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Tons Of Cashew Nuts Distributed From Nigeria In 2020 (Cashew News)

Tons of cashew nuts distributed in 2020 and latest news about 2021's

In this article, we shall discuss about the tons of cashew nuts that were distributed from Nigeria in 2020 and the tons that will be distributed or exported to another country in this year 2020.

The National Cashew Association Of Nigeria, NCAN has on Friday 24th of January 2020 highlighted the amount of cashew nuts in tons that they had exported to another countries from Nigeria in 2019.

Cashew nuts is one of the exported goods that Nigerians have to export. And the bad news is that cashew is the fruit which produces its nuts once in a year. It produces within three months.

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In this article today, we will discuss with you how much did ton of cashew nuts cost in 2020, how many tons were exported or distributed to another countries and the price or how much that the ton of cashew nuts will be sold per ton in 2021.

If you are a Cashew farmer, then this article is openly for you. Or if you’re a seller, it’s is officially for you as well.

Cashew has become a major cash crop in Nigeria, serves as industrial raw materials for firms producing chemicals, paints, varnishes, insecticides and fungicides, electric conductor and several types of oils.

The crop is mostly grown in the North Central, South West, South
South, and South East
regions of Nigeria.

Tons Of Cashew Nuts Distributed From Nigeria In 2020 And The Tons That Will Be Exported In 2021 From Nigeria

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In 2019, the ton of cashew nuts that were exported is 120,000 metric tons per annum and the price that it was sold is #210,000 to #350,000.

This 2020, National Cashew Association of Nigeria statistically expected to export an interval of 120,000 to 123,000 metric tons per annum of cashew nuts and the price for buying from the cashew farmers per ton has not been released.

Price Of Cashew Nuts In Nigeria In 2021

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigeria exported NGN35.7 billion ($116 million) worth of cashew nuts in the first three quarters of 2020.

This was mostly exported to countries like the United States of America, Vietnam, Russia, and several parts of Europe including Germany and Italy.

Cashew farmers and exporters in Nigeria are targeting $350 million (NGN126.7 billion) earnings from the export of cashew nuts in 2020 as the harvest season commences in
major producing states this February, according to the National Cashew Association of Nigeria.

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Best States In Nigeria That Produce Or Plant Cashew Very High In Quantity In 2021

Nigeria is rated as the fourth largest producer of cashew nuts in Africa and sixth in the world.

There are 36 states and fct in Nigeria. However, there are some states in Nigeria which were rated as the largest cashew nuts producers.

The most rated state in Nigeria that produces largest Cashew nuts is Kogi the other states being Oyo, Anambra, Osun and Enugu state.

Since the Federal Government renewed focus on agriculture, the cashew crop has risen in profile, emerging as one of the top five non-oil commodities that the country exports.

With an average production growth rate of five (5)% annually aided by conducive cultivation environment, Nigeria is in prime position to increase its share of global cashew production.

However, weak local processing capacity is a major limitation to maximizing the opportunities that the cashew value chain provides.

Conclusion of tons of cashew nuts distributed from Nigeria in 2020 and further reading:

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