How to avoid shirk in Islam for this month of Ramadan and ever

Do you not want to associate other god with your maker (Allah) in worship for this Ramadan? Shirk is a very big offense in the eye of Allah. Today, we shall discuss with you how to avoid shirk in Islam for this month and ever. Here, you will know how to avoid shirk in Islam for this month of Ramadan and how to keep using our tips for ever.

Allah promises to forgive the sin of every of His believer when they ask for forgiveness and repented. The only sin that Allah won’t forgive is associating other things/gods to worship beside Him. If you like to worship idol, then do. And if you like to do Islam, then practice it completely.

The worst is doing two religion at a time. For that worship idol, continue worshipping and don’t be an idol worshipper and at the same time a Moslem. It provokes Allah, the one who we do Islam for.

Everyone know that Allah is the one who created what is inside both heaven and earth and also know that the true religion is Islam. Some people can’t completely focus doing Islam, hence, they sometimes participate shirk activities. Performing shirk while you are a Moslem makes you to be delisted from the group of people that would be reward hereafter by their maker.

In some cases, Moslems engage in shirk in order to get long life, good health, fame, money, child, husband, wife, etc. Any good thing you may ever think about in this world are own by Allah and He only give to those He likes.

How to avoid acts of shirk

Allah may give wealth to some people but no health, child no money, fame no long life, etc. Hence, it is good to be contented with anything Allah has blessed you with. Everything you are going to do in the world was being organized by your maker before you were born.

If you don’t have good health and want to commit shirk, don’t do. Please first consider the people around you or those that have passed away before you. For example, prophet Suleiman, he was the one who suffered illness most in this world as described in the Qur’an. Did he commit any shirk before he was healed? Allah did that to test his rate of believing.

The world is filled with negativity to test the rate of how the believers truly believe their maker. You can’t just call yourself a Moslem/believer without facing different challenges or Allah’s trial. Let’s make this description short and start discussing how to avoid shirk in Islam for this month of Ramadan.

How to avoid shirk in Islam

  1. Seek Allah’s guidance before doing anything.
  2. Start up anything with the name of Allah.
  3. End anything with the name of Allah.
  4. Don’t dress indecently.
  5. Don’t say what you don’t have knowledge about.
  6. Eat and drink which you own.
  7. Pray daily dua at any point of time.
  8. Don’t engage in minor shirk.
  9. No matter the situation, remain where you are.
  10. Believe that here is not your home.
  11. Have in mind that we are the last and final generation.

1. Seek Allah’s guidance before doing anything

One of the first fastest method to avoid shirk in Islam is seeking for the guidance and protection of Allah before you start doing anything. If you pray to Allah to guide through something, no any other god will intervene.

Without seeking Allah’s guidance in our doing is what that is making some Moslems perform shirk. For example, if you want to buy new thing, you have to seek Allah’s guidance first. Even having intercourse with your own spouse, you have to pray to God to make you distant from Satan.

2. Start up anything with the name of Allah

Being a Moslem, anything you do, you have to start with the name of Allah. If you are going to eat, drive, sit, stand, sleep, etc., start with the name of Allah by saying ”Bismillah” which means ”I start with the name of Allah”.

The messenger of Allah said that anything you start without mentioning the name of Allah, you are doing it with Satan. Do you want to eat with Satan? Then say ”Bismillah” anytime you are about to eat/drink.

3. End anything with the name of Allah

After you have done up something, at the end of it, say ”Alhamdulliah” which means ”all praises be to Allah”. In Islam, they want all things about to be completely Islam.

By mentioning the name of God in every of your doing, witchcrafts will not have influence on you and your property which would make you commit shirk.

4. Don’t dress indecently

In Islam, there are specific ways that each an every gender should dress. Dressing is strictly for women as they nowadays don’t feel shy to put on indecent dressing.

Dressing anyhow indecently attract jinn to disturb you. The disturbance of jinn is not friendly to experience. When someone is being disturbed by jinn, he/she will definitely commit shirk.

If you want to avoid doing shirk in Islam for this Ramadan and in all other months, then dress decently and don’t let your body to be displayed when going out especially woman in case you would meet jinn on the road.

Remember that prevention is faster than cure.

5. Don’t say what you don’t have knowledge about

Some Moslem orally prove they know the solution of different issues or problems. If you don’t know much, don’t advertise yourself in public. There many sets of people who don’t pray for good things. Hence, they easily spoil something.

Being a Moslem and don’t want to face different man made challenges, don’t say what you don’t have knowledge about because other people can test your expertise or do something to deposition you.

6. Eat and drink which you own

Another way to avoid doing shirk is eating and drinking what that unlawfully belong to you. Do not engulf the properties of orphans or windows.

If you are using the wealth that belongs to other without the permission of that person, you would as a result of not being happy of the owner of the property you are engulfing easily get different problems which people will recommend you to commit shirk. Islam advises everyone to find what he/she should do for earning, sheltering, feeding, etc.

7. Pray daily dua at any point of time

As far as you are a Moslem, every time is the time that you pray or make dua. At any point of time or incidence, call the name of Allah, don’t call the name of your ancestor(s) or idols or leader(s).

For example, when witnessed bad event while you are unharmed, say ”subhanallah” which means ‘Glory be to God”. If you become familiar by saying the name of Allah at any point of time, Allah will be with you every time and He will not let Satan have influence on you.

8. Don’t engage in minor shirk

There is what we call minor and major shirk. Minor shirk is when you commit shirk privately or on a little basis. For example, if you believe that hitting right leg with something while walking is a good fortune and that of left leg is bad fortune, you are being considered a minor shirk committer.

Now, let’s ask, if you believe in that way, what about the people that are cripple or have no limbs, does it mean that they don’t have fortune in life?

Engaging in minor shirk while you are a Moslem can make you commit major shirk if things are not working the way you had expected.

9. No matter the situation, remain where you are

Are you facing good or bad situation in your life? No matter the situation you are facing, remain where you are. Don’t go to any idol worshipper for deliverance. Qur’an that you have is enough to solve all of your problems.

There is nothing that you are experiencing now that has never been experienced by previous generations. All the messengers sent down by Allah had their individual challenge(s). There is nothing in the world without problem. Even newly born babies have problems and it is their problems that make them cry.

10. Believe that here is not your home

Another way to quench your plan to commit shirk is believing that this world is not your permanent home. According to Hadith of prophet Muhammad (SAW), this world is the house of disbelievers and everything in it belongs to them but hereafter is the house believers.

11. Have in mind that we are the last and final generation

Also remember that this generation is the last and final generation. There would be no messenger or prophet sent down by Allah any more. Hence, be careful about those who call their selves a messenger or prophet of God and also promise they can remove all problems from you as they may lead you commit shirk.

The first prophet of Allah is Adam (AS) while the final and last messenger is prophet Muhammad (SAW). They would no prophet again. Once this generation end, what is next is resurrection and a day of accountability.


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