5 tools that can be used for image to text conversion

Using images for data extraction isn’t something new. Reading texts from books through devices is a
century-old practice. Here, we will explain top 5 tools that can be used for image to text conversion.

Nowadays, however, it has become a critical invention for the world of writers,
as image to text conversion help them extract compulsory data from physical and virtual mediums.

The process is quite simple, as all you need to do is upload an image in said tools, and they’ll do the
rest. However, picking a tool that helps you do just that can be a delicate chase. Not only because
the image to text converters are available in heaps.

That’s why it’s essential to understand what these tools have to offer before you use one to extract
data. So, to help make it easier for you, we’ve comprised a list of the top five tools you can use

What’s an Image To Text Converter

An Image to text converter is one of the most remarkable technologies. It employs a combination of
AI and OCR then executes a process that scans the image to extract text. The process itself relies
heavily on OCR, which is optical character recognition.

OCR reads characters on a word. So, if paper or image comprises “word,” then OCR will read it as ‘W
O R D,’ before comprising it into a full letter. Then, character after character will scan the whole text
until it presents a virtual or soft copy on the screen.

The job of OCR is to read characters. In contrast, AI rereads them and forms sentences according to
their presence on the source, i.e., physical paper or images.
This process of OCR & AI merging together to convert images to text takes up about 5-10 seconds.
So, if you compare that to the human hand doing the same, it’s at least 5-10 minutes for a single
page of around 200-250 words.

That’s why it has become an essential tool in today’s studies and professional writing.

5 Best OCR Tools For Text Extraction

If you want to extract text from images, then you’re going to need proven tools. These tools need to
be top-notch and proven in the industry. Moreover, you also need to consider free usage, as not all
OCR-based image readers are free, and some are even costly.

That’s why finding something free yet convenient can be a challenge. So, we comprised a list of
some of the best and free OCR tools for text extraction. These tools are employed by students and
professional writers around the globe.

So, let’s get started and learn more about these five 5 best Image to text converters you can use in

1. Imagetotext.info

www.magetotext.info | image to text converter site

Imagetotext.info is one of the best available online OCR tool. It has all the necessary elements you
need in an OCR-based text extractor. It’s one of the best because of its ability to quickly perform.

You can extract the text from images without any cost. This tool will not ask for registration. Besides,
you can take pictures of the desired text through its in-built application.

The tool is supported by multiple languages. This is one of the best features of this tool. You can
extract text in languages like Spanish, Dutch, Italian, etc. People who belong to different countries
can use this tool without any hesitation.

Imagetotext is one of the top 5 tools that can be used for image to text conversion because of different friendly features it has. Some feature of it are explained below.

One more beauty of this tool is that it is an Al-based tool. It means in its function it uses artificial
intelligence. Because of this feature, the accuracy of its work is 100%. There is no chance of error
because of its Al-based ability.

  • Mobile App: Available on Android And App Store
  • Text quality: Best in class
  • Image method: Upload or capture images
  • Download: Download Text File
  • Formats: Multiple Image Formats
  • Al Based: Yes
How Does This Image to Text Converter Work?

It is not a hard job to use it. This tool is simple and very easy to use. For utilizing it more effectively,
please follow the given steps.
 Go to the homepage
 Select the image for extracting text
 Hit the submit button
And wait, the remaining work will be done by this tool. This image to text converter will remove text
from your selected images. You can then copy this text for further use.

2. Prepostseo.com


Prepostseo is quickly becoming one of the go-to options for writers for any sort of tool. Their
remarkable array of applications and online tools also feature an exceptional Image to text
converter. It is the best tool for the image to text conversion available today.

Regardless of that, it’s still one of the best programs you can use today to extract text. Since it’s so
convenient in both its application and online form, it’s the leading program on this list.

For extracting text from images you can upload images in any format. It can support JPG, JPEG, PNG,
TIFF, GIF, and other formats. Resolution of the images even can’t stop its working. It can extract text
from low-resolution images too.

Another feature of this tool is that it is free to use. You don’t have to pay for using this tool.
Moreover, it will not save your data and will not sell to any third party. Even this tool will not store
your data in its database.
Mobile App: Yes,

  • Text quality: Best in class
  • Image method: Upload, Capture, Google Drive import
  • Sharing: Yes/various options
  • Download: Download text file

How Does This Image to Text Converter Work?

For extracting text from images via this tool you have to just follow the given step. And all your work
will be done within seconds.
 Go to the homepage
 Select the image for extracting text
 Hit the submit button

Wait for a moment. This image to text converter will extract text from your selected images. You can
then copy this text or can save it in your data.

3. Google Docs

Google Docs is a remarkable tool for any writer in today’s world. It has all the tools you will need for
collaboration, grammar and tone correction, as well as sharing and mobile usage. So, it’s fitting that
Google Docs also presents the option to extract text from images.

While this isn’t exactly a known feature, it’s one of the most important ones that it has to offer. All
you have to do is look for the varying ways you can extract text from images on this program.

  • Mobile App: Yes, on Android and iOS both
  • Text quality: Best in class/ unparalleled
  • Image method: Upload image, convert to PDF, capture, etc.
  • Sharing: Google Drive, among various others

4. New OCR

New OCR or Free Online OCR is an exceptionally light online image extractor that you can use today.
It has all the necessary elements that you need, but it only allows one image per scan. Which isn’t
exactly less, but it can make scanning bulk images a hassle.

  • Mobile App: No
  • Text quality: Top-quality
  • Image method: Upload file
  • Sharing: None/Download or copy, paste only
How Does This Image to Text Converter Work?

For using this tool please follow the given steps.
 Go to the homepage
 Select the image for extracting text
 Hit the submit button

5. OneNote

OneNote is a companion program in most Windows operating systems. It’s a great tool for writers
looking to advance through their writing. However, its best offering is perhaps the image to text
convert that lies hidden in it, as not many people know about it.

  • Mobile App: iOS & Android
  • Text quality: Best in class
  • Image method: Upload, copy, paste
  • Sharing: Only after copying text


These remarkable tools make life easy for writers every day. While their usage and text quality
depends on the amount of work you require, their ability to extract text from images cannot be
questioned. So, choose the tool you think is best for you.

If you know that top 5 tools we showed in this article can help you carry out image to text conversion, then please share it with your friends and remember to follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter for more important updates.

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