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Right now today in this article, I will show you how you can subscribe for Fastknowers newsletter or email list with your email address. At, we publish an article daily for student, tech minded person like us and lot more, hence, we think it could be useful for you to join us.

If you want to get instant notification about our newly published articles daily right straight to your email message or inbox, then please sign up for our newsletter channel or email list. It’s free, fast, costless and secured.

However, you may ask yourself: why should I need to join or sign up for this email list?

Surely, the reason why you may want to sign up for our newsletter is that any time we publish a new article, you would get alerted in your email and read.

Meanwhile, you can sign out for this program at anytime by yourself for free of charge if you’re no longer interested.

To sign up for’s articles’ newsletter, please follow the steps below:

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How to sign up for Fastknowers newsletter

How to sign up for fastknowers newsletter

If you have not got an email address or account, please you can now click here to get your own from Google mail for free of charge

  • Clear the reCAPTCHA challenge by clicking the square box beside the text I’m not a robot as shown in the picture above
  • In some cases, upon clearing reCAPTCHA challenge, you could be asked to verify your humanity by requesting you to click on some images they showed as an example, then do so accordingly. Here is the picture!
reCAPTCHA challenge of Fastknowers newsletter subscribtion form
  • Then click on Complete Subscription Request button at bottom side of your device’s screen
  • Afterward, login to your email account and verify the ownership of the email address as shown in the picture below
Login to your email account and verify your email address to subscribe for Fastknowers newsletter
  • If you login to your email account (please login Immidiately), you’d see this message as in the picture below
  • Now, you can assume that fastknowers has sent you newsletter subscription message. So you will click right away to verify
  • Read it slowly in order to understand it and click on the link in that message to verify.
  • When the verification is successful, you will see a message included with your email address as in the picture below

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