In this article today, we will show you how the life of an over-dependent person is. Their life is not good, thus do not let your life to be among the life of a dependent person. If you are too dependent, you will never be a dependent of other people.

If person does think shallow, he/she will find difficult to relax under a shadow of success. For instance, only people that sacrifice to have something in future that will harvest. And those who didn’t invest will not hope to harvest, right? okay!

Life of a dependent person

A dependence is a situation where person can not survive or do not something important for his/herself without the aid of other person(s).

Are you fit enough to do some tasks by yourself without the intervention of other person or are you trying to know if you are still a dependent person?

First of all, you should be noted that in the world of cheating it is not only teenager child that is a dependent personbut also some old (adolescent) persons.

It is known that a dependent person can not do any better things for his/herself, though he/she likes to use something that is being done by other person.

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nIIt is good to be a dependent person for some time especially when you were a young boy or girl (you cannot do any things for yourself) you only depended on your parents to do every thing for you.

Thus you should have been learning all those that your parents did for you in order to do important thing for yourself when you have grown up like in this time.

What if you have grown (matured) up enough for doing good something for yourself but you can’t still do? Will you prefer to go and live with your parents?

No, because it has never happened and it is a shame for any person that do that. Also for example, your parents might have passed away or had some sickness at that time.

A mum and her dependent children enjoying dinner

Life Of An Over-Dependent Person: Will He/She Do Better Things For His/Herself In Future

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In today’s discussion, we will focus on explaining how the life of an over-dependent person will is and we will also know whether he/she will do important thing for his/herself without being helped by other person.

Life of an over dependent person is not good to witness. He/she will likely do not do something for or by him/herself importantly unless he/she is being aided by another more intelligent person.

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In some cases, parents make their parents to become lazy and dependent. Although, they think that their parents are loving them. A parents that don’t let their child to suffer a little are wrongly training their child.

Do you like your child to be a such person (over dependent)? No, right? Then you should please read slowly what we are going to discuss with you right now.

It is not good to be an over dependent person. Eventhough your parents or your relatives have a lot of properties, you should have yours on your own, because ours is not mine.

You should not over depend on your parents because they were ever being depended on their parents before they promoted to independence. And had it been they did not take the step (struggle), how could they be successful and take care of you?

Any things requires taking a step, as you are stepping, you are coming nearer to the success.

As you are depending on person at your younger age (teenage), you should be thinking about what you are good at to choose as a hobby so that when it is time to leave from your parents to stay on your own, you would become smoothly independent.

The hand that supposed to wash feet should not be inactive so as to let the feet wash it.

Hence, you as a child should not be relaxing in order to let your parents help you but you should be serious and active in anything you do so that you would can help your parents when it is its time.

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If you are too caring for your child, he/she may become lazy and a lazy person is a dependent person, because he/she can not work for getting food, hence, he/she will must find the person who has it and stick with him/her.

The worst thing in dependency is that people will not respect person who is over dependent.

It’s sometimes seemed that anybody that is an over dependent person is a vampire of the person who he/she depends on. A dependent person cannot in any ways contribute to the evelopment of the person that he/she depends on.

An over dependent persons are very stingy, if you tell them to do a contribution for some things, they will say that they have not got the money.

If you think that you are cheating on persons who contribute as you do not contribute to any financial contributions, you should hence know that those who contribute will never want to be like (stingy) you and their life will never remain the same.

Positive development is for those who contribute and the money/property they used to contribute will be proliferating.

Do not do anythings for person disdainfully but do it with your whole heart, even though the person you are doing for doesn’t care you.

Cheating is not what I only watched on television but also experienced it. I had seen many situations like cheating.

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Which Life Should Be An Over-Dependent Person

From the explanations given in this article so far, we can know who should be a dependent person and below are the list of the people who should be or considered as dependent.

Here, we should not referred them as an over-dependent person because his/her life can change at any time.

Below are the type of person who are considered as a dependent person for a reason or while:

  1. Widow
  2. Some students
  3. Old person
  4. A sick person
  5. A physically disabled person (the one who can not do anything for earning)
  6. Younger boy/girl
  7. An orphan

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As you can assume from that list above, it is known that any body who engaged with one or two of them, such person will can not do good thing for his/herself.

However, there are some who have become dependent compusullory due to some reasons and we can also believe that any persons that depends on other for some reasons will must get an Independence of his/herself.

Any person that become a dependent due to the sufferness of an illness should not be maltreated or divorce with him/her because such person dependency is natural.

Meanwhile, a young and healthy man that is without action should be sanctioned and asked how he has been feeding himself. 

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Conclusion: If you want person to respect you, then respect yourself. Do not do what vampires other person so as to prevent you from being vampired by others.

It is not until the person tell you that “you are a beggar or dependent person” that you should know the type of person who you are. If you vampire other people carelessly, you could not progress.

Stop thinking how to beg things from person and start planning to get your own. Because it is doing they did before they got. If person does not harvest he/she will not plan to re-invest.

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