Top bad reading habits and their explanation & how to overcome

Top bad reading habits and their explanation & how to overcome

Reading is what students normally do to pass in exam, test, job interview or make them know more about some things they read. In most cases, the aim gotten from reading may become opposite as a result of bad reading habits that were being applied. In this article, we are going to discuss with you top bad reading habits, their explanation and how you can avoid them in order to read, understand and pass in your exam.

Bad reading habits are a gate/fence between failure and success in exam of every student. If you know top bad reading habits, you will know how to fight against them and you would never practice them and that is why we published this article in order to discuss with you top bad reading habits and their explanation

Everyone one picks book to read in order to know something, however, if he/she reads in a bad habit way, he/she won’t gain anything. He/she may even loss the knowledge he/she has gained before if he/she is using bad reading habit. If you want to know top bad reading habits, their implication and how to overcome them, then here is the right place for you.

Bad reading habits have made many students failed in examination and job interview. There is a time for reading and time for rest or doing nothing. If you use the time for rest in place of reading, that is bad reading habit, hence, you will not understand any helpful thing in your exam or interview. To know top bad reading habits, please keep reading this article as we have listed and explained for you below one by one.

Are you a student are searching for the list of top bad reading habits to avoid in order to be on the saver side and pass in your exam? Or are you being asked to list and explain top bad habits? Here, we did list and explain top ten bad reading habits.

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Now, top bad reading habits and their explanation including how to overcome them are discussed below.

Top bad reading habits and their explanation

  1. Head movement.
  2. Pointing of word.
  3. Loss of attention and individual issues.
  4. Vocalization.
  5. Unfavorable venue.
  6. Sub-vocalization.
  7. Reading one word at a time.
  8. Uncordinated eye movement.
  9. Regression.
  10. Reading everything at the same pace.

1. Head movement

One of the bad reading habit we have on the list of top bad reading habits is head movement or rotation of head left to right aimlessly while reading. Moving your head left to right while reading will make you not to understand the book you are studying.

While reading to understand in order to pass in an exam, keep calm. The most positive reading habit is keep calm while looking at one page of a book for ten or more minutes. If you practice this, you are definitely a good reader.

2. Pointing of word

If you are reading to understand, then stop pointing word one by one. Pointing at the word while reading is meant for children who are undergoing reading training.

Being a college student or a man of yourself, pointing at the word while reading is a practice of bad reading habit, hence, change your reading habit henceforth. If you are having vision impairment, get lens to view clearer and don’t read in a dark environment.

3. Loss of attention and individual issues

If you don’t have attention to fully concentrate on reading, then don’t read in such time and pay attention to such other issues individually. Although, the way how each person reads the book differs. Some people like reading in noisy environment while other don’t.

Bad reading habits are dependent on loss of attention and personal issue. If sound is what that removes your attention from reading, then move to a quite venue to have your reading. For me, I love reading in a medium-noisy environment, hence, if there is no noise, I put on music for making read longer.

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4. Vocalization

While reading in order to understand and remember what you would write in an exam, then don’t vocalize and don’t let t be vocalized. Vocalization in reading is talking/discussing while reading.

In real life, you will not easily understand anything that you are reading if you are vocalizing at the same time. Now, have you agreed that vocalization is one of the top bad reading habit from this brief explanation above, let’s hear you via the comment section.

5. Unfavorable venue

Reading in an unfavorable venue is another habit of habits. If outside is your prefer reading venue, then go outside with your reading tools such as table, chair, books, pens, etc. Reading venue differs from person to person. In fact, my own personal reading habit is indoor, regardless of hot weather, remaining indoor is my habit.

You yourself know the favorable venue for your reading habit, hence, choose the one that fits you.

6. Sub-vocalization

Don’t murmur while reading, it is a big bad reading habit which can make you not to understand easily.

7. Reading one word at a time

If you are reading in order to understand and pass in an exam or interview, then stop reading one word at a time. Make sure you read all the word in a page you are viewing.

8. Uncordinated eye movement

Anytime you are reading, don’t blink your eyes meaninglessly, else, you will not understand. Before you start reading, make sure you take your comfort diet very well and place a glass of chilled water beside you in order to prevent easily become confused and tired.

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9. Regression

Regression in reading is simply going to and fro in the book you are reading purposely to make sure what you have read earlier is right, this type of reading habit is considered completely bad philosophically.

If you are reading and meet a new word which you don’t understand its meaning and how to pronounce, it is not recommended to go to your dictionary and check the meaning of it first but just simply underline it and go back to check it after reading.

10. Reading everything at the same pace

To be a good reader and understand everything you have read in order to pass in exam or any interview, don’t read everything at the same time/pace. Create a time for reading Mathematics, English, Chemistry, in fact, every subject you offer must have their scheduled reading time.

Reading every subject at the same pace will make you become confused and easily forget something you read.


I am about to conclude this article about the explanation of how to read and understand or top bad reading habits you have to avoid. If you want to be a good reader student, then please imply them one by one, you will know how they will majestically help you through your study in the college. If you know other bad reading habits which you though they are discussed here while we didn’t an idea about, please contact us or email us here, we will bring them to the notice of our writers.

Has this article helped you know top bad reading habits and their explanation and how to overcome them? If yes, then please share it with your friends and remember to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media such as our Facebook page, for more important updates. Thank you for your time.

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