How to calculate tonnage price of cashew nuts in 2021

Are you a cashew distributor or trader and curious to know how to calculate the cashew nuts price in tonnage in 2021 by yourself with calculator? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

We know sufferability involved in distributing cashew nuts, thus, we’ll selflessly show you how to correctly calculate the price of your cashew nuts when it’s weighed on a scaling machine or device.

Presently, people sell their cashew nuts in Kilogram based on it’s weighed.

As a result of that, some people who don’t understand how to calculate its price in tonnage mathematically get cheated by the buyer(s).

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How To Calculate The Tonnage Price Of Cashew Nuts In 2021

Below are the procedures of how to calculate cashew nuts price when it’s weighed on a scaling machine in 2021 in Kilogram:

There are thirteen (13) bags in tons while one (1) bag weighs eighty (80) Kilogram (KG).

That is to say that the over all Kilograms, KG in one (1) ton is 1040 (13×80).

Now, we’re going to show you how you can calculate the price of your cashew which is weighed fifty (50) Kilograms (KG) mathematically in 2021, for example.

Step 1:

The step to calculate cashew nuts price is very simple and it is:

To calculate the price of cashew in tonnage, just divide the weight of it by the over all Kilograms in ton (1040) , then multiply the result you will get by tonnage price.

For example, 50 KG √ 1040 × tonnage price. Then any result (answer) is the money you should be get paid.

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Conclusion of how to calculate cashew price in tonnage mathematically in 2021 and further reading

The general formula for the calculation of the price of cashew nuts in every year is constant and it is: KG √ 1040 × tonnage price.

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