How many words should a high quality article contain to rank very high on search engine
An average reader reads 200 words each minute. Thus, if you’re creating an article for a blog, you should make sure it’s of great quality and has enough amount of words. But how many words should an article actually have? Well, that depends on a couple of different things. One factor affecting the length of your article is its subject. Very sure, your post will be longer if you’re writing about a difficult subject that calls for extensive explanation. But, if your subject is straightforward, you may get away with a shorter article. The format of your content is another thing to take into account. It will need to be longer than a news story, for instance, if you’re writing a how-to article. A high-quality article must include enough information for the reader to actually follow the steps. Last but not least, the length of your article will depend on its tone. It will need to be longer if you’re writing an article for a more formal blog than if you’re writing for a more informal blog. This is due to the fact that a casual blog post can be more lighthearted and enjoyable, whereas a formal blog post requires thorough research and well-written content. 

What exact word count should an article have?

 Although there is no clear-cut answer, a decent guideline is to aim for 1,000 words or less. This will allow you to go into depth about your subject without having to make your article too long. The adage “content is king” is frequently used. When it comes to articles, this is especially true. Your website or blog should always be published with a well-written article, in order to increase your traffic and help you rank better in search results. When it comes to article length, there is no magic number. You can still adhere to some general principles, though. According to search engine optimization company, anytime you are writing an article, at least aim for between 500 and 700 words per article for the majority of websites and blogs. By doing this, you can make sure that your post is long enough to keep readers interested and informed without boring or confusing them. Of course, the rule can be broken. You may need to go into further detail and produce a longer piece if you are writing for a specific readership. In a similar vein, if your topic is difficult, you might need to write a longer post to make sure all the crucial details are addressed. In the end, experimenting is the best approach to figuring out how long your essay should be. Write a few articles of various lengths and analyze the performance of each. 

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There is no ideal article length; it all depends on your readership and the results you want to achieve. 

How many words should a standard article has

 Quality is cited as being more significant than quantity. But, both number and quality are crucial considerations when it comes to creating articles. The subject, target audience, and purpose of the post are only a few of the many variables that affect the appropriate article length. A high-quality article should be at least 500 words in length for the majority of purposes. This offers you adequate room to discuss the subject in-depth and give the reader useful information. There are a few exceptions to this rule, though. You might be able to get away with a shorter post if you’re writing it for a very specific purpose, like a product review or a how-to guide. In these situations, it’s crucial to concentrate on providing the reader with useful information. The length of your post matters when it comes to SEO. Longer articles are preferred by Google and other search engines since they tend to be more thorough and useful. Additionally, a lengthier article allows you more chances to use words and phrases that are pertinent to your subject. As a blogger demanding search engine traffic, don’t, but, compromise quality posts for quantity. Anything you write, keep it simple and concentrate on giving your audience useful and helpful value. If you haven’t read our post in which we discussed how a bloggers can improve their writing skill, please read now. Share this article with your friends if you know that we have helped you know how many words that a high-quality article should contain. Finally, remember to comment with any question you have via the comment section.

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