your account.

To recharge for yourself, to the phone number you used to open your Stanbic bank account, dial *909*Amount#. For example, if you want to recharge 500 Naira for yourself, just dial *909*500#. Then shortly, you will be credited with 500 Naira worth of airtime.

The Stanbic USSD code for recharging airtime for others from your account works anytime you want to recharge phone number that is not register with your Stanbic bank account. It can be the phone number of your family member or your phone number that is not connected to Stanbic bank as alert number.

Now, to recharge airtime to third party telephone number, dial *909*Amount*phone number#. For example, to transfer N1000 airtime the phone number: 09122075365, just dial *909*1000* 09122075365#.

In summary, please read the table below for more important Stanbic bank USSD codes and their function:

Registration code of Stanbic bank mobile banking*909*11*1#
Stanbic bank code to check account balance*909*1*1#
Stanbic mobile banking code*909#
Stanbic USSD code for airtime recharge*909*Amount*phone number#
Stanbic transfer code to other bank*909*11*Amount*Account Number# 


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