How to open music website for people to download and earn money

Are you fall in love with music? Do you want people to download music from your site? Do you want to know more about how to open a music website for people to download and earn money? In this article, we have got you covered! Let’s start discussing how to go about it!!

Music is one of the things that makes people become busy, making them forget their worries, etc. Millions of songs are downloaded online everyday. This shows that there is a huge demand of people in downloading songs.

If you can create a music website and be entertaining people, there would be fame and earning from it for you. What type of music website do you really want to create; gospel music, hip hop music, jazz music, etc.?

Before you start planning to open a website which people can download music from, first, you have to think about the type of music that you would easily get access to get. You can even stick with one popular musician and be uploading his/her music.

With music, you can make money online by creating a website and sell it to your visitor. You can do this by letting only the registered member access the download link after the registration payment.

You can also get paid as people are listening to your music by displaying ad or promoting sponsored music. From this, we can know that music download websites do mainly make their money by placing ad banner and promoting sponsored music.

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If you don’t know how to create a website to sell your own music, then this article has got you covered.

Now, let’s start.

How to open a website for people to download music

Do you want to create a website for downloading music from like SoundCloud, 9jaflaver, naijaloaded, Bandcamp, Musopen, etc.? Read the guides and procedures below.

To create a downloading music website? Here are the guidelines.

  1. Determine the type of music website you want to open
  2. Choose a name for it
  3. Buy a domain and hosting
  4. Install plugins for music website
  5. Activate theme on it
  6. Create the pages on your website
  7. Customize your music with software
  8. Upload your music
  9. Promote your website

1. Determine the type of music website you want to open

The first step in creating a website for people to download music from and make you earn money is determining the type of music. It can be a gospel or religious music, jazz music, etc.

Anything starts with intention and determination. If you want people to quickly understand your website, upload a particular type of music.

In this manner, you can decide to upload a music of one poplar musician. This strategy will not only make you become fame but also enable people like you to place sponsored music on your website.

2. Choose a name for it

Now, the next step is choosing a name for your music website. You can use company name availability checker software like web hosting registrar, example, Bluehost, Hostgator, etc. to find out if the name you want to use is available or has been previously taken by other person/company.

Your name must be unique with your brand. For example, if your music website is about Jazz music or gospel music, you can name your website name as Your Jazz Source or Gospel Mind, respectively.

Check their availability here!

3. Buy a domain and hosting

If you want to open music website which prompts people to be able to easily download music, the next thing you have to do after verifying the availability of your intending name is buying a domain and hosting.

You can also buy both domain and hosting from Bluehost, Hostgator, etc.

4. Install plugins for music website

You don’t have to be a coder to create a website. After you have owned your domain and hosting, the next things that remain is customizing or beautifying it in order to let it attractive in the eyes of your visitors in both performance and layout.

In this step, you have to install a plugin such as MP3 Music Player by, Visual Composer, etc. if you really want to create a music website which you and other people (users) will be proud of.

5. Activate theme on it

Themes change the design and sometimes the layout of a website. Every website in the globe has theme. Our top best recommended theme for opening a profitable music website are Wayfarer (external link to audiotheme), StereoClub (external link to themeforest), Harley Davidson (external link to themeforest), VibeMusic (external link to themeforest), Music Lite (external link to themeforest. completely free), etc.

6. Create the pages on your website

The compulsory page to be created on your music website include contact page, about page and any other pages you may decide to create. Pages add value to your website.

Page building can help you rank in web search such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

7. Customize your music with software

Here, in this step, you are to customize the sound and tone of your music. Example, you can input your website name at the beginning, middle or end of every of your music to make people know your website more.

Make your own music’s sound be unique and professional. This will make people like to listen and download from your website. Use software to decrease the downloading size.

8. Upload your music

The next step is uploading your music. You can also use plugin to do this.

9. Promote your website

Here is promoting your website in order to lead to more music download and potential people that would want you to promote their music.

The secret behind the success of every business is marketing or sales. If you want more people to download or buy your music, then think about promoting it. You can do the promotion through Google advertisement, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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Now, let’s talk about how you can earn from your music downloading website.

How to make money from music website

1. Selling music

With music website, you can earn money by prompting people to pay before they can have access to a link for downloading your music like Apple music does.

If music is fantastic, people will not hesitate to buy it. You can use Woocommerce plugin to receive payment from people who are downloading it.

2. Placing ad banner

You can also earn from your music website by placing ad banner on it. Being a music website with the right audiences, this shows that the audiences are a type of people with an interest in tech, fashion and music, hence, display ad banners which relate to their interest to them so that when they buy it, you would get an affiliate commission.

For instance, become an Amazon’s affiliate marketer in order to display Amazon’s banners on your music website to your users.

3. Becoming an adsense publisher

Another way through which any type of website can make money is through adsense. To earn money from your music website, sign up for Google Adsense publisher’s program to let Google automatically start displaying ads on your website.

One of the disadvantages of adsense program is you can’t persuade your visitors to click an adsense ad while you can in other program. Google regularly checks your website, hence they would deactivate your account anytime it is assumed that you are recommending people to click on your ad.

4. Promoting sponsored music

Promoting sponsored music is another way you can also make money on your music downloading website. In this strategy, you can charge the sponsoring music owner on cost per download, cost per view, etc.

Promoting sponsored music for other people on your music website is based on agreement. In some cases, you can agree to promote for a month, week or days. Once the agreed date has reached, you will stop promoting it

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5. Getting donation

You can also place donation form on your website to let people who are interested in your service give you a hand of help by donating money to you.

This can really work for gospel music website or a website that is dedicated for a particular singer. For a gospel music website, a Pastor or Apostle can donate money to you if he/she likes your service.

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