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Are you presently studying at the Federal Polytechnic Idah and searching for where you learn an ICT skill? Enroll for our private one-on-one Master Class where you will learn Web Design, Coding, Graphic Design (using Photoshop and CorelDraw), UI/UX, Digital Marketing, Excel, MS Word, and lots more.

Why should you learn an ICT skill

Learning a skill will help you during school. You use the skill to start a business. ICT skills can make you valuable in the marketplace.How to enroll for Fastknowers ICT masterclass in FPI


We know you’re a student, hence, you can schedule the time you want to have your class.

Free WiFi

You won’t use your data to connect to the internet while you are undergoing your training.


After your training, we will issue a certificate that will be recognized in the marketplace.

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