What are the less competitive health courses

Medical health courses are very hard and competitive, thus, some students cannot tolerate the competition. If you’re searching for the less competitive health related courses you can study in Nigeria, then you’ve come to the right place today.

Are you going to find an admission to study health course in 2021 in a very competitive Nigerian universities like Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun state, or Ahmadu Bello University? If you know that you are not very competent to study the lucrative one like Medicine and Surgery, then find the one you can study with rest of mind.

If you’re studying the course that is very hard, you’ll probably not pass in its examination because your mind is not cool with it. For example, every body knows that Medicine and Surgery is a competitive health course, right?

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Now, let me stop waisting your time and start showing you the less and cheap health courses which you can study in Nigeria in 2021.

What are the health courses that are not competitive in 2021 in Nigeria

The following are the list and explanation of the less competitive health related courses in 2021. Please read them thoroughly and slowly in order to to fetch further understanding. Thank you.

The list of all less competitive health courses are as follows:

1. Physiology

Physiology is the scientific study of diseases and their prevention. This health course is very less competitive to study in Nigeria as from 2021.

You may not know the rating of Physiology until you gain admission to study it in Ahmadu Bello University (ABU, Zaria).

Physiology is a scientific health related course and the students who study it, their names is physiologist. Many people don’t want to study this course in Nigeria for no reason, thus, it’s less competitive.

2. Zoology

Have you ever been to Zoo before? What are the notable or memorable things did you see?

If you didn’t see anything in Zoo, you must have seen animals and their urses, right? However, those Nurses are a qualified Zoologists.

That is, Zoology is the study of how to take care or treat the diseases of animals in the Zoo. Nowaday, in Nigeria, people don’t like to study Zoology and I don’t know why.

As it’s been known, any course which people don’t study very much, then such course is less competitive or valueless.

3. Microbiology

Microbiology is one of the branches of Biology that studies the uses and effects of small organisms around us.

Do you know the uses of small, small insects moving to and fro when the sun is about to set? Microbiology studies that!

The school fee for Microbiology student is not too high, thus, people think that it’s not lucrative and choose another course.

You will enjoy Microbiology with practical experiment’s lecture face-to-face by qualified and wonderful high trained teachers when you are studying in University of Jos (UNIJOS, Plateaus state).

4. Science Laboratory Technology (SLT)

Science Laboratory Technology, SLT is a health and science course which involves the test running in the lab.

If you’re visiting hospital for the cure of your disease, you must be firstly directed to run tests in order to know the root-cause of your disease, those people who are testing you studied SLT in tertiary institution.

Meanwhile, Science Laboratory Technology is not competitive right now in Nigeria as most people find that Medicine and Surgery is a way to go.

If you must study health course, SLT is one of the less competitive health courses which you can decide to go for. Thank you.

5. Virology

The scientific study of viruses and how to prevent or cure them is called Virology. Any student who has studied Virology, his/her scienctific name is Virologist.

Virology is a less competitive health course because many people don’t enroll to study it.

6. Immunohistochemistry

The analytical process of finding proteins in cells of a tissue microtome section exploiting the principle of antibodies binding specifically to antigens in biological tissues.

It is a valuable tool for the identification and visualization of tissue antigens in biological research and clinical diagnostics.

Immunohistochemistry can characterize various biological processes or pathologies.

Few people are studying this course in the word right now base on the statistics. Hence, it’s ideal to study this health related course, Immunohistochemistry.

Source: Biology Dictionary (offline, textbook).

7. Environmental Health Studies

Environmental Health Studies (EHS) is the study of how to clean and prevent the diseases in the environment, for example, road, market, recreational centre, etc.

Who ever has studied this course, the name which would be given to him/her scientifically is Environmentalist. He/she will be responsible to enlighten people the importance of cleaning the environment.

As a matter of fact, people don’t rush to apply for this course during jamb registration in this year, that is, it is very less competitive health course.

8. Psychiatry

This is the study of the diseases of brain and their prevention or remedy. Psychiatry as a course is not too trend as it was in olden days. For how to gain its admission through jamb in any Nigerian universities, please click here for your four subject combination.

Psychiatry is not popular in 2021 in Nigeria, that is to say that it’s very cheap and less competitive. The top best recommended tertiary institutions to study this course in Nigeria are: University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Nnamdi Azikiwe university.

9. Dermatology

Do you know the antiseptic cream which its name is Dermatol? Though, it’s derived from the word dermatology, which refers to the skin.

That is, Dermatology is the scientific study of how to maintain human skin and how to prevent any disease which is tempering skin.

Dermatology is one of the less competitive health courses in 2021 in Nigeria. As a honest graduate in this course, you and the people who you care for will never have pimples on their faces, believe me!

When searching for the tertiary institution you should study Dermatology in, Coal City University, Enugu state is one of the best and recommended.

10. Trichology

What is Trichology, did you ask like this? It’s the study of Hair especially human’s.

Tricologists are responsible for the growing of hairs and how to take care of it. This course is very lucrative but most people underrate it.

As a result of its underrated situation, people are likely forget to apply for its admission in Nigeria. Thus, it’s a less competitive health course.

11. Psychology

Now, people believe that studying the behavior of human being is a waist of time. In other words, they say that the groups of people they are seeing daily satisfies them to learn their behavior.

I Nigeria, what people think is quite different from how people in outside the country are thinking and that is why they have ignored studying Psychology.

From this short discussion, it’s known that Psychology is a less competitive health course which one can feel free to study in Nigeria and gain its admission very fast.

12. Genetics

Genetics is the branch of Biology that deals with the transmission and variation of inherited characteristics, in particular chromosomes and DNA.

This health related course is one of the very less competitive courses in Nigeria. Hence, if you find its admission, you’ll not suffer to gain.


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