National Id card: how to get your own in Nigeria in 2020 verys fast.

Being a very important document when it’s come to citizen’s identity, National ID card is the number and the best amongst other(s). That is, if you are having national ID card, you can do everything you want. Now, how should you get your national ID card here in Nigeria? Keep reading as I am going to show with you step by step!!

In this article today, we shall show you how to get or apply for national ID (identity) card in Nigeria in 2021 very fast and get your National Identification Number, NIN, importantly, all for free of charge..

The original card of National ID in Nigeria is not always being issued easily for the applicants, though, it takes long time before it is issued.

Therefore, we have created this post to teach you how to register and get it very fast.

How To Apply For National ID Card In Nigeria

Many applicants that complain why they are not being issued their applied national identification card (ID) timely, then we thought you’d not be among such applicants.

However, for a registered applicants who lost their id card can retrieve it by reading this article.

It’s explained how you can have your national identification number, NIN by dialling a USSD code on your registered telephone number.

Note: The Nigerian institution examination entrance, JAMB has recently announced “No national identification number (NIN), no registering for JAMB in 2021”.

That is to say, NIN has linked and partnered with almost every thing in Nigeria. So why not get your own?

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It is good to know the steps of how to apply Nigerian national identification card and get it fast. Follow these procedures to apply in this month and get it in this week.

As a matter of fact,  National ID card can take longer year like ten (10) years before it’s finally issued.

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Meanwhile, we didn’t write article this to dispute this doing by Nigerian Federal Government but i’m here to show you how to make it issued very fast.

Note: The issuance of National id card takes longer time to be gotten and it mostly depends how you applied and where you applied.

So, we advise you to be smart when registering or applying for it. Else, your application may get forfeited.

Thus, for the purpose of writing this article, let us move to discussing we you came here for.

NIN Online Enrollment Step By Step

Before you start the application, make sure you one of the following to go along to the application center: Nevertheless, you must have got one of the documents below.

  • Old National ID card (If available).
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Valid International passport
  • Voter’s ID card
  • Govt. staff ID card
  • State or local government of origin certificate
  • Birth certificate/declaration of age.

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If you have gotten one of the document listed above, then you are eligible for the quick issued of National identification number (NIN).

However, you can go along with school ID card for NIN registration if you haven’t gotten the previous identification documents listed above.

How To Apply National Identification Number (NIN) And Get It Very Quick

  1. Visit the NIMC official website by clicking here to access the Enrolment Form. Click here to get one form for free.
  2. Fill the Enrollment Form online with all your details and print out a summary sheet with a 2D Barcode and Registration Identification Number
  3. Go to the NIN  enrollment center (NIMC), where an enrollment officer scans the barcode to pull up your information from the database
  4. Verify and confirm the enrollment data on the system.
    Your headshot photograph, fingerprints and signature would then be captured
  5. Submit your supporting documents for scanning
  6. If your enrollment is acknowledged two slips would be given to you:
    1. (a) Transaction Slip
    2. (b) NIN Slip indicating completion of enrollment
  7. Success! You would get your National identification number (NIN) very fast immidiately if you have strictly followed the procedures outlined in this article.


Also note that you can never enroll for national ID card twice.

Hence, when enrolling, please do make sure that every information of your self you entered is correct.

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NIN Frequently Asked Questions

Can a person register or enroll for national id card twice

No. National Identification Number enrollment can never be done twice.
When ever you are enrolling your national ID card, do submit a correct information.

How long does it take to get national id card in Nigeria

Getting a national ID card in takes a very very long time. However if you follow this post, you’d be gotten yours after successful enrollment.

What is the difference between temporary national id card and permanent one

After your successful NIN enrolment, you’d be given two slips. I.e, the first one is the temporary one while the second one is the permanent one (which includes your NIN).
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As shown in the picture below, the first image is the temporary national ID card of an applicant while the second one is the permanent one.
The permanent one is the one that is useful to you. It can used to do everything because of the inclusion of your national Identification number (NIN) that is in it.Permanent national ID card slip: this doesn't contain a NIN but tracking idThis is the permanent one of national ID card: it contains an identification number of a person and lot more

National identity card registration centres in Nigeria in this year (2020)

Presently, we’ve written national ID card enrolment centres (the one located in Lagos State only).
Please click here to know all the legalized (the one that you will not pay for registration) national ID card registration in Lagos State in 2020.

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  1. Tijani lawal

    I am very happ with this article. I have downloaded registration form. Please where rinuld i submit it?

  2. Friday solomon

    As a matter of fact, to get a nin is very expensive!
    I wonder why what should be given for free of charge becomes so expensive.
    Corruption has engulfed every place in Nigeria.

    1. Abdulrazaq Yahaya

      Sorry for the inconveniences. Things shall be better.

      However, you can follow our post to get your national Identification number (NIN) very fast and costless!!

  3. Friday tope

    I registered my national id card but the one i was given does not contain my nin, please how should i know or get my nin.

    1. Abdulrazaq Yahaya

      Hello, Friday Tope. The one you were given is a temporary national ID card as it doesn’t contain your national ID number.

      Please do go to any NIMC nearest Offices for assistance.

  4. Shuaib madugu

    I did my own in and now that i went nimcs office to get my national identification number, i was being told that my enrollment was having internal error.

    So i cannot get it, please how can i know my nin? My tracking id is 7MJ8D33T710

    1. Abdulrazaq Yahaya

      Which internal error is that? Have you attempted to register for your NIN in some where? Please tell us the truth.

    1. Abdulrazaq Yahaya

      Sure, you must have a NIN in order to be allowed to register for JAMB in 2021.

      Try as possible as you can to get it. It is indeed very important!

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