Top best accredited Nigerian domain registrars for 2023

Top best accredited domain registrars in Nigeria this 2022

Are you planning to create a website or blog in Nigeria? We turn others people’s dream who have similar dream to yours into reality! Today, we shall list and explain to you the top best-accredited domain name and hosting registrars in Nigeria this year.

In this post, we will show with you top best domain registrars in Nigeria that are accredited by ICAAN which you can buy your domain and hosting from this 2022

Note: ICAAN is an acronym which stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Any website you come across in the internet was hosted by domain registrars including the one you are presently reading this text from. Even Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

In the olden days, domain registrars were only headquartered in USA and other neighboring countries like UK, Canada, Mexico, etc. Happily, today, Nigeria is not excluded from domain and hosting business.

Sometimes, when you want to buy a domain with a Top-level domain (TLD, the last segment of a domain name, or the part that follows immediately after the “dot” symbol) of .ng, etc., many non Nigerian domain registrar companies don’t have it.

Hence, it is necessary to find the best Nigerian domain registrar company to buy your .ng domain TLD from.

Note: due to the cost involved in becoming accredited by ICAAN, many Nigerian domain registrars are not an ICAAN accredited, though, in some cases they professionally render domain and hosting registration services even more better than some ICAAN accredited companies.

When it’s to selecting the best company for buying hosting and domain with, we usually look unto the core things; security, price, customer support, account management, etc.

The importance of becoming an ICAAN accredited domain registrar is that you would be allowed to use ICAAN logo on your website to show to your customers that they should confidently do business with you. And also, ICAAN will permit you to attend their seminars and training.

In conclusion, getting accredited by ICAAN is a choice.

Top best ICAAN accredited domain registrars in Nigeria

As a matter of fact, out of thousands of domain and hosting registration companies in Nigeria, there are only two of them that are presently accredited by ICAAN. And they are:

Upperlink and WhoGoHost.

Top best accredited domain registrars in Nigeria this 2022

Some domain name and hosting registrars in Nigeria are very cheap while other are not. Some even offers great features for free of charge, example provision of SSL certificate, site locker, privacy protection feature, etc. As a newbie, you may find it difficult to find the best company that is recommended for your website.

In this article, we have got you covered. So, please thoroughly read through this post to know more about the top best domain and hosting registrars in Nigeria this 2022 from the carefully compiled list and explanation below.

Now, let’s start.

  1. Upperlink
  2. WhoGoHost 
  3. DomainKing.NG
  4. HostNowNow 
  5. Qservers
  6. Smartweb 
  7. Garanntor


Upperlink domain and hosting registrar

Upperlink is the first ICANN-accredited domain and hosting registrar in Nigeria. They sell a domain name with an extension (TLD); .com,, .ng, .africa, .online, .site, etc.

The Upperlink Data Center is in United States of America, England and Canada. This means that your website will load very fast when you purchase hosting and domain from them.

When you buy hosting from them, they give free SSL Certificates, Sitelock and Codeguard. At Upperlink Limited, they highly value their customers’ security. They offer cheap domain name. With as low as N900, you can get a domain from them for a yearly renewal.

Here are the top Upperlink domain extensions (TLDs or Top-Level Domains) this year and their prices.

  • .com | ₦6,200
  • .ng | ₦5,500
  • | ₦1,200
  • .africa | ₦12.100
  • .online | ₦2,196
  • .site | ₦976
  • .XYZ | ₦1,213.90

Upperlink Limited is one of the top best accredited domain and hosting registrars in Nigeria we highly recommend everyone who want to create a blog or website should start with this 2022.

They offer domain name transfer services for free of charge in case you not happy with your current registrar.

They have excellent well trained 24/7 customer care service teams who can assist you if you have any problem with you account with them.

Visit their website at for more information.

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WhoGoHost domain and hosting registrar

Another best ICAAN accredited domain and hosting registrars in Nigeria this year is WhoGoHost Limited. They are purely a Nigerian domain registration company based in Lagos.

WhoGoHost is the #1 West Africa’s largest and most popular web hosting registration company. They have started domain name and web hosting services for decades.

They support businesses, enterprises, institutions, and individuals to get an online presence (website).

If you have just newly intended to own a website for your business or for specific purpose in Nigeria or abroad, WhoGoHost is ready to help you get started.

They have a Cpanel plan, WordPress plan, Email Hosting plan and Cloud Hosting Plan.

With N1, 500, you can get WP Beginner’s hosting plan from WhoGoHost. And you will also get free.NG domain, free SSL certificate, a lot of storage where will serve you save your files and documents, 100GB bandwidth which assures that your website will be able to retain 50, 000 users per month with getting slowed down , and many more free essential features.

WhoGoHost plans and their prices

According to statistics, WordPress powers over 33% of websites in the world. It is the mostly used CMS by many website developers. Hence, WhoGoHost has gone deeply far to provide WordPress hosting plan services for their customers. Their WordPress hosting is very cheap. Moreover, they provide SSD drives and Nginx, which will give your WordPress website an extra boost in speed.

They will also allow people to free of charge transfer their hosting and domain from their current registrar to them. If you are not happy with the services which your current domain and hosting registrar provide to you, then you can transfer to WhoGoHost now.

To do that, you just simply submit the form on their website by clicking the transfer domain/hosting button and their technical team will take the rest of work.

How to transfer domain and hosting to WhoGoHost

To get started to create website/blog with WhoGoHost, visit their website at, through their domain availability checker search box enter the domain name (website name) which you like to buy, if it is available, then continue with further registration.

After the successful completion of your domain and hosting registration, they will send you your Cpanel login via the email address that you entered during the registration. Then you would need to continue to install WordPress using Softaculous from your Cpanel dashboard and start editing your website.

If you need any help, please get in torch with us on WhatsApp as will gladly assist you the right way for free of charge.

Note: you can buy only domain from WhoGoHost and host it with another company. This process requires little technical knowledge. Hence, as a beginner, we advise you to buy both hosting and domain from one company for smooth running of your website.


DomainKing hosting registrar, Fastknowers Blog.

If you don’t have a website development and designing knowledge or don’t have enough money to put into blogging or web administration business, then DomainKing is your #1 option. At, you can buy a domain with as low as N600 per year.

Importantly, when you buy hosting plan from them, they would issue you free SSL certificate, domain, Free DNS Management, Cpanel, unmetered bandwidth and many more.

DomainKing is among the Nigeria’s top best accredited hosting and domain name registrars this 2022. They are accredited by Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) in 2008 to render domain name and hosting services in Nigeria to any sector.

They are also accredited by African & Asian Domain Registries.

Once you buy hosting account from them, they would strive to make sure your website is live both day and night. They would give you free unmetered bandwidth to ensure your website will not slow down when large number of visitors use it on a daily basis.

At, customers security is one of their missions. Hence, they backup your website every 10 hours.

They issue Free DNS Service, Free Privacy Protection to hide your whois information from spammers & data miners, Free Domain Forwarding, Unlimited Mail Forwards, Domain Theft Protection & Registrar Lock to prevent Unauthorized domain transfer.

Being a Nigerian based domain registrar, DomainKing sells .ng domain-extension domain. It also enables customers to buy a domain with any of the extension;, .in,, .co,, .pw and many more.

At DomainKing, they have 24/7 active customer care services teams available on live chat, email and social media. They have WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Email Hosting and Cloud hosting.

Best domain and hosting registrars in Nigeria

Need help with choosing the DomaingKing hosting plan recommended for the type of website you want to create or the type of business you operate? Get in torch with us today to get our free help!

For more information, please visit the DomainKing website at Any question for us is happily welcomed!

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HostNowNow domain and hosting registrar

With some Nigerian hosting registrars like HostNowNow, you don’t have to know any website development knowledge before you can create website for your business or anything.

HostNowNow domain and hosting registrar comes equip with website builder, a feature which helps newbies develop and design website by themselves the way they like.

HostNowNow website builder.

At HostNowNow domain and hosting registrar, they have excellently trained professional team with a lot of experience of anything you may need help with. They offer domain name registration at the cheapest.

To ensure their customers’ website loading speed, they have a data center in United Kingdom. They have WordPress hosting (to help you easily create website with WordPress without technical knowledge), VPS hosting and Dedicated cloud hosting.

With N700 per month and N7000 per year, you can buy hosting and domain names from HostNowNow. You can buy a which end with an extension; .ng,, .net, .org,, etc.

CloudHosting domain and hosting registration page for 2022 and their prices

As a beginner in creating a website, we advise you to start small while thinking big. You can buy their shared hosting plan today with 700 Naira per month today as they would everything your website need to become what you want or what you intend to use it for.

With their ROBIN shared hosting plan, they will offer you free 3 GB Disk Space, 10 GB Bandwidth (to allow many users to access your website without crashing or getting slowed down), Free Domain, Free SSL, 5 Free Sub-domains, 1 Hosted Addon Domains, Unlimited Emails, Unlimited SQL DB.

HostNowNow also issues Cpanel account when you buy hosting plan from them. Being one of the top best domain registrars in Nigeria based in Lagos, HostNowNow helps people to transfer their domain and hosting to them for free of charge.

Their dedication to help toward making your website run smoothly is 99.9% guaranteed. For more information, visit their website today.

If you need help with selecting the type of hosting and domain plan your business, feel free to get in torch with us for free of charge recommendation.


Qservers domain and hosting registrar

If you need a Nigerian domain registrar that guarantees their customers 100% uptime, then come and pick Qservers. Qservers is one of the top best accredited domain registrars in Nigeria based in Lagos offering website hosting services with as low as N600 per month.

Qservers puts their customers security and satisfaction as their top most priority. They backup their customers website file and data twice in a day to make sure you won’t lose anything in the event of malware.

They have professionally trained customer care service teams who answer and assist you with any questions and assist you may have. They are available 24/7 via telephone calling, ticketing, live chat and many more other communication channels.

Whether you have just started digital marketing or not, Qservers domain registrar has everything you need to succeed. They have hosting plans for both beginners and professionals.

If you are creating a website for the first time, you may not have large number of customers, hence, selecting Qservers WordPress hosting plan is recommended for you.

Their WordPress hosting plan is affordable. Start with a small plan today while thinking of a big plan

In fact, you are a digital marketer for so long with large number of customers, then you have to choose their VPS or cloud hosting plan.

Their WordPress plan is N1, 500 per month while it is N15, 000 per year. Please visit their website at for more.


Smartweb domain registrar

Smartweb is also one of the best among the list of top best NIRA accredited domain and hosting registrars in Nigeria this 2022. They have different features to offer their customers for free of charge. They are accredited by Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA).

If you have been searching for the best cheapest domain registrars in Nigeria, please let the search that brought you hear become the last one. Choose Smartweb domain registrar to get value of your hosting and domain registration money.

Their prices are so cheap. Plus they provide other advanced services such as issuing you free SSL certificate equipped with https.

When you buy hosting from Smart Web, they would give you one free domain with any extension of your choice, they also issue professional email address, free website builder (a drag and drop tool used to create any type of website) and many more features.

When it’s come to customer care services, they have a well trained teams who are always available waiting for customer to help. You can visit their website and ask them for recommending you the type of their hosting/domain plan that is best for your business.

Here are some Smart Web hosting TLDs and their prices:

  • .com | ₦5,500
  • | ₦1,100
  • .ng | ₦5,500
  • .org | ₦7,000
  • .biz | ₦10,000
  • .online | ₦1,800
  • And many more.
SmartWeb Hosting
How to buy domain and hosting in Nigeria

SmartWeb is one of the Nigeria’s top best hosting and domain name registrars this 2022. They provide WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, Email hosting, and many more


Guarnntor hosting and domain

Garanntor is the cheapest domain registrar in Nigeria this 2022. Their share hosting plan is N200. This is perfect for every type of website; personal, small business, e-commerce and professional business website.

At Garanntor hosting Limited, they have different types of hostings; Shared Hosting, Virtual Servers, Email hosting etc.

Garanntor domain and their prices:

  • N6,000 per Year | .com
  • N7,500 per Year | .org
  • N7,500 per Year | .net
  • N4,000 per Year | .ng
  • N999 per Year |
  • N400 per Year |

All Garanntor’s hosting come with free website builder, free SSL certificate, domain and many more. Garanntor’s four main hosting types include; Shared Hosting, Windows Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and VPS Hosting.

Hope you have found this post helpful? Please feel free to get in torch with us if you need any assistance as we are always available to help you.

Please remember to also share this post with others if you know it has helped you top best accredited domain and hosting registrars in Nigeria.

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