20 important questions that every parent should ask their child after school

Here in this article are the top 20 important questions that every parent should ask their child every day after he/she returned from the school.

As a caring parent, you should frequently ask your children some questions; because what you leave for your children is not as important as what you give them.
Also, the responsibilities of your children are made by the quality of discussions you have with them.

A few weeks ago, we published an article on how to help your children succeed academically. There have been a whole lot of positive reactions from parents about the write-up.

Today’s topic is titled 20 important questions to ask your children after school every day. If I may ask, what do you ask your children every day they come back from school, could you say it?

Let us know if you do by commenting with the question you ask your children!

If you are still wondering about the best conversation to have with your kids after school, then continue reading because you are in the right place.

Remember: any parents who forget to ask their children the following questions after school daily, such parents don’t care about their children, in fact.

20 questions that every child should be asked by his/her parents after school

Do ask your children the following twenty (20) questions after school:

Note: it doesn’t mean that you are a useless parent to ask them these questions but let them know that you love them. Okay?

  1. How was your day?
  2. Hope you are fine today?
  3. What good thing that has happened in today’s school?
  4. How many subjects were you being taught today?
  5. Which subject did you find more interesting or score very cool in today’s class?
  6. Who made you sad in Class?
  7. What type of person do you want to be?
  8. Did you see clearly what your teacher wrote on blackboard toady
  9. Why did you make your teacher sad and frown you in today’s school
  10. Did anyone fight you?
  11. If your teacher stop writing and give money to someone, what do you think that person will use the money to buy; chalk or cane?
  12. Did you offend any one today? If yes, then did that person reciprocate?
  13. What and who made your teacher smile?
  14. Who is the most intelligent person in your class? How does he/she behave?
  15. Had it been you did not go to school yesterday, what do you think you would have missed today?
  16. How many score did you make in your yesterday’s  assignment?
  17. Did you take your launch?
  18. Tell me any new thing you learnt today?
  19. Who did you sit with at lunch?
  20. Were your teacher being given you an assignment today? If yes, then let me see it.

At www.fastknowerscom, we love to share a valued articles that both parents and childen love! In this way, we won’t only stop here!! We’ll explain how to use those 2022 questions with your children daily when they’ve returned from school!!!

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  • How Was Your Day?
As a parent, it is very important to know if your kids had a good day or not. He or She might have forgotten to share a terrible experience he/she witnessed in school with you. So don’t fail to ask him/her “how was your day?”


By asking your child the simple question, “how was your day?” would give you a general overview of how his/her day was. This is also a clear proof that you care about them.

Your kids will feel happy to know that you really care about them.

  • Are You Fine
Another important question you should learn to ask your kids after school is, “hope you are fine?” Don’t assume that all is well, ask them to confirm if it is actually well.


Also, it is until you enter inside well that you would know how well its temperature inside it is!

You need to always know whether they are fine or not. In fact, your child might be going through bad challenges.

However, asking whether he/she is fine might go a long way to reveal what the issue is.

  • What good thing that has happened in today’s school?
The strange occurrences keep happening daily. Today’s occurrence may be different with Yesterday’s occurrence.
Remarkable things are happening daily. Therefore, ask your child after school what he/she has remarkably witnessed.

When your kid is happy after school, it means something good has happened. Ask them to tell you anything worthy of note that occurred.

Simply ask, John, can you tell me something good that has happened in today’s school?

  • How many subjects were you being taught today
It is very important for parents to know whether their kids are learning or deliberately playing in school.

Ensure to ask them the number of subjects they were being taught and the break time they had. This will test their level of seriousness, as well as the standard of the school they attend.

  • Which subject did you find more interesting or score very cool in today’s class?
This is where passion comes in. You should start assuming the subjects your kids like and the ones they don’t.


Does he/she love calculation subjects and hate non-calculation ones. Can he or she be a science or an art student in the future? These are the assumptions that you will have through asking “Which subject did you find more interesting or score very cool in today’s class?”

  • Who Made You Sad In The School Today?
Nothing hinders learning like fear and sorrow. You should always ask to know if there is any pupil who always makes your kid sad in class.

If there is one, then report to the school authority or change the seat of your child if possible.

  • What Kind Of Person Were You Today
This question is to know the mood swing of your kid. It is very good to know the mood of your kid at every instant. Know what makes him/her sad and what interests him/her.
  • Are You Cool With Your Seat Or You Want To Re-locate?
Are you okay with your seat? Is your seat very far from the board? Do you hear the teacher very well during lectures?


We know you love your child very much, right? But don’t let him/her to over depend on another person (see this: Life of A Dependent Person: Will He/She Do Better For His/Herself).

If your Kid answers NO to the above questions then it is time to meet the school authority for a change of seat. Change their seat as fast as possible.

  • Why your teacher frown at you today?
Sometimes, the child exhibit some acts that may get teacher annoyed. Hence you need to ask him or her like it was your presence the teacher frown at him or her.
  • Did Any One Threaten You?
Bully is the beginning of hatred for school. When your kid suddenly loses interest in going to school, then the red light has been started to function.


Make sure you know if they were threatened by anyone in school and do to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

  • Did your teacher give you homework today?

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Your Child can be giving homework by teachers daily and always do it in the home when he or she returned from school. If he suddenly stops doing his or her assignment, then something is wrong. Ensure to check his workbook to know if he/she is being given standard homework by teachers.
  • What did you wrongly do in today’s school
What school’s rule do you always break? And why you do not abide by the rules.
  • Who did you sit beside at lunch?
Ask your kids after school, who did you sit with at lunch? This will enable you know the kind of friends your children make.
If you don’t like the type of person who your child mingle with, then do make your kids friend a right set of persons. If you think it can be possible, please make it possible!


Do not wonder how to know the type of friend your kids make, it can simply be determined by the type of person that follows them.

When your kid begins to exhibit certain strange character/habit, watch his association. Make sure your children are in the right company.

  • Do you like your school
Do you still like to attend your school? When you ask your child this question, it will let you you know if he/she still like that school or not. If he/she does not like that school again, ask him/her the reason and try to find another childen school suitable for him/her.

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