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Why Most Of The Believer Students Always Fail In The Exams

Do God's Believer students fail in the exams always? Why again! Please read
In this article, we will be showing you why most religious Believer students always fail in the exams despite their intelligence.
Are you here to know the reason or why the most religious and believer students fail in the exams? I’m here today to show you some reasons why most of them (Christian or Moslem students) fail in the exams. They don’t know that school is not a home, thus they persit to live like they are still with their parents.

The reason why most students who always take religion issues more better than education while they are in school is their lack of inability to use time.

It is not good to use mouth to walk or ear to eat, this goes similarly to many believer students that are in school.

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5 Reasons Why Most Believer Students Fail In The Exams

Most too much worshipping God (believer) students go to church for prayer even though it is not on Sunday while they should be reading book for the exam.

However, we don’t tell you to avoid going to church but we advise you to know the time you will spend for Church’s programme and the time you will use to read.

I am not saying this to condemn them but to show them the effects of it on their academic results and how to overcome their examination failure while they are a God believer students.

In fact, it is even an harassment to hear that Apostle or Almajiri has failed in the exam.

The reasons why many believer students (Christian and Moslem) fail in the exams are listed below and we will explain them one after the other after we have completed listing.

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Causes Of Believer Students Failure In Examination (Essay: Why Most Of Them Always Fail Are The Following)

  1. Some don’t read at all
  2. They make light study
  3. As a matter of fact, most of them have not got a Mentor
  4. They easily leave the rest for God
  5. Most don’t care about their constant exam failure.

Remember! Everything that happens on earth has a cause and a causes of the exam failure of most religious students are those that do what we recently listed above. If person doesn’t learn, then how will he/she be a learned person.

Let us go to talk about what religious believer students think or do on their constant exam failures. Are they relaxing or what do you think they do?

Expository Essay On Why Students Fail Examination

1. They do not read at all

The number one reason why the religious believer students fail in the exams is as a result of not reading. When we say intelligence, we mean regular practice, that is, intelligent student spends time to read. Do not call one intelligent if one does not practise.

Furthermore, many Christian believer students do not read the book that is relevant in their course of study. They do read motivational, entertainment or novel books. That is the reason why they fail.

You can not pass in the exam when you usually read the books that do not matter in the course you came for school to study. Read the books that matter.

2. They do light studying

Another reason why many Christians and Moslem religious believer students fail in exams  is light reading. Light or Shallow reading is the state in which the student can not read or study the book for long hours (very hard) before they lose the interest of reading more.

The reason why they do light study is the lack of target. They do not make a target for their academic outcomes.

These students go to church when it is time for reading. They attend different programmes and they will can not read very deeply for the exam because of tiredness after every programme.

One loses concentration when one tired. Know time you should study deeply and the time for religious activities or programs.

Meanwhile, you cannot do any work when you are out of energy.

3. They do not get a mentor

You would face many difficulties if you do not get an Elder (Mentor) who shows you different things in different styles.

Many religious believer students do not see educational mentor as a good thing for consideration. They rather look for where there is a programme.

Hence, it makes them fail in the exams. When you socialise with mentor, you would know more about the points you don’t understand.

Many of them do not want to find the academic mentor or a one who has had a plenty knowledge of their courses.

You are therefore advised that if you are in school, there are the people that have had or known what you came for, then associate with them as often as possible if you don’t want to fail.

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Most Believer Students Always easily leave the rest for God, hence that is why they fail in the examination

4. They easily leave the rest for God of possibility

We can know that God is the king of possibility and anything that God can not do is called nothing. Try your best before God help you my brother or sister.

Though, ‘Let us leave the rest for God of possibility’ is the statement of many religious believer students while they should not believe like that in education.

Even Quran or Bible says alot about it. To applying effort before you expect God for assistance works very well.

You can not come into an exam hall and write nothing on your answer paper to hope cool outcome (results). Study as hard as you can and put them down on your answer paper before God help you.

Most religious believer students think they will know what to write in the exam hall by God’s grace without enough reading.

Let me tell you, you will not hear any angel’s voice to say the answer for you but the invigilator’s voice who will say “eight minutes to submit”.

5. They do not care about their constant exam failure

Many religious believer students do not care or wonder why they always fail in the exams. The reason is simple, their Pastor, religious leader or astrologer might have told them that their future is very bright.

Or, they might have been told by other that their tomorrow is very cool, they will be rich. If they have heard this, they will not care for school activities anymore.

They believe that their Pastor has said the truth already, so, they do not need to punish themselves to read for any exams.

Either they fail or pass in the exams, they don’t worry and hope that after they have graduated, they will be offered job immidiately.

Concussion of why most religious Believer students fail in the examination always and further reading:

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