How to upload Your WAEC And NECO Results To JAMB Portal For 2020 (Ultimate Guide)

How To Upload your O'Level Results On JAMB profile in 2020

In this article today, I, Abdulrazaq Yahaya will show you how to upload your O’Level results to your JAMB profile in this year (2021). Also, whether you are a WAEC result holder or GCE, it doesn’t matter!

Even though you wrote NECO or NAPTEB, you will can still upload the using the same method in this article for free of charge and by yourself.

The candidates of JAMB for 2021 to 2022 academic session are required to upload their awaiting results of WAEC and NECO to JAMB portal in order to gain admission. 

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That is, if a candidate fail to upload his/her O’Level results on  his/her JAMB Profile, he/she will not get hope for gaining admission.

Infact, JAMB may not know that you wrote their examination once you fail to upload your O’Level results.

Below are some O’Level results, hence, they can be uploaded too. And they include: WAEC, NECO, GCE, NAPTEB etc. Not only WAEC and NECO results can be uploaded!

How To Upload WAEC Or Any O’Level Results On Your JAMB Profile In 2020

The existence of Jamb profile has made life convenient. Candidate will not far for changing or editing their profile on JAMB database including the uploading of  the WAEC and NECO results.

That is to say, you can change your data on JAMB Profile as many times as you like without being qurerried

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The question that mostly be asked by 2020 JAMB candidates is “how can i upload my waec awaiting result to my jamb profile?”. Do not worry! We will show all the required steps.

However, the uploading of WAEC and NECO result is done exactly the way Jamb gives permission for correction of details in jamb profile. 

But in this case, the Portal is only made it to be  made editable for only Jamb agents to upload your Waec result.

The only way the candidate can upload his or her awaiting WAEC/NECO results to Jamb portal for 2020 is by going to the JAMB office or approved cbt centres that nearest to him/her.

You are advised to do the re-uploading or uploading of O-level result to JAMB portal in any approved cbt centres. Go there and tell them that you want to upload or re-upload your O-level result. They will gladly help you at a cheap price.

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This is also goes to the candidates of two sittings results, just specify the number of sitting that you had sat and its result correctly.

How To Know If O-Level Results Have Been Uploaded On Your JAMB Profile In 2020

The question i usually get asked by JAMB 2020 candidates regarding the uploading of O-Level result is:

I went to the nearest approved CBT centre in my area and I was told that my O’Level results have been uploaded while I haven’t seen any changes in my profile, is it good?

Yes, your results have been uploaded. Be rest assured as long as you had heard from them that “WE’VE THROUGHED, HAVE A NICE DAY!”. They are good at what they are doing, that’s they are an approved CBT centre.

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Another way to know that your results have been uploaded is jamb or your first-choice chosen school will not send you a message to upload your results from that day.

NOTE: You don’t need to have waec original result or certificate before you upload. You can upload the waec slip printed out from the computer if your result is out online for check.

I hope this article has helped you to know how to upload your waec result to your jamb profile, if yes, share with your friends and let me know how you feel using the comment box.

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4 thoughts on “How to upload Your WAEC And NECO Results To JAMB Portal For 2020 (Ultimate Guide)”

  1. Blessing abraham

    I am a 2020 waec candidate and my school is publishing its post utme. Can i apply? I asked this because i have not got my olevel result!!

    1. Blessing Abraham, please you should wait until you finish your WAEC paper. Then upload your results Immidiately it’s out.

      Thank you for your understanding!!

    1. Abdulrazaq Yahaya

      Such person will cannot. There is no room for uploading both NECO and WAEC result.

      You can upload only WAEC or NECO result.

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