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Times for making and breaking fast in 2022 Ramadan for all days

Times for making and breaking fast in 2022 Ramadan for all days

Here, we shall discuss the times for making and breaking fast in Ramadan for all thirty or twenty-nine days in 2022. This year’s fasting is going to end on 1st May 2022.

Ramadan for 2022 has started counting from 2nd April. We expected to see the appearance of moon of Ramadan on 1st April but God didn’t show it then. As Ramadan is ongoing, we have to count ourselves among those who will benefit what Ramadan came with.

To prepare for Ramada is not buying foods or all other edible things for you and your family consumption. What being prepared means here is trying to abstain from bad deed to good deed, change your position towards Allah from negative to positive. That is, if you were not praying regularly before, try to avoid in Ramadan. Maybe, after Ramada, Allah can change your life if He loves you so enter Janna.

In Ramadan, there are times known for stop fast making and also the time for start fast breaking. Another thing to wonder about is that time differs from day to day. For instance, the time you used to break fast today may not be the same for the time you are going to break your fast tomorrow. What that causes this difference is climatic and weather changes.

In this post, we will show you the time that does fasting start in the morning and also the time to break it in the evening for all respective days in the month of Ramadan.

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Or are you living in UK, London and searching for 2022 Ramadan time table? In this article, we have got you covered.

Note Ramadan 2022 started from 2nd April to 1st May 2022 while Eid will hold worldwide on 2nd May 2022.

Now, let’s start to show with you the respective times for making and breaking Ramadan fasting in 2022 for all days.

Time for fast making and breaking in Ramadan 2022

DayFast making timeFast breaking time
Sat 2nd April5.10am7.49pm
Sun 3rd April5.07am7.51pm
Mon 4th April5.05am7.53pm
Tue 5th April5.02am7.55pm
Wed 6th April5am7.57pm
Thu 7th April4.58am7.59pm
Fri 8th April4.55am8pm
Sat 9th April4.53am8.02pm
Sun 10th April4.51am8.04pm
Mon 11th April4.48am8.06pm
Tue 12th April4.46am8.08pm
Wed 13th April4.44am8.09pm
Thu 14th April4.41am8.11pm
Fri 15th April4.39am8.13pm
Sat 16th April4.37am8.15pm
Sun 17th April4.34am8.17pm
Mon 18th April4.32am8.19pm
Tue 19th April4.30am8.20pm
Wed 20th April4.28am8.22pm
Thu 21st April4.25am8.24pm
Fri 22nd April4.23am8.26pm
Sat 23rd April4.21am8.28pm
Sun 24th April4.19am8.29pm
Mon 25th April4.17am8.31pm
Tue 26th April4.14am8.33pm
Wed 27th April4.12am8.35pm
Thu 28th April4.10am8.37pm
Fri 29th April4.08am8.39pm
Sat 30th April4.06am8.40pm
Sun 1st May4.04am8.42pm

Time for making fast in the morning is termed sahur in Arabic language. The moment the second alfijr appear, every Moslem should stop eating.

Hope this post has shown you the time for making fast in the morning and also the time to break time in the evening? Please share it with your friends and remember to subscribe to our newsletter for more Islamic related updates.

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