Differences between a blog and website

Differences between a blog and website (vivid explanation)

Differences between a blog and website

Do the blog and website confuse you? You are not alone. Since both two of them seem to perform same function, you may get confuses what is a website and what is a blog. Today, we shall discuss the differences between a blog and a website.

First of all, one thing to note is that blogs are more popular and easy to run than a websites. A blog is one that has posts/article or contents about two or more topics. The aim of a blog may be to educate people, inform them with latest news and happening, and more others.

Website which is on the other hand is a one designed as tool for solving a particular issues. They don’t post articles the way blog operator (blogger) post, if they do, they only post an article that is all about their products/services.

Here, we will show you different differences between a blog and a website.

Differences between a blog and website

A blogs have frequently updated content and websites tend to be much more static and is organized into pages. Sometimes, the primary source of earning from a blogs are through display advertising or sponsored posts.

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Now, some differences between a blog and a website are:

Regularly updated.Non regularly updated.
Has tons of posts.Has little or no post except contact us, about us, privacy policy, terms of use page.
Advertise other company’s product/service.Don’t place advertisement.
Can be created by anybody for no purpose.Purposely created for selling their products or services.
Less expensive to run.May highly expensive to run.
Blogs are dynamic in nature.Websites tend to be static in nature.

Blogs are a type of website, the only real difference between them is that blogs are updated on a regular basis by an author(s) while websites don’t. Blogs are created with a goal of publishing content, hence, you will find a lot of different content on blogs compared to websites.

However, a bigger websites like www.themegrill.com can also have their blog page where they would use to post articles that relate their product or services, for example, www.themegrill.com/blog. Here, themegrill blog is a part of a website, in the form of a separate page and linked to the homepage.

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