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Jaiz bank transfer code (*773) and how to activate

Jaiz bank transfer code (*773) and how to activate

If you are looking for the Jaiz bank transfer code which you can use to send money from your account to any other account, check your account balance or open Jaiz bank account, then this article is a must-read one for you as it will discuss step step how to use and activate Jaiz bank USSD code.

Jaiz bank USSD code is an easy and convenient way that allows customers to recharge their mobile lines directly from their accounts with the bank by simply dialing a short USSD code.

Meanwhile, the Jaiz bank transfer code service only works for the customers using the phone number that is linked to their bank account.

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Now, to know all important things about Jaiz bank USSD code and how to activate or register it, please start reading below!!

How to activate Jaiz bank transfer code

Activating Jaiz bank transfer code is for people that have a bank account with JAIZ bank. To register for JAIZ bank mobile banking or USSD code on your SIM, dial *773*301# via the SIM card that’s linked to your JAIZ account.

Then follow the prompts to complete your Jaiz bank USSD code mobile banking service.

But please make sure that your Jaiz bank debit card is available with you in order to pick some details on it like its card number and expiry date.

Alternatively, to activate for Jaiz bank transfer code or mobile banking, dial *773# via your alert SIM card, enter your account number, enter the first 4 digit number and the last six digit number of your ATM card and finally enter 4 digit number to use as your transaction PIN.

After the successful completion of the activation of your Jaiz bank transfer code on your SIM card as briefly discussed above, now you can make transactions without going to the bank.

How to check Jaiz bank account balance

How to check Jaiz bank account balance

In the event that you want to check your Jaiz bank account balance, you don’t have to go to the bank because it can be checked by dialing Jaiz bank USSD code (*773#) at the comfort of your home.

The USSD code to check Jaiz bank account balance is *773*0#.

Alternatively, you can also check Jaiz bank account balance by:

  • Dialing *773#.
  • Then reply with 5 and reply with any appropriately option to select your account number.
  • Proceed and enter your Jaiz bank transaction PIN to complete the process.

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How to transfer money from Jaiz bank

You can use JAIZ bank transfer code or mobile app to send money to other JAIZ bank account or other bank account.

To, use the USSD transfer code option, dial *773#, then choose ‘2’ to select ‘transfer’ option and follow the instructions to complete your transfer.

You can also use Jaiz bank mobile application to transfer money to other bank from your account. To do that, please follow the procedures below:

  • Open Jaiz bank app on your phone.
  • Select transfer.
  • Choose intra ( if the transfer is to another JAIZ bank account) and inter (if it is to other banks).
  • Select the account you want transfer from.
  • Enter the amount of money that you want to transfer.
  • Make sure you enter the account number of the person who you want to transfer to
  • Now, authorize the transaction using your 4 digit transaction PIN.
  • Boom: you have successful transferred money using Jaiz bank mobile application.

How to open new Jaiz bank account using code

If you have never opened a bank account with Jaiz bank and want to open now, you don’t have to visit their branch in the name of opening an account because with Jaiz bank USSD code, you can open a bank account for yourself with or without BVN.

The Jaiz bank USSD code to open Jaiz bank account is *733#. For the step by step guides, please follow the instruction below:

  • Dial *733# via any SIM card
  • Enter ‘1’ to choose ‘open account’
  • Choose ‘open with BVN’ option if you have a BVN
  • Or choose ‘open without BVN’ option if you don’t have a BVN
  • If you have a BVN, simply enter it correctly and choose ‘proceed’ option
  • Also if you don’t have a BVN, just enter your first name and last name and middle name if available
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Select your state and local government of origin
  • Automatically your account number is generated and you can let other people send money to it
  • Now, choose any Jaiz bank branch which nears your location for going there to sign and obtain your ATM card.

Jaiz bank code for airtime purchase

As a customer of Jaiz bank, don’t ever let your SIM card run out of airtime because you can buy it directly from your Jaiz bank account. And it is very simple because you don’t need to visit ATM terminal before you can buy airtime or data from your account to your SIM card or that of others.

Please to purchase airtime from your Jaiz bank account, just simply dial *773*Amount# using your Jaiz bank alert SIM card.

If you want to purchase airtime to other SIM card that is not linked with your Jaiz bank account as an alert number, for example, the phone number of your friend, husband, dad or mum, dial *773*Amount*Phone Number#

For example, to recharge the phone number (e.g., 09122075365) with N2,000 from your Jaiz bank account, all you need to do is dial *773*2000*09122075365#.

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Top key features and benefits of Jaiz bank code

If you have successfully activated Jaiz bank USSD mobile banking code on your SIM card, top key features and benefits you will enjoy are:

  • Have an access to your account activities such checking your account balance, viewing your transaction history, etc.,
  • You can instantly fund any Jaiz Bank account and third party Bank accounts,
  • Issue cheques (can confirm cheque and stop cheque),
  • Bill payments,
  • Scheduled payment,
  • Card Services,
  • Branch and ATM Locator,
  • Transaction receipt generation,
  • Airtime purchase,
  • Cardless transaction OTP generation, etc.


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