Sures reasons why some Moslems don't respect their parents

Many people believe that moslems don’t respect their parents, right? In this article, I myself, Abdulrazaq Yahaya (content editor at Fast Knowers) will be going to show you the reasons why some Moslems don’t respect their parents.

Islam is the name of religion and any one who does it, his/her name is Moslem. Do you understand? Please read it again if you don’t.

Meanwhile, Islam is an Arabic word which means Peace. That is, Moslem is the person who does religion of peace. As you may know, anything that is peace cannot have any disobedient or dishonest related things.

In fact, people who’re disobeying or not respecting their parents while calling themselves a moslem are not a real Moslem because Islam didn’t in any way order Moslems to do so.

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What Are The Reasons Why Some Moslems Don’t Respect Their Parents

Top five (5) surest reasons why some Moslems don’t respect or obey their parents are as follows:

  1. Place where they learned Islam
  2. Different Ahadiths (books) they read
  3. The behavior and culture of their colleagues
  4. The person who taught them Islam
  5. The way they are created (what is inside them)

More Reading And Explanation Of The Listed Reasons Above

Below are the list and explained of the five (5) reasons why some children don’t respect their parents:

1. Place where they learned Islam

People migrate from their home or parental town to another town for learning or practicing Islamic knowledge, right? If there is no body that did so in your village, then comment in the comment section with no.

In some cases, the behavior or life of the people in the town which the person migrated to in order to learn Islam may be different from that of the people in the town he/she has migrated from.

Thus, if he/she locate and study or learn Islamic practice from there, his/her life will be different to the life of people in his/her home town.

For example, if people greet their parents in a different certain way, he/she will must learn that new way too. And anytime he/she will come back to his/her home town, he/she will then greet his/her parents in a new way he/she has just learned.

Do you understand? Please check what I have discussed above for more understanding. Thank you!!

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2. Different Ahadiths (books) they read

Many different Ahadiths (the saying and doing of prophet Muhammad) also interfere most Moslems to not respect their parents.

Do you want me to call you an Ahadith that ordered anything like that?. Please don’t wait to hear it from my tongue. In fact, your Islamic teacher can help you with that one, Okay?

Some Ahadiths may revealed that no one should greet anybody except God Almighty. Now, if you follow the instruction in this Ahadith, will you greet your parents?

Please let me know through the comment section.

3. The behavior or culture of their colleagues

Moslem who learned Islam may likely follow the behavior or culture of his/her colleagues, isn’t it?

That is, if you learn Islamic knowledge in a community where people stand and check the hand of their parents as a means of greeting or respecting, you will must learn it since you thought it’s nice in your eyes.

The way people respect or greet their parents in other places should not be compared to your own home town because they are different. For example, my home, Nigeria it’s until you bend down completely that you have greeted your parents.

4. The person who taught them Islam

People don’t respect their parents if the person who teaches them Islam respects his/her own parents differently or doesn’t at all.

If you want your child to respect you, then please observe the person who you want to send him/her to for learning Islamic knowledge carefully. If the behavioral pattern of that person doesn’t suit you, then stop.

Everything that is happening right now was taught by person. Thus, leaders or teachers should show examples.

5. The way they are created

As you may know, it’s what inside person that determines the type of person. Some people can be trained in a compound in which people respect their parents, though they don’t respect theirs.

The way how God created a person definitely makes person not to respect their parents. Verily, God is the Creator who both made gentle and arrogant person from the same source.

Mostly, people who were born by gentle couples are the ones who will be arrogant and carrying out antisocial activities in a society.


Respect is reciprocal, isn’t it? That is, do something as any amount as you can do for any of your child who respects and obeys you.

In the first place, note that a child who hesitates to respect or obey his/her parents will must not only obey other people but also serve.

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