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Top best things to learn these days

Top best things to learn these days

Learning is the key we use to develop the world. I am not referring to the one we learn at school and stop using it after we wrote exam.

The best type of learning is the one which you will continue to use till you die and people can also use it. Sometimes, thes types of learnings aren’t available in school.

School learning are not permanent because many people don’t use what they were thought in school. What students do is learn to pass in exam only.

There’s need to go out to learn what you need to learn to succeed in life because nobody will responsible for your poverty or the status of your unemployment after graduation.

If you are so much interested to know the top things to learn while in or out of school these days, then let’s start now. My prayer is that you find this post helpful and share it with others. If you can share, then I say thank you for that.

It’s not everybody is destined to become a medical doctor, engineer and any other professionalisms you may think about. Perhaps, some people are destined to become a trader, religious leader, politician, counsellor, etc. This algorithm is controlled by God and no one can know why He does that.

If all of human beings in the globe should go to school to study medicine, who should be a trader to sell the food and other materials or stuff we need to us? Or who should be a counselor to guide us when we are having divorce in our marriages? Or who should lead us religiously?

Every one is gifted for one or more things. Use your gift to help people in your community or world at large. Most of the people who are successful did become successful with their gift.

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Let’s read about the top best things to learn this year.

Best things to study and master these days

  • Respect and interaction minimization
  • Time management
  • Personal/self development
  • Relationship and parenting
  • Finance management
  • Cooking
  • Believe in Lord

#1. Respect and interaction minimization

Respect and interaction is one of the top best needful things we need in our life everyday. Everybody should learn how to respect, address and interact with people.

In school, students are not taught this subject. Or they do teach in your school? Please comment with the name of that school and location via the comment section. If possible, I would send all my children to there.

The study of how to give respect to people and how interact with them help you know how to build a relationship. It is a thing which everyone must learn. If you are an adult, we can put that “learn how to interact with others” while we just directly say to you “learn how to respect people” if you are a child.

#2. Time management

Another essential thing that you have to choose to learn is time management. Time doesn’t wait for anybody. It is a person should rather wait for the time. Wait for the time means do everything before the time comes.

Time management as used here is not about the 24 hours we are using but the period/stage. There is stage for anything. For instance, if a farmer start planting corn during harmattan, he will take nothing during harvest because he didn’t plant his crop at the right time.

In anything you do in life, time management shouldn’t be neglected. If you play with your time, you will pay the prices. Last days, I wrote a post that discuss the stages in life which everybody shouldn’t try to miss. I recommend you to read that now.

#3. Personal development

Everybody on earth was once a baby. And we are not like the same way that we were born. We have developed different characters. Do you call a man of 30 years that still behave like he is a five years a correct man?

Personal development is an act of learning to develop certain characters or exhibitions which you were no naturally born with. Do you know how to ride bicycle at the time when your were born? The answer is no. Even alphabet, it’s someone taught you how to read and write it. But now, you can read and write anything.

That ability to read and write you are able to do is an exhibition because there a lot of your mates out there who can’t read and write because they didn’t try to exhibit it.

In conclusion, with self or personal development, you can change your lifestyle, future and many other things. Find one positive character and try to do regularly within 21 days. If you do so, you will find it your best friend and will never to stop doing it.

#4. Relationship and parenting

You are brought to this world by your parents, right? In the same way, it is necessary for you to bring person(s) to the world. This is where the importance of learning parenting and relationship will become useful.

There are things to do and avoid in relationship. To become a good parent, you must first of all get a good relationship. Your spouse determines the status of your parenting.

You don’t have to be a relationship expert before you start relationship with someone you love to be your spouse. But before you start, ask for God’s help as you will be learning from him/her everyday and every moment of your courtship.

The study of how the relationship/marriage and parenting work is everybody’s business because in the Holy Books; Qur’an and Bible, God says that it is not good to be single (Bible: Gen chapter 1 verse 18). If you are single when you shouldn’t be single, you will be singled out.

#5. Finance management

Another one of the top best things everybody should strive to learn is finance management or entrepreneurial development. Learn how to make and manage money.

This paragraph is indirectly advising you to start new business or career or whatsoever you are good at and think it is good for the society. If you have a business that is already running, seek advise on how to monetize it from business coach. Do not allow yourself to spend your money in an inappropriate way.

#6. Cooking

Cooking is also another one of the top things that you should learn these days especially men. Buying food from the outside or go to the restaurant to eat when you travel out may seems you are rendering an expenses for yourself.

It is good to learn how to cook because in some cases if you buy food from the outside, you may not find very sweet the way you wish. There may be two or more things about the food you may not like.

For instance, if you don’t use to eat a soup that was made with a lot of white onion, you may become sick if such type of food is the only one that food sellers have at the place you travelled to. But if you know how to cook, you wouldn’t care about buying the cooked food as you would just buy the food stuff and cook it for yourself.

#7. Believe in Lord

Last but not the least, you should learn to believe in your Lord (who created you) and also remember the last day. We will stand after God and submit our doings on earth to Him. Hell fire and Heaven you have been hearing about is truth. It is not mystery.

One day, you will die, bury alone, wake up by Angel and take to your Lord for accounting what you did in the world. During that time, you can’t say any lie because your recording book is open.

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