As a student, no amount of money is okay for you. Even though you receive a lot of money from your parents on a monthly basis, you are still broke. The fact is no amount will be okay for you if you are usually being given by your parents.

In today’s article, we shall show you the top best legit ways that a students can make money in 2023.

Are you a student searching for how you can make money online? This post will show you step-by-step ways! If you love blogging, you may see our expert tips on how to make money from a WordPress blog.

 How to make money as a student in 2023

After reading up this post, and follow what we’re going to discuss in it, you will know how to be able to make money by yourself as a student. Happily, those ways won’t prevent you from facing your studies.

Perhaps, I am one of the students in my class, hence, following my advise on how to make money as a student online will never make you become an online money-chaser and not a book reader.

I started digital marketing when I started thinking that it’s not everything I have to ask my parent for their money. Sadly, there wasn’t a course that practically teach how to make money online in the school.

If there’s that, I would’ve got a distinction in it. However, I privately strived meeting other students to learn who seemed to know digital marketing more than me. Sometimes, I left my comfort zone, had sleepless nights.

Gladly, I am thankful today.

Why you need to make money as a student?

Think about the owner and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, he learned the knowledge of coding/programming while in school at Harvard University, in fact, he was even withdrawn as a result of his inability to focus his study. Today, do you know how much does Facebook worth?

However, we aren’t saying that you should start learning programming now because it may not be your interest, hence, continue reading to find out what you can do to make money online in Nigeria as a student.

How to make money as a student in 2023

  1. Do POS or sell recharge and Airtime
  2. Sell dresses such as shoes, clothes, etc.
  3. Sell academic materials like table, pen, math’s set, drawing board, books, etc.
  4. Write article for bloggers. You may read our expert guide on how to write a blog post on WordPress for the first time.
  5. Organize a private tutorial
  6. Trade cryptocurrency
  7. Offer café services
  8. Snap passport
  9. Sell foods like cake, pure water, chin chin, ice cream
  10. Offer graphic design service
  11. Render SEO service for digital marketers
  12. Blog about a particular niche. You may read our guide on how to start a blog using WordPress.
  13. Offer freelance service by opening an account on Fiverr, Upwork, etc.
  14. Start affiliate marketing
  15. Start managing small business website (example, blogging) on a specific niche
  16. Publish books on Amazon KDP
  17. Offer relationship coach service
  18. Do assignment for other students
  19. Offer Master of Ceremony (MC) or Disk Jockey (DJ) service
  20. Lodge agent (help others find the lodge)
  21. Offer hair dressing service
  22. Become a Comrade.


Most of the jobs mentioned above for you to start as a students are helpful during your studentship. You may think that the last one (become a Comrade) is useless and only help you in one or two years when you are in school. While it’s not useless.

The good thing about striving to make money as a student on your own rather being absolutely depending on your parents or guidance is it prepare you to become excellent at any field you find yourself in the future.

Even though your course takes seven years before you become a graduate, it shall end. I advice you to start learning from day one.

Volunteer to become a course rep in your class despite the restless it gives student. That would make you to naturally develop leadership skill. If it’s any business listed above you want to do, start. It make you naturally get a business mindset.

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