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Top 20 best courses in Nigeria in 2021 (recommended ones)

Top 20 best courses in Nigeria in 2021

So many different courses are founded to be studied in Nigeria in every year, in this way, some people get confused in choosing the best one they should study. As a result of that, we will talk about the top 20 (twenty) best courses in Nigeria in 2021.

As a matter of fact, you’ll never regret in studying any of the twenty (20) courses shown below but will have smiling on your cheek. So let’s go on!

People do consider many factors when choosing a course to study in Nigerian tertiary institution. Some of the considered factors are:

  • The fame of the tertiary institution they want to study in
  • Standard of behavior or living of the alumni
  • The annual ranking of the institution (both globally and academically)
  • School fees of the institution (low or high)
  • Dressing code of the students in the school
  • Security and fundamental student right in the school
  • Academic calendar of the institution (does the institution session fast or slow)
  • How current students in the school behave (are most of them a cult member)
  • The number of Professors that are lecturing in the school
  • Employment rate of the former students (alumni) of the school and
  • The best facilities that are in the school, et cetera.

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Moreover, it is very important to think about where you are going to, because where you are heading to is newer to where your are returning from. Hence, think about the school you will study in in order to facilitate the effectiveness of the course you are going to study.

Table of Contents

Top 20 best courses to be studied in Nigeria in 2021

Therefore, we have written this article to help you know the hot cake courses in Nigeria presently and in 2021. Those 15 Best Courses That we will list them shortly are written from the assumption.

However, you should not panic even though you are not yet a high institution student because you will very soon, right?

If you’ll be a university student for a short period of time, then do choose any courses that are being listed above when you are doing your JAMB registration.

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If candidate get admitted into any Nigerian university with one of the courses listed below to be studied, then such candidate has had a good luck. He/she would be paying lucratively and he/she would not find job difficultly.

One of the question that get asked frequently by Students is the list of best courses to study. If you have been offered an admission to study in Nigerian University, that doesn’t matter but the course you were being offered with.

 The regret of many alumni today is that they didn’t have the adequate information to enable them to choose the right courses to study, hence they studied anyhow. While you have got Fastknowers today, so what question may you have in mind? Let us know to clarify any for you!!

Still wondering which course to study in Nigeria? Your answer is here. Today I will be showing you top best recommended 20 courses to study in Any Nigerian tertiary institution.

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However, you must understand that regardless of your course of study, when you show yourself worthy, employers will seek for your services. The order of arrangement shouldn’t be a problem to you.

Below are the list of top 20 best courses to study in Nigerian University for 2021/2022 academic session:

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Top recommended and best courses in Nigeria

  1. Engineering and Technology Course
  2. Medicine and Surgery
  3. Phamarcy
  4. Nursing
  5. Architecture
  6. Economics
  7. Bio-chemistry
  8. Accounting
  9. Enterpreneurship
  10. Mass communication
  11. Estate management
  12. Geology
  13. Mathematics
  14. Law
  15. Marketing
  16. Fishery and Aquatic
  17. Microbiology
  18. Political Science
  19. English Language
  20. Business Administration

1. Every Engineering and Technology Course:

There is no any year you which you cannot find Engineering courses as the highest chosen courses by candidates during JAMB registration. Whenever you have started doing any Engineering course in Nigeria, you will realize without being told by another person that learning never ends.

In fact, every course in Engineering is best. Engineers are now respected or known in Nigeria and that will be increasing. Thus, engineering is the best course to be studied in Nigeria in 2021.

2. Medicine and Surgery:

The believe of many people is that medicines and Surgery is a highest course enrolled by prospective student in Nigeria in every year.

The truth of the matter is that medicine is one of the courses. It is indeed very marketable. As well, the graduates of Medicine and Surgery don’t find job but jobs find them.

The conclusion is that, if you’re interested and known that you’re eligible to gain admission into the university, then apply for Medicine and Surgery.

3. Phamarcy:

This course is very interesting especially when you study it in UNN (University of Nigeria); you would become a Doctor of pharmacy immediately you graduate.

In general speaking, Pharmacy is one of the lucrative, marketable and best courses ever. As a pharmacy graduate, self employment will not be a major problem to you.

4. Nursing:

Nursing as a course has seriously gotten more famous and ranked as the best course in Nigeria.

But today, many guys are enrolling for Nursing in JAMB and direct entry very high yearly. All these have made Nursing to be the best course in Nigeria in 2021.

In the past days when I didn’t understand anything, I thought that Nursing is the course mainly for female students, as its name implies.

5. Architecture:

Architecture is the very best course to study. One thing that’s best about it is that it makes person to be self employed. Hence, it’s one of the best courses to study in Nigeria or abroad in 2021.

6. Economics:

Economist and Accountant work hand in hand. It’s the you shouldn’t hesitate to study.

After your successful graduation, you’ll be earning economically like water (lol).

7. Bio-chemistry:

Biochemistry is one of the best courses to study in Nigeria or abroad in 2021. This course is becoming more popular in Nigeria.

You won’t have any regret in studying it. It is best course to study right now.

8. Accounting:

Accounting is the language of serious business. It is a very marketable and hot cake course in Nigeria as the name implies.

9. Enterpreneurship:

This is a newly introduced course in many Universities.

With the economy situation of this nation, developing entrepreneurial skills is the way. It is a very promising and best course.

Interpreneuship is also one of the lucrative courses in Nigeria in 2021.

10. Mass Communication:

Mass communication gives you an opportunity to meet new people daily and hence, you can check into both public and private sectors.

They can work in TV stations, Radio station,Newspaper publishing firms and so on.

Mass Communication is the best and lucrative course in Nigeria in 2021.

11. Estate Management:

As an estate manager, you help people to manage their property and you get rewarded. This is what estate management is all about.

There are so many opportunities for estate management professionals in both Nigeria and abroad. This course is indeed remain one of the top best 20 best courses in Nigeria in 2021.

13. Mathematics:

This course has been the misunderstanding subject to many students right from their primary school.

Because many students are afraid to learn it and some times, they don’t know the golden importance of it.

The demand for mathematicians has increased favorably. Many firms are actively recruiting mathematicians.

However, Mathematics is currently the best course in Nigeria in 2020/2021.

12. Geology:

Geologists study earth processes such as flood, earthquake and mostly what beneath the earth.

Since oil is the major source of revenue in Nigeria, Geologists are in good position to penetrate the sector.

14. Law:

The fact that lawyers are less patronized these days due to the level of corruption in the country is not a strong signal that the course is not lucrative or profitable.

You don’t need to limit yourself to court room. There are many other things to do as a lawyer.

You can become an attorney for a big company or even a family lawyer and start earning big. So that is why it’s one of the best fifteen (15) courses in Nigeria in 2021.

15. Marketing:

The demand of an employers for marketers is on the increase.

Every company wants to make profit and as well establish their brand. This factor makes course Marketing best to study and is high paying job in both Nigeria and abroad

16. Computer Science

17. Geography

18. History

19. Biology

20. Microbiology


If you know that this post has helped you know the top 20 (twenty) best courses in Nigeria in 2021 which you can study, please share it with your friends and remember to comment with any question you may have to ask. You can also fill this form to contact us directly privately if you need our special assistance.

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