Types of Yahoo boys in Nigeria and their explanation

Types of Yahoo boys in Nigeria and their explanation

Yahoo-Yahoo has been become a full-time handwork of most people. People nowadays don’t make their wealth in a legit way especially young people. The worst part is that they are not only stay on the net..We have different Types of Yahoo boys in Nigeria and we shall list them to you with their explanation one by one.

One thing to know is that Yahoo boys are scattered around everywhere.on the internet, physical, school, bank, government, etc.. there is Yahoo-Yahoo.. Here, we will discuss the types of Yahoo boys in Nigeria and their explanation.

Yahoo boys use phone or laptop or computer to make fraud. They can sell one’s owns property like company, land, house, etc.. without the owner’s knowing.. Yahoo boy is very broad..we can’t explain up their types. Although, we will try to make some notes about the types of Yahoo boys to you.

If you are interested to know the types of Yahoo boys in Nigeria and more information about them, then let’s start with the discussion.

Types of yahoo boys in Nigeria

1. Online:

Yahoo boys are grouped into two types; which is online and offline. The classification/type of yahoo boys based online are those that use laptop/computer or phone to steal online. They can say that they are a woman looking for handsome guy while he is a man.

Yahoo boys that operate online can also claim to be an owner of a big company and he is wanting to sell. In June 5 2012, a Nigerian Federal High Court, Kaduna State chapter sentenced¬†Imonina Kingsley, an undergraduate of the University of Ilorin, to 20 years’ imprisonment for defrauding an Australian of $1,000 by presenting himself as a gay person from the Republic of Benin.

Online yahoo boys always posed to big women as a big man who needed a wife. Sometimes they posed to them on how their wife disappointed them and took away their property and children. All this is polished in a pitiable way with some pictures to convince them when their chatting with them. However, what they do mainly now is to transmit misleading information online for people to send their bank accounts.

Yahoo boy can also withdraw money from other person’s bank account. The yahoo boys that carry out fraud mostly do on weekends and mostly outside the state where the account is domiciled. Banks don’t do work on weekends, hence, victims will be unable to ask their banks to stop illegal transactions on their accounts until Monday morning, when the banks open for business, even though they receive debit alerts over the weekend.

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2. Offline:

Yahoo boys are also offline. This type of yahoo boy is the one which you find everybody. You can’t say that some people are not included in this type of yahoo boy.

Offline yahoo boys are a types of yahoo boys that steal other’s property, fame, respect, value, success, knowledge, etc. in a wrong way. For example, when you promise to do something for somebody and you refuse to do, that means you are a yahoo boys.

Sometimes, it is the offline type of yahoo boys that elderly people involve that makes young people take their footprint (emulate) to do the online one.

Yahoo boys attract big God’s punishment since it is not legit. Even in this world, you would be rewarded. Once you have committed big yahoo-yahoo to someone, he/she will not forget and he/she will afraid to confidently do important things with you in future.

Do not ever carry out any type of yahoo-yahoo. Be contented with anything you have no even though it is not much.


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