How to share data from Airtel to any network

In this article, my concern is to show you how you can share data on Airtel network to any other network or to Airtel in 2021 step-by-step by using newly formulated methods.

As an existing customer of Airtel network, you may be given extra data or MB automatically after any loading of recharge card you do in your sim card.

Airtel is one of the best four (4) companies that provide network services to people in Nigeria and other countries. Are you in need of more data for browsing the internet? Choose Airtel, the smart phone network!

Now, as Airtel network gives you data regularly, how should you do with the data since it’s very plenty? Should you share it with other people and exchange it for an airtime? Please let me know in the comment section!

By sharing data from your sim card to your loved ones or friends makes you to be known as a cheerful person. Not enough, you can share it with another person and collect cash (money) from him or her.

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If you are very curious to know the step-by-step guides on how to transfer or share data from sim to sim card on Airtel network, then continue reading as I am going to show you everything about it right now.

Step-By-Step Guides On How To Share Data On Airtel Network

Below are the guides I have compiled in order to help you know how to transfer data from Airtel to any network or to its friends (another Airtel sim card) step-by-step.

Step one: modify the pin

By default, every sim card has four consecutive digit number as a transaction pin. I.e, 1234 is the default pin of any Airtel sim card for transferring data.

If you have bought an Airtel sim card newly, you must change its default pin firstly before data or airtime can be shared from it with any other sim card.

Do you understand? If you don’t, then follow the instructions I will show right now below!

  • Insert the sim card which you want to modify its pin in the mobile phone gently
  • Dial *141# and select option one (Change PIN
  • Enter your your default pin in the enter old pin requested box
  • Then enter your new pin. Please remember to put in the pin you will not forget. However, if you forget it, you can contact Airtel customer care by calling 111.

In order to prevent an unauthorized person from doing Data Sharing/Gifting from your phone, a Pin is required before you can share or gift data.

When you access Data Sharing/Gifting for the first time, you will be required to change your Pin from the default Pin to any Pin you desire to use.

Step two: get the telephone number

You are now closer to share data to your loved ones from your Airtel network as you have just modified your sim card’s transaction pin.

This time is the time for you to get the correct telephone number of the person who you are wanting to share or transfer data with or to.

If you don’t have the telephone number of the person who you want to transfer data to, feel free to click here to read how to know the telephone number of every four (4) network in Nigeria.

However, dial *746# via Airtel sim card which you want to know its number and the telephone number of it will be displayed for you instantly.

Step three: load recharge card and buy data bundle

It is very important to note that awwuf or bonus data bundle cannot be shared or transferred. Thus, load your recharge card with direct recharging code as discussed in this link.

To load Airtel recharge card with direct recharging code, load your card with *126*pin#. Then after you have been successfully loaded it, dial *141*amount of the recharge card#.

That is, if you have just loaded N100 Airtel recharge card while you want to subscribe for N100 data bundle, don’t dial any other code but*141*100#.

Step four: sharing your data

If step one to three have been followed and observed correctly, then a transfer or share data with another person on Airtel network will be easy and fast.

Data Me2U is also known as Data Share. It simply allows you to transfer data from your existing data allowance (balance) to another Airtel customer.

Recipient can be another customer e.g your friend, family etc or just your other device with an Airtel line.

Meanwhile,you are opportune to share data with a maximum of 2 recipients daily. This means that you can share a maximum of 200MB each with 2 recipients.

The procedures for how to share data on Airtel network to another network or to Airtel are:

  • Put your Airtel sim card in a mobile phone
  • Dial *141# and select option 6 (Gifting and sharing)
  • Then select option number four (Data me2u)
  • After that, two options will be displayed, select option 2 (send me2u from existing allowance)
  • Enter the telephone number of the person who you are about to share your data with and click send
  • Write the amount of data which you want to send. I.e, 200 for two hundred MB.
  • Finally, enter into your secret pin in order to verify that it’s you and not another person

The guides above are helpful when sharing data on Airtel network. Now, the following guides below are the step-by-step procedures for how to gift data on Airtel network.

How To Gift MB On Airtel Network Correctly

Data in Airtel sim card can be transferred in two different ways _ sharing and gifting. Now, let me start to show you how to gift your friends for a data.

Data gifting allows you to buy a data bundle plan for another customer by paying with your own airtime. For example, if your friend/loved one runs out of data, you can just buy another data plan for him/her.

To do data gifting on Airtel network, please follow the instructions below:

Data gifting on Airtel network
  • Dial *141# via your Airtel sim card once again
  • Select option six (gifting and sharing)
  • Select option 2 in order to enable you do data gifting
  • Choose the data package and follow the on-screen prompts.

Please note that MSISDN is the telephone number while recipient is the person who you are going to share data with.

Why Should You Share Data With Another Person

People share data with their loved ones or family members as a result of the following reasons.

  • An expired data bundle in Airtel sim card cannot be used to do anything online, thus, if you transfer it to another person’s sim card, he/she will be using it.
  • Another advantage of sharing data with another person is that you will be shared with data by another person at any time you run out of data.
  • If you use to subscribe for large amount of data plan (for example, Mega plan or monthly plan), your other sim cards are not needed for you to subscribe data into them individually. That is, by using Airtel data Me2U service, you are free to transfer data into any of them.
  • Airtel network provider is very strict about the personal information of its customers. If you leave your mobile phone on the table, another person cannot share data from your sim card to his or her own. Before data gifting or sharing can be made on Airtel network, the secret pin must be provided.

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How To Share Data Via Airtel Mobile Application

Another fastest way you can share data in your Airtel sim card to another person’s sim card (Airtel or other network) is through Airtel mobile app.

If you are a customer of Airtel network, it is very important to get your network provider’s mobile or desktop application in your device.

Now, I am going to show with you how data sharing can be done via Airtel app step-by-step.

The name of official Airtel mobile application is My Airtel. That is, by searching its name on your device store (app store or play store), you will can easily find and download it.

For a quick navigation, you can click here to download Airtel application on play store or click here to download it on app store if you are using android or iOS phone respectively.

After you have downloaded My Airtel mobile application on your mobile device, now, follow the step-by-step instructions below and activate it.

Airtel mobile application
  • Open the application and choose your country of residence
  • Enter your respective country code and your mobile Telephone number. Nigeria country code code is +234.
  • Enter your email address and Postal code
  • After you have followed every thing promptly and logged in to your account, from there you will find a button which is responsible for sharing data. Then click on it.

By downloading Airtel mobile application on your device, every thing about your sim card is at your finger tip. You can check your data balance, Airtime balance and lots more.

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How To Check The Number Which Shares Data From Airtel Sim Card

If you have got a plenty of data in your Airtel sim card, some people may share it without seeking permission from you. As a result of this, the hack below is what you should do to avoid such fraudulent practice.

Subscribing for data plan is annoying sometimes, right? As data plan is not easy to subscribe or buy, why should a fraudster keep sharing data from your sim card for free of charge?

If some one has shared data from your Airtel sim card, you should follow the steps below and stop such or any other person from doing that henceforth.

  • Dial *141# and select option option 6
  • After option six has been successfully selected, then select option 1 once again to change your secret pin
  • Enter your existing data transaction pin of your Airtel sim card (it is usually four in number)
  • Then enter the new four different digit number as your transaction pin
  • Don’t let any body know your new pin. Please take care of your Airtel sim card transaction pin like the way you take care of your ATM card secret pin
  • If you want to know the telephone number which your data was shared with, dial 111 to contact Airtel customer care service
  • While talking with customer care of Airtel network, disclose to the receiver of your call honestly your location and finally tell him/her what you need help with.
  • Please note that customer care may ask you to tell him/her the last time you recharged and the amount it was so as to verify your honesty
  • Through the phone call, the telephone number which your data was shared with will be called out to you by the customer care
  • If you have any friend or family member that’s got the exact mobile number, then kindly change your pin as I have shown earlier. Please don’t fight!

How To Check An Amount Of Data Airtel Network

It’s not every type of data bundle in Airtel sim card can be shared, did you know? Now, I am going to show you the types of data that you can share with your friends and how to check whether you have got it or not.

As you can see from the image above, the only type of data which can be shared with another sim card on Airtel network is one you subscribe by yourself. That is, bonus data can never be shared.

According to the image above, daily bundle which is 12mb and weekly bundle which is 631mb can be shared. Meanwhile, other bonus like YouTube night data bonus bundle cannot be shared.

To check the remaining amount of your subscribed data bundle on Airtel network, dial *140#. Please note that you can’t be allowed to share more than 97% of your current data balance.

For example, if your data balance is 631mb like in the image above, then the amount of MB (data) which you can share is 97% of 631 which is 612.07 (97% × 631/100 = 612.07).


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