How to love your girlfriend

Hi dear guy, are you tired of being single? Or are you tired of wasting your time with the fake ladies who don’t as well want to spend their time with you very long? In this today’s content, I have got 35 different things to show with you which you can do to make your girlfriend happy with you even though you don’t have a lot of money to spend on what she desires.

It is not a hard work or expensive to please your girlfriend, if she truly loves you. Being a man and wanted to engage with the serious minded lady in relationship, it is your duty to give her more reasons to smile and make her feel loved and special.

In some cases, it may be difficult to understand the emotions of your girlfriend especially in the early stage of your relationship, hence, you can try different ways to know what she likes and what she doesn’t like in order to be able to keep her happy in future.

The best 35 things that you can do to make your girlfriend happy are listed, shown and discussed or explained below step by step:

35 things to do to make your girlfriend happy

1. Make her feel special

By doing to make your girlfriend happy, make her feel in such a way that she is a unique lady not an ordinary one.

If you are doing something for other people or ladies, remember to do the best or most special one for her.

In conclusion, be proud to have her as your girlfriend and prefer doing better things for her to how you do for other people.

2. Remember her while making a decision

You’re in a relationship so you should also behave like you are in fully. Even though you’re the man in relationship who should decide which direction to take, consider her opinions.

By remembering your girlfriend’s idea while making a decision, it’ll make her think that you love her opinion and this will make her feel more valued and happy.

For example, if you want to buy a new thing, let her think with you to choose the one that is the best. Your focus here as a guy to make your girlfriend contribute an ideas on a decision-making is to show her that what she loves is what you love.

3.Share your thoughts with her

Your belongings are too the one of your girlfriend. Whether it’s a seen thing like your bicycle or shirt or unseen things like what are in your heart (your plan), she’ll be happy if you don’t hesitate to share them with her.

Be an open-minded guy and a trustworthy person to her who she can be proud of so that she should fully give you her heart.

If she likes your shirt, just buy her a brand new one of it exactly or give it to her as this is one of the 35 best things that you can do to make your girlfriend happy and proud.

4. Be sweet to her

Stay very long with her to prove that you still love her very much. While staying with her, say “I love you” as often as possible or simply present her a gift to make her happy.

In the same way, if you don’t want your girlfriend to feel upset, please have fun with her, tell her a sweet mouth (joke) and play with her only, not with other ladies.

Try to appear as smart and clean as possible in order to make her feel attracted. Do not wear inexpensive dressing while you are going to meet her. To make her very proud and happy, go to her very boldly like you are a master even though you don’t have anything.

You may get the hairs on your bear and head cut in a sweet style and use a very quality perfume when going to see her in order to make feel happy and proud.

5. Rest your hand on her shoulder in public

Resting your hand on the shoulder of your girlfriend especially while you are walking in public makes her feel happy, protected, valued, and honored.

This is of the 35 things you as a guy should do to make your girlfriend happy, it can also make her have the thought that you feel proud and lucky to have her.

If she is taller than you while you cannot rest your hand on her shoulder in public to show her and other people that she is the one you love among ladies, then hold her hand by palm to palm gently.

6. Appreciate every thing she does

Another thing you should not forget to do to make your girlfriend happy is showing appreciation whenever she does something special or meaningful for you.

You may simply say “Thank you, Baby. You are a very special lady in my life!” and that can make her happy and also make her do more for you.

Do not only appreciate what she has done for you but also anything she does outside, for example, if she pass in an exam, or she just have a promotion in her office or business, you need to appreciate or thank her very, very much.

7. Please her to forgive you

Do not act or think that you are a man in relationship and hesitate to beg her to forgive you by saying ”I am sorry, please forgive me, babe” if you’ve made a mistake.

You can please her to forgive you if you are playing, joking or having fun with her while she get upset in the process. Do please her any time she feels angry in order to let her know that you care about her feelings. Of course, please her sincerely not in a wrong way.

If you are to ask her for forgiveness via text message or chat messages, make sure you spell your sorry correctly, for example, ”I am sorry for what I did or say to you this afternoon, my love. It was a mistake and it will never happen again, thus, please forgive me.”

8. Spend Time With Her

Spending time with your girlfriend is one of the 35 most important things which every guy who needs long lasting relationship with their girlfriend have to consider.

No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to fix some time and spend a sweet moments with her. Do things that will make your time memorable together, even if the time interval is very short.

If possible, spend time with the friends and family members of your girlfriend to show to her that you love her today, tomorrow and for ever. Do not just say ”I love you, I love you” on your mouth only, in fact, show your love for her via action and remember to spend time with her in such a way that her friends envy her.

9. Secure her

Your protection towards your girlfriend can be ranged from many ways. If you act to secure her directly or indirectly, it will help you make your girlfriend feel happy.

Whenever your girlfriend is around you, make her secure, do not let any dust stain her clothes, do not let any insect mount on her skin, do not let any body fight with her or abuse her (either male or female), etc, verily, she’ll feel like you are someone she can depend on anything and she’ll instinctively feel happier to be in love with you for.

Make yourself as a security or body guide of your girlfriend because making her feel secure is one of the most 35 important things that you can do to make her happy and have rest of mind. For example, you can let her rest her whole body on you when she feels tired and stress.

10. Make her feel respected

Every lady deserves respect, thus give your girlfriend a respect and wait for your own to come from her to you in future because respect is reciprocal, i.e, if you give someone respect, he/she will surly give you.

Any time your lady is around you or you meet her, treat her like she is a Princess or queen. By doing so, she’ll definitely become satisfied and happy with just your simple acts.

Respect other people in her presence especially her family members but do not respect other ladies too much if you don’t want her think oppositely that you are dating them and make her become upset.

When going on a trip, show her how you respect her by doing simple acts like opening the door for her, ask her to play any of her favorite songs in your car, make her engaged in discussion with you while you are driving, etc.

11. Send sweet text messages to her regularly

Send sweet text messages to your girlfriend as often as you can. Through your text messages, tell her how she is in your mind and let her know that you are seriously missing her.

The purpose of your text message is not just anything but to make your girlfriend happy in order to keep her engaged with you and remember that you still care about her a lot.

No doubt, sending text messages via SMS or chat on social media to your girlfriend on a regular basis is one of the things that you can do to make her happy.

Many girls like funny and engaging text messages and your girlfriend is one of them, hence make your text as funny and engaging as possible and do not make it very long because 78% of ladies dislike reading text that is very long, according to statistics.

12. Anytime you meet her, tell her that you love her

Stand in her front while you are facing her directly, hold her hands, look her eyes very deeply and say three words that has eight letters which is ” I love you”.

This is one of the simplest and most important things you can do with your girlfriend in relationship to make her feel love to you and happy with you always.

Let your lady know how much you love her and how special she is in your life, how you want to spend the rest of your life with her on earth to prove that you so much love her and make her feel happy.

Always let your face get smiling anytime you are talking to her if you want her to smile to you.

In conclusion, telling her in a smiling way how you might not have survived if you are not her boyfriend timely is one of the best 35 things that you can do to your girlfriend to make her happy and feel lucky.

13. Sometimes, make her get surprised with beautiful Flowers

Every lady has different form of happiness. You may drop your beautiful flowers at her house or office surprisingly to make her happy.

Buy her flowers even though it is not in an occasional day makes your girlfriend feel that you can provide anything she wants or take care of her and make her feel happy and proud.

Buy the type of jewelry which she loves and send it to her in a surprising manner and tell her that you love her when giving it to her. Make her feel special like she is the only person who is making you alive and do not tell other people anything you do for her when you are angry.

14. Write a love letter and send to her

Giving your girlfriend something to read that will show how you think and feel about her throughout the day is one of the 35 sweetest things you can do to make her happy.

To make her happy and feel special at the same time, a love letter you write to her should not be written with hand, simply respectfully write to her like you are writing to an office owner, i.e, print your letter and put it inside an envelop before giving to her.

Make sure that your letter must sound funny, make her smile and make her know that you are still truly loving her. Note that if you do this regularly to your girlfriend, she will be always happy with you even though you don’t have a muscle and a lot of money.

15. Call her on telephone regularly

Try to call her every day at least two times in a day and don’t forget to ask her about her day and what she is doing while you are calling her.

Calling your girlfriend regularly via telephone call is one of the 35 best things you can do to a lady if you want to win her heart, as a matter of fact, she will be happy to be in relationship with you forever and appreciate your call and will make her feel that you care about her.

Ladies are very simple to adapt to the life of any man, if your own girlfriend is not simple, then check yourself where you wrongly did something to her. Determine the time that she may likely get chance to receive your call and please her or tell her love word if she was upset as a result of one or the other things you did or said to her wrongly.

16. Compliment her

If you ask me why there is COMPLIMENT, I would simply answer you that it was created or there because of ladies. All girls love compliments because it makes them feel more appreciated.

When you notice something nice about your girlfriend, give her the praise. Fond her beautiful smile, adore her new dressing, or tell her you love the odor of her body.

Do not criticize any thing she has or does, instead, compliment her and her doings and never insult her. Thank her and praise her when she done wrongly to you and any time she become sad, simply say to her that you love her sad face.

17. Know when she’s angry

To make your girlfriend happy, examine her character very deeply and know yourself when she is angry and stress in order to know the type of conversation or joke you should have to approach her.

If you don’t know the type of discussion you should have with your girlfriend when she is in a negative mood, she can get more upset and think that you don’t care to study her character.

For example, if she has just returned from her office or a trip, take note that she must be tired, feel thirsty or hungry, hence if you can help her prepare a food or encourage her to have a bath, it may make her feel happy that she has a caring, romantic and loving boyfriend.

Be kind to your girlfriend when she is hungry or tired because a hungry person is an angry person, thus she can harm you or become sadder if you don’t know how to pamper her any time she has changed her character or life.

18. Listen to her attentively

If you want your girlfriend to be happy to you, then attentively pay attention to her when she’s talking to you. Listening to your girlfriend when she is telling you something is one of the 35 best things that you can do to make her happy, feel special and make her proud of having a boyfriend who uses her opinions.

Sometimes, girlfriends only need someone who will listen to all their grants about life, in the same vein, your girlfriend will surely love you for listening to her.

Any time she say she want to talk to you, simply leave any thing you are doing and start listening to her. Hold your hand around her waist from her back and look her eyes very attentively.

19. Give her a hug

Give your girlfriend a warm hug every time you miss her while smelling the scent of her hair. It will make her feel that she was lucky and be among the girls who their boyfriends always miss them.

Do not feel shy to hug her every where even though it is in public or in the front of her family members. Make sure to make her attract the scent of your perfume while you are smelling the scent of her hair.

Simply hold her firmly while hugging her and try to kiss her fore head as much as possible and be saying to her that you love her very much and you have missed her a lot.

If you can do this to your girlfriend every time, believe me that she will be happy to be in relationship with you because it shows her that you always care about her.

20. Cook for her

Don’t think about your expertise in cooking, thus, do cook for your girlfriend especially when she is tired or sick is one of the best 35 efforts or things that count that you can make her happy when she does not think about happiness.

Cooking for her will make her entirely excited and happy because you are not only about to win her heart and mind but also her duties.

If you don’t know how to a very delicious meal, try as much as possible to prepare a tea and pap or cofea for breakfast in order to show her that you are not going to leave all cooking burdens to only her to bear in future.

21. Care about her family members

Getting along with the friends and family members of your girlfriend will give her peace of mind and live a life without conflicts among the people who cares about.

Any time she remember that you, her friends, and her family members are interacting harmoniously, she must be happy to have you.

If you cannot care about all her family members because of one or two reasons, please don’t fail to be pleased and respectful to her parents especially her mother.

22. Go on a short trip together if possible

Plan to go a short trip with your girlfriend to keep the passion and excitement in your relationship. Many girls like traveling with their boyfriend, hence, if you can go on a trip with her, she will be happy and feel proud.

While you are on a trip with her, without hesitation if you have money, buy her some things she may want.

Make your girlfriend know the time you have money and the time that you don’t have, that is, do not be stingy to her too much.

In fact, if your girlfriend is not a type of a girls that ask their boyfriend to buy them something while they are on a trip, simply just ask your own what she may want you to buy for her, for example, ”Babe, what do you want me to buy for you?” .

In conclusion, spending time with your girlfriend on a trip is one of the best 35 things that you should not fail to do to a lady if you are proud that you can do anything to make her happy only.

23. Let her know that you love what she loves

You may probably don’t care about the type of television show she loves so much, i.e, you don’t have to every time actively participate in all what she is obsessed with.

Nevertheless, you have to let her know that you acknowledge as she actively participates or does them.

Encourage her to do more what she does like to do or any time she discuss them with you, appreciate her and praise her in order to enable to do more and more.

For example, if she loves watching news on television while football is your preference, don’t directly or indirectly prevent her from watching her favorite channel to an end, in this way, join her gladly until she is okay.

24. Be gentle to her, don’t lie to her

Never ever lie to your girlfriend, whether it’s through your words or through your actions.

Do not be a liar and a great pretender to her. In conclusion, always make your girlfriend happy in order for her to be honest and respectful to you.

As a guy, always remember that every girl deserves man who can fill their heart and life with joy and happiness.

According to, they revealed that driving your girlfriend to her workplace or class does make her easily fall in love. This works if both of your location nears to each other. However, if you live far away from each other’s location, then this is not needed but try to call every morning especially before leaving out.

25. Value her opinions

Carefully listen to your girlfriend and let her say whatever decision she has in mind to make about a particular thing you want to do.

Respect her opinions as you expect her to respect yours. Do not condemn her point of view via talking or action. If she has made a rubbish suggestion for you, simply gladly accept it in her front and stop don’t use it when you have left from her.

Always keep in mind that a broken relationship is very better that a broken successful marriage, hence, don’t manage to apply her opinions in doing if you know that it will be terribly bad for you in future.

26. Be royal and kind to her

Do not fight with your girlfriend, in fact, be royal to her as best as best as you can to make her happy.

Do not turn the meaning of any thing she does or makes upside, for example, do not tell to her that she does not know how to dress.

Note that if you can do all of these 35 things which we have explained in this article, your girlfriend will feel that you can do anything to make her happy, thus, she will stay with you forever in relationship.

27. Fix a love date with her

Another important things to do to a girl to make her feel that you love her is setting a romantic or love date.

The venue to fix for a love day may be in a fine restaurant, at the movie theater or preferably just inside your room.

The venue you book for a romantic or love day with your girlfriend doesn’t matter, what that really matters is that you must show her what is love in that day.

On your romantic day, don’t forget to buy your girlfriend her favorite food and drinks and yours too, in fact, try to show her how much you love her in that day. For example, you can keep putting food to her mouth and she should as well do that to you to make her happy.

28. Lend her a hand or help her

You don’t have to be a Jakiechan or a Superman, but saving her time and solving her simple everyday problems, carrying her heavy bag from home to pack, for example, can make you as her favorite superhero and she will be happy with you.

Save her time and help her solve her home, school or office assignment as possible as you can. If she is financially deficient to buy something while you have money, don’t hesitate to lend her or giver money to complete her purchase.

Do not let other persons fight with her, instead separate her from the other persons who are about to fight with her or help fight with them for her when it matters.

29. Make her smile and laugh

You should prepare some very, very jokes in your mind before before you start talking to her.

When it comes to make your girlfriend happy, it’s not just about giving out compliments, sometimes, a simple joke can make her laugh out loud so hard.

By making your girlfriend smile and laugh, it also makes her feel loved and cared and think that you will never fail to make her feel happy in future.

Make sure you deliver the joke to her in a funny way, that is, don’t deliver it in an unfriendly way.

30. Get her Pampered

Every lady loves to be pampered. Buy your girlfriend the food she likes, tell her stories, read romantic poems for her, or sing her favorite song when she is with you.

Any time she is angry, pamper her to become happy as best as you can with a focus to make her happy only.

If you want to make your girlfriend happy with you and be with you forever, treat her as if she is a small child. Do not frown to her or her afraid, instead do what that pleases her heart.

31. Buy her gifts surprisingly

Buy her gifts as often as possible in a surprising way. Girls loves a gifts from their boyfriend.

You can buy her shirt or skirts which is in trend, i.e, the one that many girls wear at a particular point of time.

Buying a gifts for her is one of the 35 most important things you should do in a relationship with your girlfriend and you can do it in two to three times in a month in order to make her more happy and proud.

32. Make her friends envy her

Try to do something to her which can make her some of friends envy her. Call her with many different types of love name in front of her friends and hug her warmly while kissing her at the same time.

When she is in the group of people especially her friends, respect her, humble her and do anything loyal to her in order to make her happy and get envied by some of her friends who have hatred mind.

If you are having any discussion that seems to be negative or disrespect her, don’t discuss it while she is with her friends, at this point, call her aside and tell her everything.

33. Have fun with her

Have fun with your girlfriend every where you are be it at the park or TV show hall or inside a room. Rub her skin any time she is with you.

There are many ways to have fun with a lady, but first you should know the type of playing that your girlfriend loves most.

If you are inside your room with her, use your pillows or your toys and have fun with her.

Tell her jokes in the right time and never ever let her to get upset as a result of the fun you are having with her, if she say she does not like the type of fun you are about to have with her, simply stop doing it to her.

34. Always tell her how beauty she is

Telling your girlfriend how beauty or pretty she is every time is one of the 35 things that you can do to make her special. If you tell how she is beautiful or how she decently dresses better than other girls, she will be proven that you feel very happy to find her as your girlfriend.

Tell her how her method of walking or her voice attracts you. If she has open teeth, simply tell her that you like her open teeth.

Every lady loves a man who feels that her girlfriend is beautiful, thus, show to your girlfriend on a regular basis that she is very, very beautiful and you don’t like any other lady apart from her.

35. Make yourself contented every time

Put a smile on your face and be in an active tone any time you are talking to her. Do not live your life as if you don’t have anything or depressed. Always be happy, smile and be contented with you have.

This one is one of the most 35 important things in relationship which you shouldn’t fail to do to your girlfriend if you want to make her happy. If you want your girlfriend to be always contented with having you as her boyfriend and love you as best as she can, then you have to make yourself happy first.

If it is through telephone call you are speaking with her while she can’t see your face, she can be able to hear your happy and active tone of your voice, thus, you can smile while talking because this will surely make her happy just by hearing your voice concurrently with laugh.

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