Why Children Don't Respect Their Parents While they serve other people in

Child That Does Not Obey His Parents Serve, Respect And Also Obey Other People, And Why? The reason why children do not respect their parents but can not only respect other people but also serve them is the lack of home training which they were not being trained with in their childhood by their Parents.

Let us for instance say you are looking for the water for cooking and you are fortunately being given cooking oil by neighbour, has it not been better?

This is how we can describe the situation where parents who did/do not want to show parental care to his or her child during his/her child childhood, your child would be a servant of other people! Believe me!!

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Children do for their parents with what exactly their did for them during their childhood. Children do hard to forget what their parents did for them during childhood

One thing I have to remind parents is that a child can not disobey, disrespect his or her parents for no reason, there must be some reason, because any formation is as a result of information.

As I always say, ‘a child who does not want to respect his parents must serve government’. Do not get confused, government as it is used here refers to people, individual or commonly other person.

Let us ideally start to discuss the reason why Child disobey his or her parents or why the child completely disrespet his or her parents.

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5 Reasons Why Child Does Not Want To Respect His/Her Parents

  1. Some Parents may not know their responsibilities
  2. Parent may fail to show the child home training/parental care
  3. The parents may not learn how to tolerate his/her child
  4. Some parents love one child more than one
  5. There can be a quarrel between parents of a child.

We will not only stop here, we will explain what we have listed above! I will start to explain these five (5) reasons why the child disrespect his/her parents.

Read them carefully. This article is also a guide for the parents and i am sure it can teach childen some things too.

1. The Parents May Not Know Their Responsibilities

For instance, father of a child supposed to provide shelter for his family (Children and wife), if he cannot be able to provide, his children may not listen to his advise thus, this brings disrespect of a child to his or her parents (Father).

What the parents need to do in a family is what we call parent responsibility. If parents (father and mother) fail to do what should be done by them, then the disrespectfulness or disobedience of a child in the family is being invited. 

2. Failure Of A Parents To Teach Their Child Home Training/Parental Care

Home training is the recommended way through which the parents teach their child new things daily. Home training is usually given by the mother of a child as the father is not always at home.

When a child lacks home training, he/she may not know how to respect his/her parents but must know how to serve and respect other people.

Home training teaches the child how to greet his or her elder one, the mate of his or her parents, how to talk to an elderly and many more.

3. Loss Of Capability Of A Parents To Tolerate Their Children

The parents should try to tolerate their child. If a parents do not tolerate their child, they may not know the type of person their child is.

You (Parents) should try in one way or another to understand the type of child you have.

Through your tolerance, you would know the type of a child your child is and anytime the problem arise, you should know how to overcome it, hence, it avoids disobedience or lack of respect of a child for his/her parents.

4. Loveliness Of A Children By Their Parents More Than One Another

A lovely child drinking breakfast tea.

Do you wonder Why Children Don’t Respect Their Parents? If yes, please read below!

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The likeness of one child more than the others by parents makes other child to disrespect his/her parents. Parents should do not like one child more than the one.

A parents who don’t want their children to not obey them should do not love one child more than the other but should love them equally.

There should be equality of everybody before the law in the family if love and unity should be reigned in a family.

You can help your child academically and do make sure you help them equally except the ones who don’t let you to help them as much as you want.

5. Quarrelling Between Parents

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Quarrelling in the family is another reason why the child disrespect his/her parents. Parents should make sure that quarrelling and other violences are not in a compound. Otherwise they child may misbehave.

When there is a violence in the house, you can see child’s disobedience to his/her parents’ advice.

Meanwhile, Quarrelling between husband and wife affects child academically, physically and emotionally. Frequent quarrelling between dad and mom of a child makes child feel feverishly i.e it makes the child body temperature goes abnormally.

Reserch shown that child grown in a quarrel environment tends to develop disobedience, disrespectfulness, disunity and other anti-social activities in not only a family but in the community as well.

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  1. Oluoye dickson

    When i was a young child, my parent always did tell me in proverb that a child that doesnt obey his fathers advice will must not only do what other persons ordered but also serve.

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      Thank you Oluoye Dickson.

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  2. God's gift

    Children are a very sensitive creatures see. one thing you forget to do for them, they stop obeying you!

    1. Abdulrazaq Yahaya

      Our children are very sensitive indeed.

      God’s Gift, thank you. We’re glad because you found it helpful…

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