Top 60 Islamic scholars in India 2022

Top 60 Islamic scholars in India 2022

Are you interested to know the name and also more information of top Indian Islamic scholars in the 21st century? In this article, I am going to discuss with you one by one top 60 Islamic scholars in India this 2022? Let’s start now!!

The name of top 60 Islamic scholars listed and explained below are the key people men of God in India and every part of the world in general who preaches mankind to do good deeds and advice them to stop doing what is wrong to ensure they sustain their heaven and free from punishment of their Creator in the hereafter.

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Top 60 Indian top famous Islamic scholars

#1. Abdul Hamid Qadri Badayuni (1898–1970)

ʿAbd al-Ḥāmid al-Qādirī al-Badāyūnī was a traditional Islamic scholar, Sufi master, poet, and leader from Pakistan. He was the founder of the Islamic college Jamia-Talimat-e-Islamiya located in Karachi.

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#2. Abdul Haq Azmi (1928–2016)

Abdul Haq Azmi was an Indian Muslim scholar who was a senior professor of hadith at the Darul Uloom Deoband. He was an alumnus of Darul Uloom Mau and Darul Uloom Deoband. His students included Mahmood Madani, Mohammad Najeeb Qasmi and Noor Alam Khalil Amini.

#3. Abdul Khaliq Sambhali (1950–2021)

Abdul Khaliq Sambhali was an Indian Muslim scholar and litterateur who served as the vice-rector of Darul Uloom Deoband. He was an alumnus of the Deoband seminary and had studied with scholars including Mahmud Hasan Gangohi, Muhammad Tayyib Qasmi and Syed Fakhruddin Ahmad.

#4. Anzar Shah Kashmiri (1927–2008)

Anzar Shah Kashmiri was an Indian Islamic scholar who established the Jamia Imam Anwar Shah and co-founded the Darul Uloom Waqf in Deoband. Shah was an alumnus of the Darul Uloom Deoband. He was youngest son of Hanafi scholar Anwar Shah Kashmiri.

#5. Ali Naqi Naqvi (1905–1988)

Grand Ayatollah Syed Ali Naqi Naqvi, also known as Naqqan Sahib, was a Twelver Shia Marja, thinker, poet, writer, jurist and Qur’anic interpreter. He is famous for his writings in Urdu, including the most famous Shaheed-e-Insaniyat and Tareekh-e-Islam.

#6. Akhtar Raza Khan (1943–2018)

Muhammad Akhtar Raza Khan Azhari, also known as Tajush Shari’ah or Azhari Miya, was an Indian Barelvi Muslim scholar, cleric and mufti. He was the great grandson of Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi who was considered to be a Mujaddid by his followers and was the founder of the Barelvi movement.

#7. Ameen Mian Qaudri

Syed Muhammad Ameen Mian Qadri is the custodian of the Khanqah-e-Marehra Shareef of the Barkatiya Silsila, a subgroup of the Indian Sufi Barelvi movement with 50,000,000 adherents. He is also senior professor at the Urdu Department of India’s prestigious Aligarh Muslim University.

#8. Asjad Raza Khan

Mufti Asjad Raza Khan is an Indian Islamic scholar, well known mufti and cleric also called Qaid E Millat or Qaid E Ahle Sunnat. He is appointed as the Grand Mufti and Qazi Ul Quzzat Fil Hind leading millions of Barelvi Muslims.

#9. Bashir al-Najafi (born 1942)

Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Basheer Hussain Najafi is a Pakistani Twelver Shia Marja’ and one of the Four Grand Ayatollahs of Najaf, Iraq. He was born in Jalandhar, a city in then British India.

#10. Bashir-ud-din Farooqi (1934–2019)

Mufti Bashir-ud-din Farooqi was a Muslim scholar and jurist who served as Grand Mufti of Jammu and Kashmir from 1960 to 2012.

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#11. E. K. Aboobacker Musliyar (1914–1996)

E. K. Aboobacker Musliyar, known by followers as Shams-ul-Ulama, “the Sun of the Scholars”, was a Shafi’i scholar and community leader from Kerala, south India. He served as the General Secretary of the All-Kerala Jam’iyyat al-‘Ulama’, the principal Sunni-Shafi’i scholarly body in Kerala, from 1957 to 1996.

#12. Fuzail Ahmad Nasiri (born 1978)

Fuzail Ahmad Nāsiri (born 13 May 1978) is an Indian Islamic scholar, Urdu writer and poet, who is a professor of hadith and vice-administrator of education.

#13. Habibur Rahman Khairabadi (born 1933)

Habībur Rahmān Khairābadi is an Indian Muslim scholar and jurist who serves as the Grand Mufti of Darul Uloom Deoband. He is an alumnus of Darul Uloom Mau, Mazahir Uloom and the Aligarh Muslim University. He has authored books including The Rules of Slaughter and The Importance of Zakat.

#14. Hafizur Rahman Wasif Dehlavi (1910–1987)

Hafizur Rahman Wasif Dehlavi was an Indian Muslim scholar, jurist, literary critic, and a poet of the Urdu language, who served as the rector of Madrasa Aminia from 1955 to 1979.

#15. Hamid al-Ansari Ghazi (1909–1992)

Hāmid al-Ansāri Ghāzi was an Indian Muslim scholar, author and a journalist, who co-founded the Nadwatul Musannifeen and served as the editor of bi-weekly newspaper Madina. He was the son of Muhammad Mian Mansoor Ansari and an alumnus of the Darul Uloom Deoband, Jamia Islamia Talimuddin and University of the Punjab.

#16. Hashmi Miya (born 1947)

Syed Muhammad Hashmi Miyan is an Indian Sunni Sufi Muslim scholar and preacher. He is recognised as Ghazi e Millat. He is followed by many Hindi and Urdu speakers, and is recognised as the member of 40th generation of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.

#17. Kafilur Rahman Nishat Usmani (1942–2006)

Kafīlur Rahmān Nishāt Usmāni was an Indian Muslim scholar, jurist, and a poet who served as a Mufti of Darul Uloom Deoband. He was the grandson of Azizur Rahman Usmani. He was an alumnus of Darul Uloom Deoband and the Aligarh Muslim University.

#18. Kalbe Abid (1923–1986)

‘ Syed Kalbe Abid Naqvi was a mujtahid from Lucknow, India who preached Shia Islam His father was Syed Kalbe Hussain and grandfather Syed Aqa Hasan.He was an elder brother of Dr.kalbe Sadiq who is famous for selfless deeds in the field of education, for that contributions he had received Padma Bhushan.

#19. Kalbe Sadiq (1939–2020)

Kalbe Sadiq was an Indian Islamic scholar. He was born in 1939 in Lucknow and died on 24 November 2020 after a prolonged terminal sickness. He was posthumously bestowed with the accredited national award of Padma Bhushan in 2021.

#20. Kanniyath Ahmed Musliyar (1900–1993)

Kanniyath Ahmed Musliyar former president of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, was a 20th-century scholar of Muslim Kerala. He championed many successful orations against the noval groups emerged in the very century and famous as the teacher of the greatest sunni ash’ari scholar E.K Aboobacker Musliyar.

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#21. Kanthapuram A. P. Aboobacker Musliyar (born 1931)

Kanthapuram A. P. Aboobacker Musliyar known as Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad is the Grand Mufti of India and also the Social Worker. He is also the Chancellor of the Jamia Markaz, Chairman of the Siraj Daily and General Secretary of the All India Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulama.

#22. Khalid Saifullah Rahmani (born 1956)

Khalid Saifullah Rahmani is an Indian Muslim scholar, author and jurist who serves as the general secretary of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. He is the general secretary of Islamic Fiqh Academy of India.

He is one of the top famous 60 Islamic scholars in India born in November 1956 in the city of Darbhanga, India.

#23. Maulana Ziauddin Madani

Ziauddin Madani was a Sufi also known as Qutb-e-Madina. He lived most of his life in Medina. He was born in 1877 in Sialkot and died on 2 October 1981. He was buried in Al-Baqi. He was an Islamic scholar and disciple of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan. He was the spiritual teacher of Ilyas Qadri.

#24. Mohammad Najeeb Qasmi

Mohammad Najeeb Qasmi Sambhali is an Indian Sunni Islamic scholar who established Al-Noor Public School, Sambhal. He is an alumnus of Darul Uloom Deoband, Delhi University and the Jamia Millia Islamia.

#25. Muhammad Salim Qasmi (1926–2018)

Muhammad Salim Qasmi Siddiqi was an Indian Muslim scholar who co-founded the Darul Uloom Waqf in Deoband and served as its first rector. He was an alumnus of Darul Uloom Deoband. He received the fourth Shah Waliullah Award and was honoured with the Mark of Distinction from Egypt.

#26. Muhammad Sufyan Qasmi (born 1954)

Muhammad Sufyan Qasmi Siddiqi is an Indian Sunni Muslim scholar and current rector of Darul Uloom Waqf, Deoband.

Muhammad Sufyan was born in India on 26 September 1954. This 2022, he is one of the top famous and most influential Islamic scholars in India yearly rated as one of the 500 most influential muslims in the world.d

#27. Muhammad Taqi Amini (1926–1991)

Muhammad Taqi Amīni was an Indian Sunni Islamic scholar, jurist, Urdu author and the dean of Theology faculty of Aligarh Muslim University. 

#28. Muhammad Yunus Jaunpuri (1937–2017)

Muhammad Yunus Jaunpuri was an Indian Islamic hadith scholar who served as the senior professor of hadith at the Mazahir Uloom in Saharanpur. He was one of the senior students and disciples of Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhlawi.

#29. Minnatullah Rahmani (1913–1991)

Minnatullah Rahmani was an Indian Sunni Muslim scholar who served as the first General Secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board. He was an alumnus of Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama and Darul Uloom Deoband, and a member of Bihar Legislative Assembly.

#30. Mufti Abdul Razzaq (1932–2021)

Mufti Abdul Razzāq is another one of the top 60 famous Islamic scholars in India who was born in 1932 and just died May 2021, Bhopal, India. He was an Indian Muslim scholar, mufti and an activist of Indian freedom struggle, who served as the ninth general secretary of the Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind. He was the vice-president of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind’s Arshad faction. He established the Madrasa Jamia Islamia Arabia in Bhopal.

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#31. Mufti Faizul Waheed (1966–2021)

Faizul Waheed was an Islamic scholar, jurist and an exegete of the Quran from Jammu and Kashmir, who served as the chief-mufti of Markaz-ul-Ma’arif, an Islamic seminary in Bathindi, Jammu. He wrote Faiz al-Mannān, the first ever translation and commentary of the Quran in Gojri language.

#32. Mufti Syed Ziauddin Naqshbandi

Mufti Hafidh Syed Ziauddin Naqshbandi born on 15 August 1975 at Hangarga Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is an Indian Muslim cleric who is the current Shaykh Ul Fiqh of the Jamia Nizamia and the Sadar Mufti at Jamia Nizamia in Hyderabad in India.

#33. Muhammad Madni Ashraf Ashrafi Al-Jilani (born 1938)

Syed Mohammed Madni Ashraf often referred to as Shaykh al-Islām, and Madni Miyan is an Indian Islamic scholar, theologian, spiritual leader and author from Ashrafpur Kichhauchha, Uttar Pradesh, India. Known for his eloquent speeches, he is an expert of Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Sacred Law and Fiqh.

#34. Mujahidul Islam Qasmi (1936–2002)

Mujahidul Islam Qasmi was an Indian Mufti, Qadhi and Islamic scholar, founder of Islamic Fiqh Academy. He served as the President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

#35. Mustafa Raza Khan Qadri

Mustafa Raza Khan Qadri was an Indian Muslim scholar and author, and leader of the Sunni Barelvi movement following the death of its founder, his father Ahmed Raza Khan. He was known as Mufti-Azam-i-Hind to his followers. In a biography compiled by Muhammad Afthab Cassim Razvi he is referred to as Mufti-e-Azam-e-Hind.

#36. Nazir Ahmad Qasmi (born 1 June 1965)

Nazir Ahmad Qasmi is a Kashmiri Sunni Islamic scholar and jurist who serves as the Grand Mufti of Darul Uloom Raheemiyyah. He is an alumnus of Darul Uloom Deoband and the Imārat-e-Sharia; and a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and general secretary of the Majlis-e-Fiqhi, Jammu and Kashmir.

#37. Nizamuddin Asir Adrawi (1926–2021)

Nizāmuddīn Asīr Adrawi was an Indian Sunni Muslim scholar, biographer, historian and author in the Urdu language. He established Madrassa Darus Salam in Adri and served as Officer In Charge of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind in Lucknow from 1974 to 1978.

#38. Noor Alam Khalil Amini (1952–2021)

Noor Alam Khalil Amini was an Indian Sunni Muslim scholar, academic and a litterateur of Arabic and Urdu. He was a senior professor of Arabic language and literature at the Darul Uloom Deoband.

#39. Qamaruzzaman Azmi

Qamaruzzaman Azmi, also known as Allama Azmi, is an Indian Islamic scholar, philosopher and speaker. He is president of the World Islamic Mission.

#40. Rafiq Ahmad Pampori (born 1956)

Rafiq Ahmad Pampori is an Indian Islamic scholar, academic and a writer, who established the Darul Uloom Ilahiya, a major Islamic seminary in Srinagar. He is seen as a top practitioner of neuroscience in Jammu and Kashmir. Ahmad is an alumnus of Sri Pratap College and the Government Medical College, Srinagar.

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#41. Rahmatullah Mir Qasmi (born 1956)

Rahmatullah Mir Qasmi is a Kashmiri Islamic scholar, founder and rector of Darul Uloom Raheemiyyah, one of the largest Islamic seminaries in Kashmir.

#42. Saeed Ahmad Akbarabadi (1908–1985)

Saeed Ahmad Akbarabadi was an Indian Islamic scholar and an Urdu-language author who co-founded the Nadwatul Musannifeen. He was dean professor on the Faculty of Theology, Aligarh Muslim University.

#43. Sa’id Akhtar Rizvi (1927–2002)

Sayyid Sa‘eed Akhtar Rizvi was an Indian born, Twelver Shī‘ah scholar, who promoted Islam in East Africa. He was given authorizations by fourteen Grand Ayatullahs for riwayah, Qazawah, and Umur-e-Hasbiyah. Rizvi was born in Ushri, Saran district, Bihar state, India, in 1927.

#44. Salman Mazahiri (1946–2020)

Salman Mazahiri was an Indian Muslim scholar who served as chancellor of Mazahir Uloom, Saharanpur.

#45. Sayyid Ibraheem Khaleel Al Bukhari (born 1964)

Sayyid Ibraheem Khaleel Al Bukhari is founder and chairman of Ma’din Academy and adviser of World Interfaith Harmony Week. He is a sufi Islamic scholar, General Secretary of Kerala Muslim Jamaat, a body of various Muslim organisations in Kerala and he is listed in The Muslim 500.

#46. Shihabuddeen Ahmed Koya Shaliyathi

Shihabuddeen Ahmed Koya Shaliyathi, who played vital roles in the reformation process of the Kerala Muslims, was the scholar hailing from Kerala, the southern state of India. He had occupied crucial positions in Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, the official organization of Sunni scholars in Kerala.

#47. Shakir Ali Noori

Shakir Ali Noorie is an Indian Sunni Muslim scholar, preacher and current President of Sunni Dawate Islami, a non-political, religious organisation in Mumbai, India. He has been ranked among the top 500 Muslims in The 500 Most Influential Muslims published by Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre.

#48. Shams Naved Usmani (1931–1993)

Shams Naved Usmani was an Indian Muslim scholar. He belonged to the Usmani family of Deoband and was an alumnus of the University of Lucknow. He held the titles of Acharya and Maulana together. He was known for his inter-faith dialogues.

#49. Syed Ahmad Hashmi (1932–2001)

Syed Ahmad Hashmi was an Indian Muslim scholar and politician who served as the seventh general secretary of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind and the chairman of Passenger Amenities Committee. He was a member of the Rajya Sabha, upper house of the Parliament of India representing Uttar Pradesh for two terms.

#50. Syed Hamidul Hasan

Syed Hamidul Hasan is a Shia scholar of Lucknow, India. He has been giving religious lectures in India and abroad, especially during the Muslim month of Muharram, for the last 50 years. He is also the current principal of Jamia Nazmia.

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#51. Syed Mohammed Mukhtar Ashraf (1916-1996)

Syed Mohammed Mukhtar Ashraf well known as Sarkar E Kalan or Shaikh ul Mashaikh was an Indian Sufi saint, spiritual leader, Islamic Scholar of Ahle Sunnah of the Ashrafi sufi order from Ashrafpur Kichhauchha, Uttar Pradesh, India.

When Syed Mohammed Mukhtar Ashraf was alive, he was internationally known as one of the top famous Islamic scholars in India, hence, his name still appear in the list of top 60 Indian Islamic scholars.

#52. Syed Muhammedali Shihab Thangal (1936–2009)

Panakkad Syed Mohammedali Shihab Ba-Alawi Al-Hussainy Pookoya Thangal was a Muslim religious leader and politician from Kerala. He was the President of the Kerala state committee of the Indian Union Muslim League and a member of the Pukkoya Thangal family.

#53. Syed Zafrul Hasan Rizvi (1911–1983)

Ayatullah Syed Zafrul Hasan Rizvi, popularly known as Zafrul Millat was born on 13 September 1911 in Khateebpur, Sagri, Azamgarh. His father Maulana Syed Zameerul Hasan Rizvi son of Syed Tasdeequl Hasan Rizvi was also a religious scholar.

#54. Usman Mansoorpuri (1944–2021)

Muḥammad Usmān Mansoorpuri was an Indian Muslim scholar who served as the first National President of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind’s Mahmood faction. He taught hadith at the Darul Uloom Deoband and served the seminary as a working rector.

#55. Wahiduddin Khan (1925–2021)

Wahiduddin Khan, known with the honorific Maulana, was an Indian Islamic scholar and peace activist known for having written a commentary on the Quran and having translated it into contemporary English. He was listed in the 500 Most Influential Muslims of the world.

#56. Yasin Mazhar Siddiqi (1944–2020)

Yasin Mazhar Siddiqui was an Indian Sunni Muslim scholar and historian who served as director of the Institute of Islamic Studies of Aligarh Muslim University.

#57. Zakir Naik (1965)

Zakir Abdul Karim Naik is one of the top 60 famous Islamic scholars in India this 2022. He a Muslim, Islamic televangelist and preacher. He is a non-Arabic religious scholar and public orator who focuses on Islam and comparative religion.

#58. Zayn al-Abidin Sajjad Meerthi (1910–1991)

Zayn al-Abidin Sajjad Meerthi was an Indian Sunni Muslim scholar and historian and head of the Islamic studies department of Jamia Millia Islamia. His book Tarikh-e-Millat is required reading in the syllabus of Darul Uloom Deoband and in madrasas affiliated with it.

59. Zeeshan Haider Jawadi (1938–2000)

Syed Zeeshan Haider Jawadi was an Indian Islamic scholar, religious leader, public speaker, Qur’anic interpreter, Urdu poet, historian and philosopher of Shia Islam.

#60. Ziaul Mustafa Razvi Qadri

Zia ul Mustafa Aazmi Qadri Razvi Amjadi mostly Known Huzoor Muhaddis al Kabeer is scholar of Hadith, orator, author and known scholar of Sunni Islam.


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