Top lucrative courses in Nigeria for 2023 that you should study

Top lucrative courses in Nigeria for 2023 that you should study

Is knowing the lucrative courses you should study in Nigeria in this year 2023 your own problem now? Don’t mark it as one of your problems because I am going to clarify everything in this article.

When you are planning to apply for college to study in, you must think about different courses to study in your tertiary education. The truth is that you can not study the course which you are uninterested in.


When it has come to selecting the course to study by students in their higher institution’s study, they usually think about the best and lucrative one.

Today, I will show you in this article the top five (5) lucrative courses to be selected in 2023 JAMB registration by students in Nigeria.

From the research, the lucrative courses in Nigeria for 2023 henceforth are basically five. That is, if you study one of the courses, employment will not scarce you.

Top 5 lucrative courses in Nigeria for 2023

Below are the list and the explained five (5) lucrative courses in Nigeria for 2023. They are very lucrative for students (graduates) and any person who has studied any of them is also employable after his or her graduation.

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  1. Petroleum Engineering
  2. Computer Science
  3. Economics
  4. International Relations
  5. Linguistics

1. Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering is the best and lucrative course ever. Every country that get petroleum like Nigeria needs petroleum engineers to help or maintain the extraction of their oil and gas.

The uses of petroleum have been in high demand, hence Nigeria and other God-given petroleum industry countries need to maintain and usually look forward to improve the quality and high yielding of their oil and gas for marketability.

Petroleum engineering as a course, is lucrative and if you study it in Nigeria or abroad, your employment after the graduation is guaranteed. Believe me!

2. Computer science

Every company needs the help or introduction of computer to develop their services and goods. The use of computer is very essential for both public and private sector to develop or improve what they do.

Computer science is a lucrative course and any student who intend to study it will be employable after his/her graduation. Computer science students are very employable in Nigeria after their graduation by either public or private body/company. Hence, it is a lucrative course in Nigeria.

Computer science is not only a lucrative course in Nigeria, as a matter of fact, student who studied it cannot undergo poverty or lack of money because their services are available at any time and in any place.

3. Economics

Economics is one of the best and lucrative courses to be studied ever. Economists are very employable in Nigeria. You can not seek job difficultly or remained unemployed if you study economics in Nigeria or abroad.

Economists are employable into any sector and they can perform perfectly because they were being taught (everything) professionally in school by a professional economists

If you are applying for college admission, do choose Economics to study if you are qualified for.

It is lucrative, less competitive and simple to study in school. After your graduation, you’ll be employable.

4. International Relations

Is international relations a lucrative courses in Nigeria in 2021

International Relations deals with the study of partnerships, interactions, businesses or relationships between two or more countries scientifically.

International relations students always work in boarder of the nation. Some may also be employed by private company.

It is a lucrative course to study and the students who study it will be employable. As an international relations graduates, you can do business, relationship, partnership or interaction internationally with ease.

5. Linguistics

Linguistics is a scientific study of language or of particular languages.

It a very lucrative course because, every company in Nigeria and abroad needs to exchange their thoughts, i.e, communication with each other about the development of their produced goods or offered services.

Business between two or more countries can not be done smoothly where every people don’t speak the same language.

Hence, students who studied Linguistics can be employed as an interpreter or agent in such organization.

That is, if you study Linguistics, employer will look for your services easily after your graduation and you will be earning in a lucrative manner.


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