Top best Glo tariff plans for calls and data plus migration code

Continue scrolling this post down, you will find the list and explanation of top best Glo tariff plans for calls and data with their respective migration code and benefits.

After Glo has celebrated its 2021 anniversary, it has come back with an amazing tariff plans with different variations in terms of data usages and call rates.

Glo (also known as Globacom) is one of the best telecommunication companies in Nigeria with an approximate 50 million plus active loyal subscribers using Glo tariff plan every day and every where.

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GLO Nigeria has different varieties tariff plans (packages). Now, let’s start showing with you some best tariff plans in order for you to choose from.

Best Glo tariff plans in 2021 for calling

If you migrate or subscribe to a tariff plan that gives a large amount of bonus airtime any time you recharge, then you can make unstoppable phone calling with your friends and loved ones.

The table below explains top best Glo tariff plans in 2021 and their migration USSD code for calling.

Tariff PlansCall Rates Migration Codes
Glo Flexi40k/sec*123*recharge card’s PIN#
Glo Generation G12k/sec*170*5#
Glo JUMBO30k/sec*224#
Glo Jollific867k/sec*123*recharge card’s PIN#
Glo Talk Special20k/sec*303#
Glo Free Tomorrow28k/sec*300#
Glo Bumpa50k/sec*100*10*1#

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USSD code of Glo tariff plan for data in 2021

USSD code of Glo tariff plan for data

The following Glo tariff plans in the table below are recommended for the subscribers who need larger amount of data bundle than airtime in order to browse on their favorite website.

Looking for the best Glo tariff plans for data and calls in 2021? Please carefully check the table below as some of them are shown with their respective migration USSD code.

Tariff Plan’s NameCall rateMigration Codes
Glo Yakata10k/sec*220#
Glo Bounce15 kobo/sec*170*4# » select 1
Glo IDD Packs11 kobo/sec*777#
Glo Twin Bash16k/sec*223*PIN#
Glo Infinito20 kobo/sec*100*9*2#
Glo Always on12k/sec*777#
Glo BiiGy50k/sec*170*1#
Glo 11k 11 kobo/sec*211#
Glo G-BAM11 kobo/sec*10*5*1#
Glo Generation G11k/sec*170*5#
Glo Jollific867 kobo/sec*123*PIN#
Glo Jolof40k/sec*0805*50#
Glo Free Tomorrow28 kobo/sec*300#
Glo Bumpa 50 kobo/sec*100*10*1#
Glo Formula50 kobo/sec*323*PIN#

1. Glo Always on tariff plan

Glo ALWAYS ON tariff plan is specially beneficial to customers who travel out of the country for 90 and more days or customers who do not have ready access to SIM replacement touch-points; they can rest easy knowing that their line will not be disconnected due to inactivity.

After that what’s more? Customers on ALWAYS ON enjoy an amazing 12k/sec rate to all networks (no hidden charges!).

Some of the benefits of Glo Always on tariff plan are:

  • It is available to all prepaid customers.
  • You can subscribe to Glo ALWAYS ON by dialling *777# and selecting ALWAYS ON from the menu.
  • With Glo ALWAYS ON, you do not need to worry about your line getting suspended or disconnected even if you have not made calls, used data or SMS.
  • N500 one-time fee is deducted from your main account balance and your line is moved to the Always On plan, which gives you 365 days of uninterrupted access to the network.
  • It helps subscribers to retain their phone numbers for one full year (365 days) irrespective of whether they have used their lines or not.

2. Glo BEREKETE++ tariff plan

Glo Berekete ++ is a tariff plan which rewards prepaid customers with amazing voice and data benefits every time they load their Glo lines with a minimum of N100 recharge card.

With BEREKETE++, customers can satisfy their browsing and calling needs from the same recharge.

Glo Berekete ++ tariff plan benefits its subscribers with the following reward:

  • N1,000 Welcome Bonus for all New Customers, which can be used make every national and international call and you can use to to subscribe for data bundle.
  • The bonus is given one-off after activating a new Glo SIM with minimum of N100 recharge and making your first call.
  • Whopping 700% Bonus (400% for Voice & 300% for Data) on all recharges, and it can be used for calls and data.
  • Special Extra Data Bonus on first recharge of the month (N100 and above) for 6 months from the date of joining Glo Network.
  • Up to 100% Bonus on Data Plan Purchases for 4 months.

If you just became a subscriber of MTN in this year, that means you are automatically on BEREKETE++ tariff plan by default.

To all existing prepaid Glo customers on other tariff plan, they can manually migrate to Glo Berekete ++ tariff plan by dialing *777#.

From the reviews shown above, it can be known that Glo Berekete ++ tariff plan is one of the top best Glo tariff plans for data and calls for now.

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3. Glo Bumpa tariff plan

Glo Bumpa tariff plan is a prepaid plan that can give you 200% bonus on all recharges above ₦100.

It is now one of the top best and cost-effective Glo tariff plans which can be used to make calls within Nigeria or abroad.

For example, as a subscriber of Glo Bumpa tariff plan, if you recharge ₦1000, you will be given ₦3000 (₦1000 + ₦2000 “200%”).

Please note that this 200% bonus will be given to you on every recharge you make forever, i.e, there’s no limit. Also, note that call rate of Glo Bumpa tariff plan is 50K/sec.

To migrate to Glo Bumpa tariff plan, simply dial *100*10*1# via your Glo SIM card. To check your Glo Bumpa tariff plan’s airtime bonus account balance, dial #122*2#.

4. Glo 22X tariff plan

Glo 22X tariff plan is a Glo prepaid tariff plan which rewards customers with amazing data and voice benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines.

This plan allows customers to satisfy their browsing and talking needs from the same recharge.

Who can migrate to this tariff plan?

Glo 22X can be migrated by all existing prepaid customers, who have not used their line for consecutive 30days will get 22X benefit once they recharge their lines with N100 or more.

Importantly, this tariff plan is different from others because one of its characteristics it is automatic as customer doesn’t need to dial any USSD code to migrate.

By successfully migrating to this Glo tariff plan, you will enjoy:

  • Up to 5GB FREE data every month for 3 months!
  • A whopping 22 times value (2,200%) on every N100 recharge to call ALL NETWORKS.

5. Glo G-BAM tariff plan

Unlike other Glo tariff plans such as Glo Infinito tariff plan which enables you add numbers to your family and friends, Glo G-BAM offers amazing service enabling you to call different five (5) special numbers at only 11k/s and enjoy 5MB to browse for free every day.

Glo G-BAM offers a unique network services to the youths and small business owners making them check their emails message, use Facebook for a short duration of time, call their friends, and lots more.

If you are happy with the few benefits narrated above, you can dial *10*5*1# to migrate to Glo G-BAM tariff plan now.

6. Glo Infinito tariff plan

Glo Infinito is a unique and simple prepaid tariff plan with no hidden charges and it can allow you to call your 10 family and friends numbers.

It comes with a flat calling rate of 20k/sec. To migrate, dial *100*9*2#

To add other Glo telephone numbers to your Glo Infinito tariff plan’s family and friends package, dial *101*1*Mobile No#.

Please note that subscribers of this plan will NOT only have access to the social media account platforms but also be able to use Whatsapp and Instagram free of charge (”datalessly”).

7. Glo Bounce tariff plan

This tariff plan is one of the best Glo tariff plans with a competitive call rate of 15 Kobo per second to all networks with an unlimited and unparalleled data bundle value for customers who uses internet.

As known earlier, you can call for as low as 15k/s to any type of network in Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, Ntel, Smile, 9mobile, etc) and also to your friends who are a subscriber of Glo Bounce tariff plan.

Upon migrating to Glo Bounce tariff plan, you will be getting:

  • Free RBT (Ring Back Tunes).
  • Unlimited free SMS: 1 free SMS for 1 charged.
  • 15MB on every ₦200 recharged.

Now, to migrate to Glo Bounce tariff plan, just simply dial *170*4# and select option 1 for confirmation.

8. Glo Jolof tariff plan

Migrating to Glo Jolof tariff plan, there is N50 recharge which gives the subscriber 6 minutes of call time and 6 SMS, thus giving telecommunication subscribers more value for money.

Out of the six minutes of call time, four are for calls between Glo network while the remaining two are for calls to other opposite networks.

Glo Jolof tariff plan has two different packages (N25 and N50 package).

To migrate to Glo Jolof tariff plan, you are advised to simply dial *0805*25# and *0805*50# to subscribe for N25 and N50 package respectively.

You can check airtime account balance of any of the two Glo Jolof tariff plan’s packages above by dialing #122*6#.

From the explanations above, it can be noted that Glo Jolof tariff plan is one of the top Glo tariff plans that were specially designed for calls, isn’t it?

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9. Glo Talk Special tariff plan

Glo Talk Special is currently one the mostly used tariff plans by Glo subscribers in Nigeria.

It is a tariff plan that offers you six times the value of recharge card you load, additional data to gift transfer to another Glo subscriber(s).

For example, if you load N100 recharge if you are subscribed to this tariff plan, Glo Talk Special, you will be given N400 to call all networks and 75MB bonus data to browse on your favorite website or download stuffs..

How to migrate to Glo Talk Special tariff plan?

To successfully migrate from other tariff plan to Glo Talk Special tariff plan, just simply dial the USSD code below and select the bundle of your choice.

  • Dial *303# and select the bundle of your choice to migrate
  • Check your Talk Special bonus balance by dialing *606# on your Glo Line.
  • To transfer the Gift data, just dial *606# and follow the prompt to transfer data to any Glo customer.
  • Please note that your Glo Talk Special tariff plan airtime can’t be shared with any SIM card.

10. Glo JUMBO tariff plan

Glo JUMBO SIM is a prepaid tariff plan which welcomes new Glo subscribers with preloaded N200,000 credit which can only be used to browse, SMS and call among Glo to Glo network.

Existing subscribers of Glo network should kindly dial *224# to manually migrate to Glo Jumbo tariff plan and start enjoying the same whooping benefits.

If you are given the bonus, you can’t share it with other Glo SIM card but you can easily enjoy send SMS text message anytime, use your airtime to subscribe to Glo data bundle to browse and you can even make calls to any Glo customer.

How to migrate to Glo Jumbo tariff plan?

To migrate to Glo Jumbo tariff plan, please simply dial *224#.

Important fact to know is that Glo Nigeria has set the validity of the locked Bonus to 6 months’ validity period i.e customer has 6 months to unlock and exhaust the N200,000.

While the validity of the unlocked bonus is 14 days validity, hence, customer has 14 days to use the unlocked data and voice bonus.

  • Simply dial #122*24# to confirm or check your Jumbo Bonus balance (locked bonus) and
  • #122*23# to check your unlocked bonus airtime.

In conclusion, Glo Jumbo tariff plan is one of the top best tariff plans for data and calls and the migration code for it is *224#.

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11. Glo Yakata tariff plan

Glo Yakata tariff plan offers amazing voice call and data services when you buy a new Glo SIM card.

For example, if you buy a new Glo SIM today, you will get up to 6GB data every month for 6 months and a whooping N2,200 on every N100 recharge to call all networks.

GLO Yakata SIM is available for purchase at any nearest approved Glo outlet.

To buy and activate it, just go along with your National Identification Number, NIN and request for it from any approved Glo agent you meet.

Want to know how to migrate to Glo Yakata tariff plan using a USSD code?

To migrate to Glo Yakata tariff plan for now, you don’t have to dial a USSD code as it can be gotten very smartly when you buy a new Glo SIM card.

Although, if you are an existing Glo subscribers, you are to dial *220# to migrate to Glo Yakata tariff plan.

In summary, if you are a new subscriber of Glo network, your new Glo SIM card is pre-loaded with the Glo Yakata tariff plan.For example, purchasing any new Glo SIM card for now, you’re automatically subscribed on the Glo Yakata SIM.

Ideally, all new and existing Glo customers are to confirm if they are on Yakata tariff plan by dialing #100# on their Glo SIM card.

As a matter of fact, if your first recharge in month is above N200, you will automatically get a special data bonus which will be 2.5 times higher than the regular data bundle you purchase.

Please note that all airtime and data bonus bundles on Glo Yakata tariff plan are valid for 7 days.

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12. Glo 11k/s Prepaid tariff plan

As the name of this Glo tariff plan implies, Glo 11k/s plan, it is a simple flat tariff plan that allows customers enjoy heavily discounted call rate @ 11k/s to call all national networks and top 30 international countries.

The Glo 11k/s calls to 30 top international destinations such as Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK and US .

It is very important to note that the N5 daily access fee will still be deducted even though you don’t use your line in a day.

How to migrate to Glo 11k/s tariff Plan?

To migrate to Glo 11k/s prepaid tariff plan, dial *211# and you will be automatically migrated to the plan to enjoy those amazing offers.

Meanwhile, the daily access fee of ₦5 is charged on the first call of the day and is valid till 11.59pm every day

You’ll get 10 minutes of free browsing in every month. We want you to migrate to Glo 11k/s tariff plan, to start, dial *211#.


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